SUMMARY À The Interpersonal Communication Book

The Interpersonal Communication Book

Joseph A. DeVito Ô 9 SUMMARY

Ve view of the theory and research in interpersonal communication and at the same time guides students to improve a wide range of interpersonal skills and to apply these to personal social and workplace relationships Contextually placed web icons in the text's margins direct students to the book's Companion Website where they engage in interactive exerc. Actually uite a decent read for a textbook Very int

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Ises or simulations that help them gain a better understanding of concepts presented in the text Superior coverage of cultural diversity ethics interpersonal communication in the workplace and the workings and effects of technology make The Interpersonal Communication Book the best choice for preparing students to communicate successfully in today's wor. Good

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This text provides a highly interactive presentation of the theory research and skills of interpersonal communication with strong integrated discussions of diversity ethics workplace issues and technology Recognized for its ability to help students understand the crucial connection between theory and practice this eleventh edition presents a comprehensi. Communication is not that simple

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    Communication is not that simple

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    I'm very excited

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    This book was not well written and was hard to read since chapter one was also chapter 16

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    I really enjoyed this text I read the unbound version for an Interpersonal Communications course that I took a couple of semesters ago The material in this book is applicable; it is relevant in and out of the classroom I gained so much useful knowledge from the course with the aid of this text Great read

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    Actually uite a decent read for a textbook Very interesting information on communication and relationships

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    The book wasn't so bad but this class was mind numbing Thankfully it was online

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    This is a very awesome read for a textbook This is actually one book that I will not sell back to the University

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    Textbook for PSY 309 Interpersonal Communications class It was well organized and easy to understand for a textbook

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    i like this book

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