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Hn Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess y Paul Johnson Los Libros de la Magia recopila los cuatro números de la miniserie original ue presentó a Timothy Hunter y puso la base para sus siguientes aventur This book is magic simple as that A bit of a lengthy read but you don't get the feeling of running around in circles or anything like that It just flows effortlessly despite being highbrow in some places especially the last chapter Road to Nowhere Reminds me to reread it other than that this is an amazing feat of textual magic

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Horror y humor maravilla y sobrecogimiento el conocimiento de lo oculto Una historia fascinante Una experiecia encantadora Un viaje inolvidableNeil Gaiman el exitoso novelista creador del cómic mundia Rather a who's who of the DC comic world of magic mixed with a bit of real magicWhat Real magic As in great storytelling great art a big portion of myth and a much huge portion of fascination You betA kid very much like Harry Potter might have been starts a journey of discovery with four wiseass men from the magical side of Detective Comics ostensibly to see if he wants to keep upon the path of a magical destiny Give him the principles and a feel for the cost show him the dark side let him hope for the light and put him in constant peril while keeping an eye on him or notAll told it's one hell of a journey less like the Inferno and like a dive into the human psyche to revel in our imagination and our sense of wonderFor all that it works brilliantlyWhatever happened to our sense of wonder anyway Perhaps it's just slumbering waiting for that one good story to kiss us and shock us awake after long lastThis one feels like a genuine Gaiman even though it's filled to the brim with stock DC franchise characters The point is the journey after all not the reiteration of the franchises

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Lmente famoso The Sandman nos ofrece un hipnotizante relato sobre los peligros y las oportunidades de la juventud y sus infinitas posibilidadesIlustrado por cuatro de los mejores artistas del cómic Jo I need to stop picking up Gaiman’s work just because he’s familiar when I look at the graphic novels shelf The Books of Magic was fine but not something I’m interested in continuing I really liked that every part had a different illustrator as it had a different tour guide for Tim

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  • The Books of Magic
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  • 23 February 2018
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