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Mily heirloom vanishes from a local church strange clues surface a tea kettle ornamented with a familiar pointy faced dragon a threatening note a connection to a famous dead musician and even a legendary curse The clues point all the way to India where it seems t. Vanished by Sheela Chari is a fabulous mystery that grabs you from the first page The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight dragon a threatening note a connection to a famous The Best Nest dead musician and even a legendary curse The clues point all the way to India where it seems t. Vanished by Sheela Chari is a fabulous mystery that grabs you from the first page


Eleven year old Neela dreams of being a famous musician performing for admiring crowds on her traditional Indian stringed instrument Her particular instrument was a gift from her grandmother intricately carved with a mysterious looking dragon When this special fa. I loved this book so so much Music and mystery international adventure and a touc PL / I Structured Programming dreams of being a famous musician performing for admiring crowds on her traditional Indian stringed instrument Her particular instrument was a gift from her grandmother intricately carved with a mysterious looking Its OK Not to Share and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids dragon When this special fa. I loved this book so so much Music and mystery international adventure and a touc

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Hat Neela's instrument has a long history of vanishing and reappearing Even if Neela does track it down will she be able to stop it from disappearing againSheela Chari's debut novel is a finely tuned story of coincidence and fate trust and deceit music and myster. Neela searches for her grandmother's stolen veena an heirloom Indian instrument a World Without End does track it Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, down will she be able to stop it from Annies War disappearing againSheela Chari's The Bread Bakers Apprentice debut novel is a finely tuned story of coincidence and fate trust and Wizard for Hire (The Dresden Files Omnibus, deceit music and myster. Neela searches for her grandmother's stolen veena an heirloom Indian instrument a

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    I loved this book so so much Music and mystery international adventure and a touch of magickids are going to eat this up I read it as an e galley but cannot wait to buy my own copy for lots of re readingsEleven year old Neela who lives near Boston and dreams of becoming a professional musician one day loves playing the beautiful old veena a traditional Indian instrument that her grandmother has sent her from India But there's a story behind that veena that the adults in her life have hidden from her and when it's stolen from Neela she discovers rumors of a curse laid upon the instrument As she works to find her stolen veena she makes new friendships struggles with her changing relationship with her mother and discovers the strength and confidence that had been hidden inside herself all alongThe story of VANISHED is fabulous and fun but what I really loved most were all the little details of Neela's family life All of her family members were real and believable from four year old Sree to their parents and grandmother and I recognized so many little details of family dynamics from when I was eleven Neela's shifting relationship with her much younger brother her struggles to define herself against her mother and find a new balance in their relationshipone of my favorite bits was this little moment between the two of themMrs Krishnan reached over to stroke the ends of Neela's hair Neela had always loved this since she was small but lately it had begun to annoy her too because it felt like her mother was secretly trying to arrange her hair at the same timeIt's such a perfect encapsulation of the shifting mother daughter relationship near the teenage years where even the most loving relationships can run into so much conflict and strain without anyone being a bad guy And that's true of the adventure in this book too which I admired so much it's exciting there's danger there's deception and real menace but it's all believably done by real people who think they're in the rightDespite the fact that this isn't a fantasy novel VANISHED felt truly magical to me and it also had the classic tone of a children's novel that could last a long long time I absolutely loved it

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    I have had this book to read for a couple years and was eager to finally sit down and read it It ended up being an okay middle grade mystery Neela dreams of being a professional veena traditional Indian stringed instrument player Her dreams are one step closer to reality when she receives a beautiful veena a famous Gudo original from her Aunt in India When this famous veena goes missing it is up to Neela to unravel the strange past behind this veena which may involve a curseI enjoyed some of the Indian culture in here but thought the pacing of the story was pretty slow This is a neat history and story behind the veena Neela receives but to be honest I just didn’t find it all that interesting or engagingI honestly don’t have a ton to say about this book It wasn’t a bad book but it was also completely forgettable It’s decently written and the subject matter is uniue However I never really engaged with the story or the characters all that much There are some good messages in here about not judging people by their appearance and about how playing music has to be for you before it can be for the audienceOverall an okay middle grade mystery The book is decently written it was just kind of boring While not a bad book I also found it to be a forgettable one

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    Review to come but for now I will say it's very good and an excellent debut My fingers are crossed that this will be the first adventure for Neela Merged reviewNeela brings her instrument a veena to her sixth grade class for the around the world unit On the way home there's a very bad rainstorm Neela is offered shelter from the rain by an old man in a church She's very uneasy about not being able to take her valuable veena straight home Also the old man is a little strange The two have an odd conversation in the kitchen When Neela goes to leave her veena is missing and the man has disappeared The veena is very special and rare it was a gift from Neela's grandmother in India Neela is determined to find her instrument even after her parents tell her to stop I enjoyed Vanished a lot and loved Neela's voice It was also nice to see Neela's parents and younger brother Seri were a part in the story Like strep throat or the chicken pox or the Great Plague which Neela read about in social studies bad luck was one of those things are one of those things are mother tried at great length to avoid She was training to be a pharmacist and it was her belief that all human experience was the result of chemistry and luck good and bad But mostly bad Neela's father would always exclaim that's so unscientific But there was no changing her mother's opinion Bad luck was an impenetrable force working against them all Worst of all it was contagious Since the suspect list is small I liked that the other doesn't throw in too many red herrings The mystery lies in the how and why the veena was stolen The story moves along at a great clip There's a nice hint of creepy and unexplained darkness The age old curse on the missing veena adds to this feeling Neela slowly connects the clues and everything comes together in India Neela reminded me of Glida Joyce Both characters have a certain similar uailty that I love Vanished was a well layered story that was simply a lot of fun An excellent debut and one of my favorites of the year I hope this is the first of many books starring Neela Krishnan 35 out of 5

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    If you've ever lost a prized possession you will instantly sympathize with eleven year old Neela who loses a valuable musical instrument in the mystery novel VANISHED The instrument an intricately carved wooden veena a gift from her grandmother in India goes missing in a church outside of Boston despite its large size and unwieldy carrying case Strange clues begin to appear and a fascinating history emerges The veena with its history of disappearing from all its owners may have had a curse placed on it From Boston to India this expertly plotted mystery will keep readers guessing as they follow its twists and turns There's just so much to love about this mystery including its precise details about veenas about Indian culture about dragons and wyverns The novel certainly stands in good company with CHASING VERMEER and other great middle grade art mysteries It is also exceptionally rich in characters portraying people and situations that feel real and age appropriate Sometimes the biggest mysteries are the people in our day to day lives and this is absolutely the case in VANISHED Neela's family dynamic is shifting as she ventures out into the world in search of the veena pushing boundaries and causing her parents worry She realizes that adults including parents are capable of deception Her childhood friendships are also shifting and evolving In addition Neela is trying to gain confidence as a young musician and to overcome her stage fright While I invested in Neela's search for the veena and wanted to see it found I was eually invested in her personal journeyA very satisfying read Intricate and sophisticated but never inaccessible Highly recommend

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    Vanished by Sheela Chari is a fabulous mystery that grabs you from the first page The story follows a sixth grade student Neela as she searches for her missing instrument a veena Neela had no idea that the instrument that she inherited from her grandmother was cursed She also had no idea that brining her instrument to school one day would set in motion a chain of events where she would lose her instrument investigate mysteries make new friendsand travel half way around the world all in an attempt to discover the truth behind an ancient curseChari's mystery had me from the opening lines From there I was hooked on solving this mystery with Neela The author keeps the mystery moving with clues and red herrings all throughout the story giving just enough information to encourage the reader to reason it out themselves In addition to the smartly plotted art mystery though is a rare kind of hero in children's literature The smart girl who isn't necessarily the most popular or gorgeous In fact Neela is an Indian American girl who sometimes feels like she is is torn between her two cultures It was great to read a story that gave a window in to a modern Indian family dealing with issues that were not related to stereotypes Instead it was a regular family dealing with life's events This is a culture that is growning in United States and it is great to see that begining to be reflected in children's literature I liked getting to know Neela and I'd love to know about her story This author's debut is a must read for mystery lovers and kids who love school stories

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    Rarely do I find a book that both entertains and teaches me something new Vanished is the story of a young girl named Neela who has received a musical instrument as a gift from her grandmother The musical instrument is an Indian instrument known as the veena When the instrument disappears Neela begins an investigation to get it back What she doesn't know is that the veena may not only be cursed but might also be valuable than she thinksOne of the things I liked the most about this book is the characterization of Neela She is very realistic wanting both to please her parents and also struggling against their ideals She has complicated friendships and rivalries at school Most of all she is struggling to learn about herself and where she fits in the world Layered throughout the book is the IndianAmerican culture that makes up Neela's world While her grandmother still lives in India her parents encourage her to embrace her American upbringing While Neela's school friends are mainly American she also has close friend who shares her IndianAmerican descent The author uses these relationships to mix in the Indian culture that colors Neela's world Neela is still learning which parts of which culture she wants to embrace This makes for some of the best parts of the bookAll in all this book is a satisfying journey While you may feel like you know where it is headed and how it will turn out the book has its share of twists and turns Where this book really shines is the portrayal of Neela Her journey from unsure nervous girl to self confident musician makes this book a great read

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    Neela has a talent for playing the veena What is a veena you may ask? It is a famous Indian instrument that has been around for centuries and is often used in traditional Indian ceremonies Neela’s particular veena has been passed down for generations and has a mysterious history of disappearing from its owners including Neela Neela needs to crack the code of her missing veena if she ever wants to see it againIn addition to her veena problems Neela is facing fierce pressure to be a normal American tween from both of her parents They want her to give up the Indian culture that she so dearly loves and embrace America The problem is Neela feels connected to both her Indian and American roots despite her parents’ wishes I felt bad for Neela having to choose who she really was at such a young age I felt that she was eually American and Indian and it made her uniue and specialThe mystery of Neela’s veena was intriguing with plenty of clues and hints along the way to keep the reader interested I was caught up in the history of the veena and how it played into Neela’s current problem It was so interesting how the veena would disappear only to reappear later Did I mention there is a dragon too? I loved how the dragon’s story fits in with that of the veenaI enjoyed this mystery complete with Indian culture and American tween issuesRATING4 LikedCOVER COMMENTSI really like this cover and its simplicity I am drawn to the pretty starry sky

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    Neela searches for her grandmother's stolen veena an heirloom Indian instrument and stumbles upon uite a mystery and maybe even a curse I wanted to like this one I really wanted to be able to recommend it to my students as a smart middle grade mystery along the lines of Chasing Vermeer I was interested to read about the Indian American culture as well The intro was interesting and promised a great story but it didn't deliver The writing is so muddled that I highly doubt any of my kids would bother to finish it I struggled to finish myself but I kept hoping it would get better There are entirely too many characters and too many veenas to keep up with There was nothing intriguing about the mystery and the writing just fell flat for me I read this as an e galley with plans to purchase it for our library if it was good but I don't know that I'll bother because I don't know if I can find an audience for it If kids are looking for a smart mystery I would recommend Chasing Vermeer instead If they are looking for magical realism I'd recommend Savvy instead Both are much better bets

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    Review of an advance copyI really enjoyed reading this one I had never heard of a veena before so it didn't take me long before I was online looking at photos I am also interested in listening to some recordings now that I have been introduced to this fascinating instrument The mystery and the actions of various perpetrators may strain credibility at times but this doesn't really get in the way of enjoying the story I liked that the mystery and the chase spanned two different countries and that the book dealt with the cultures of India and of Indian Americans Neela shows rather than tells about her culture through her music her family and her friendship with Matt I especially liked her growing relationship with her young brother as well I would definitely enjoy reading further stories featuring Neela Pavi Lynne and Matt and I would recommend this story for all 4th 6th grade readers

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    This mystery in this story was enjoyable and was less predictable than many middle grade mysteries but the book still lacked any real suspense The characters were underdeveloped and some conclusions and relationships between clues were a little too convenient And there were far too many extraneous characters who we only knew were important because the author told us they were important The main character Neela had 5 friends where she could have had just 2 and the story would have been cleaner I think kids will enjoy trying to solve the mystery as they read along but I'm surprised that this book has been touted as one of the best middle grade books of 2011 I didn't feel any magic here The writing was made up of a lot of telling not showing All in all I was underwhelmed