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    Dennis Lehane returns to the world of Boston PIs Patrick Kenzie and his partner now wife Angie Gennaro He returns also to themes of parents and children that informed the five book series Lehane produced in the 1990s In Moonlight Mile Patrick and Angie are themselves parents Patrick is still working as a PI struggling with some moral conflicts in his assignments from a prestigious law firm while Angie is trying to find some sanity in non life threatening work But when the aunt of a child he had recovered in the book Gone Baby Gone turns up and asks Patrick to find her missing niece now 16 one time we are back in familiar territory It may be 11 years since the last Kenzie Gennaro outing but it feels like it was only last year The dialogue still races along offering the occasional laugh out loud moment A few characters from the earlier novels assume their usual positions but instead of corrupt cops this time we have Mordavian gangsters There is enough substance abuse here to light up the western world And although most of the children here are not overtly abused how children are treated by systems legal and not comes in for yet another Lehane drive by Those on high are offered comparable treatment His low view of humanity overall is clear as one does not need to have a badge or tote automatic weapons to be a really really awful human being in this snark noir Boston Fast paced engaging with a hero who tries to do the right thing and importantly thinks about what the right thing is payload in the form of a look at some of the dark side high and low this is commercial Lehane on cruise control No one will mistake Moonlight Mile for Mystic River Lehane’s masterpiece or The Given Day his most ambitious work but it will entertain occasionally make you laugh and shed some light into a dark corner or two EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesOther books by Lehane I have readreviewedThe Coughlin Series The Given Day Live by Night World Gone ByKenzie and Gennaro A Drink Before War Darkness Take My Hand Sacred Gone Baby Gone Prayers for RainRead but not Reviewed Mystic River a masterpiece Shutter Island

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    When Amanda McCready goes missing over a decade after Patrick and Angela found her the first time the couple set off to right a past wrong But what does the Russian mob have to do with Amanda's disappearance? And has she really been kidnapped?Moonlight Mile was Dennis Lehane's return to Kenzie and Gennaro or are they Kenzie and Kenzie now after a long absence While Patrick and Angela may have lost a step or two after their domestication I don't think Lehane hasMoonlight Mile starts simply enough Amanda McCready now sixteen has disappeared once again and Patrick can't stay away bent on redemption after Gone Baby Gone I missed Devin and Oscar but it was good to see Patrick Angie and Bubba again Also Gabby was a nice addition The case had than enough wrinkles to keep me occupied until the end Some of the twists like the switcheroo at the beginning were predictable Others not so muchLehane's writing continue to impress me I suppose I'll be picking up some of his non series books pretty soonI don't really have a lot to say about this one It was pretty typical for a Kenzie and Gennaro book even with their young daughter Gabby involved It seems like it will be the last one and I'd say it's a fitting swan song I'd rather Patrick and Angela not wreck the domestic bliss they have going

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    If Dennis Lehane would have ripped off Charles Dickens and started this novel with “It was the best of times it was the worst of times” it would have been fittingIt’s been eleven years since Lehane seemingly left his detective series starring Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro behind to do stand alone novels and work on HBO’s The Wire The last decade has been both good and bad to the couple The economic collapse has hit them hard and Patrick has been forced to do free lance work for a large investigation firm that has him doing the bidding of various rich asshats But if their professional lives aren’t great at least things are going well on the domestic front except for worrying about how they’ll pay the billsIn the midst of their economic crisis an old case comes back to haunt them In Gone Baby Gone Patrick and Angie went looking for missing four year old Amanda and by the end of it they faced some of the toughest decisions of their lives Now they’re going to have to deal with the conseuences of those choicesThat’s all the summary I’m going to give and I’d caution anyone interested in this book to not read any kind of plot synopsis of this unless you’ve read Gone Baby Gone or seen the movie Even the book flap for Moonlight Mile gives away a big piece of that ending You have been warnedIt felt incredibly good to be reading a new Patrick and Angie story and Lehane used some of the work he’s done since to build a richer and deeper story for the pair The influence of his time on The Wire shows in that one of the biggest villains in this book is a depressed economy Lehane makes some poignant points about financial desperation and how it impacts everyone in a variety of waysThis backdrop also fits an aging and moodier Patrick Twenty years as a detective have taken their toll and he’s increasingly disgusted with all the large and small ways that people can screw each other over This reads as a swan song for Patrick and Angie and it’s pretty damn good Not perfect I’d have liked Angie in the story but there are reasons she doesn’t get of the action this time If this is the final book then Lehane wrote a tender and touching farewell to Patrick and Angie that gives a satisfying ending to their seriesOh and just in case you’re worried that it’s all social commentary and brooding about regrets Bubba is still around And he still gets all the best lines like “I’ll shoot you just for being short”

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    Lehane that guy can writeI'm climbing on to the Dennis Lehane bandwagon really late but I am fully on board Even though Moonlight Mile wasn't ragingly exciting it's so well crafted I couldn't put down this story of a Boston area private detective who gets into new trouble because of an old case This PI's career is coming to an end but he doesn't know it yet Russians wunderkind and drug freaks all get the poor aging family man deeper into the shit than he realizes he's about to fall intoJust like me I didn't know I was getting into a series and that it was the last book It wasn't a problem I could tell these were people with a past but I was never overwhelmed by my ignorance This is the second jump into the middle of a Lehane series I've done and in both cases the author does a fine job of giving enough detail to keep the reader abreast of the haps In other words the books are self containedI could see others giving this perhaps only 3 stars It does drag with the chit chat here and there I don't know perhaps I've given this an extra star because it artificially kept my interest at times due to the setting being New England based which is where I grew up Name place dropping happens often in Moonlight Mile and that didn't bother me none

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    This is the end beautiful friend This is the end my only friend the end – The DoorsSo here we are the last Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro book published And by the tone of this book I would say that Lehane has written the last book about the couple Yes I know Patrick shows up in FaceOff but that story takes place before this story and is a short story I found it uite suitable that the last book is a kind of continuation for Gone Baby Gone with Patrick and Angie once again trying to find Amanda McCready who once again is missing It’s been twelve years since they found her and brought her back home a right thing to do according to the law But was it the right thing to do for Amanda? Hardly But she is doing ok; she has great grades despite that her mother is still a worthless drunk So where is she? Once again is it Amanda’s aunt that reaches out to Patrick and Angie to find her This is a good ending to the series You can feel it reading in the book that both Patrick and Angie are sick and tired of the life they have lived Patrick is the only one still working as a detective Angie is studying and they are now married with a daughter This is really the last case they work together The case in the book was a bit weak I think I like it when Lehane turns everything upside down sure surprising things happens but not the shocking kind of surprises More the kind that makes you go “Oh that makes sense” not the “wtf what just happened?” I prefer Lehane when he just pulls the rug from under one's feet several times during a bookBut it was still a good book And even though I will miss them I think that Lehane has written a good ending to Patrick and Angie I hope they will have a great fictional life together

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    At the beginning of his writing career Dennis Lehane wrote an excellent series of gritty PI novels set in Boston and featuring Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro detectives who operated out of an office in a church bell tower The 1998 entry was Gone Baby Gone in which the detectives mounted a long search for a missing four year old girl named Amanda McCready The girl had been kidnapped from an abusive mother and a generally miserable home environment and left in the care of a stable middle class couple who loved Amanda and provided her with an excellent home Once having found Amanda Patrick and Angie disagreed about whether they should return the girl to her awful mother or leave her in the home of the people who were obviously much better prepared to care for her Ultimately they returned Amanda to her biological mother but the decision to do so drove a wedge into the relationship between the two detectivesLehane would write one KenzieGennaro book Prayers for Rain published in 1999 before leaving the series to write a number of stand alones including Mystic River and Shutter Island He now returns to the series with Moonlight Mile a book that KenzieGennaro fans have long awaitedMuch has changed in the eleven years that have elapsed Patrick and Angie are now married and the parents of their own four year old daughter This gives nothing away It's in the promotional material and is revealed in the opening of the book Patrick is still working as a PI but the cases are few and far between Angie has gone back to school and the family is struggling financially victims of the recession The office in the bell tower is gone a casualty of the Catholic church's financial crisis and now Amanda McCready has gone missing againThe case has haunted Patrick and Angie for twelve years and Patrick agrees to take the case and try to find Amanda for a second time The hunt takes Patrick and Angie into a tangled world of Russian mobsters irresponsible parents and a young woman who is wise way beyond her years In addition to the intellectual and physical challenges that the case poses for Patrick he faces a number of ethical and moral dilemmas that are not easily resolvedThis is a very good book both highly entertaining and thought provoking But as a long time fan who has read this series from the very beginning I had a couple of uibbles First I regret to some extent the fact that Lehane simply picked up the series eleven years down the road Major changes have occurred in the lives of characters that fans of the series have come to care about And I feel somewhat cheated by the fact that I didn't get to watch those changes as they happened It would be as if Lawrence Block had simply skipped over the book in which Matthew Scudder stopped drinking and became soberMy other concern is that Patrick makes choices in this book that would have been perfectly logical for a single detective in his early thirties possessed of a strong moral code Patrick still has a strong moral code but I'm not sure that some of his choices are appropriate for a man with a wife and child who may well be seriously affected by those choices He has other people to think about now and I found myself uestioning the logic of his actions at a couple of pointsThose admittedly minor reservations aside I enjoyed this book very much and it was great to finally see Patrick and Angie back again

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    Moonlight Mile was sort of a “filler” read for me I had picked it up at a library sale a while back and needed a book to zip through while I waited for my reserved e book to arrive from the public library Never mind that the only other story in Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie Gennaro series that I had read was the first one A Drink Before the War But never mind I could catch up What I found out was that everybody reading this book is catching up even if they’ve read the entire series because years have passed Angie and Patrick are now married with a four year old daughter Yup Life goes on In this one however it’s sort of like “deja vu all over again” Sort of In Gone Baby Gone PIs Kenzie and Gennaro track down a missing 4 year old girl and return her to her messed up mother Now than a dozen years later Amanda McCready is missing again Angie is a full time mom but when she talks Patrick into taking the case she puts on her PI hat one time Complicating things for K G is the fact that Angie is in school and Patrick is being put off in his attempts to find permanent employment Still he relents when Angie pushes him to search for AmandaIt was okay reading this novel out of seuence I easily caught on to the characters Through their banter and their thoughts their personalities came through fairly well Patrick still agonizes over his decision to return Amanda to her mother We learn that Amanda has than compensated for that by becoming a too perfect student a young woman whom many look up to but not someone that anyone feels a real connection to I had mixed feelings about this girl I found myself wanting her to succeed but I wondered if she was capable of any deep emotions With the search for Amanda Patrick encounters much much than he bargained for I had visions of someone winding up in a grave and it could very well wind up being our hero or someone near and dear to him These are some very bad dudesThe interactions between Patrick and Amanda are sometimes raw sometimes entertaining but they always felt genuine and real I liked little Gabby Bubba the strong man is a gentle giant around the child but he is like the Incredible Hulk when it comes to the bad guys The plot went places I had no idea it would go And then – surprise It twisted I think that gained another 12 star from me The dark place got a bit brighter Maybe it was all a bit too neat and tidy but in a book so grim and nasty I think it was an apt ending4 stars

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    The Magic Has Gone Baby Gone Apparently Dennis Lehane's publisher or his publishing contract put tremendous pressure on him to write a final Kenzie and Gennaro a seuel to the surprisingly good Gone Baby Gone ie a follow up on what happened to Amanda McCready the child kidnapped and rescued in Gone Baby Based on the premium uality of all but one of the first 5 KenzieGennaro novels a reader must logically infer that Lehane’s heart wasn't in this one that he phoned this in The novel has a paint by numbers feel or seems perhaps spun by the latest story structure software It suffers among other things a complete absence of the mordant wit that has come to be the author's staple; a total eclipse of the sexual tension fulgurating between the malefemale detective duo that gave the prior novels such brio; a flimsy plot; new characters who are paraded into and out of scenes with no development; and no true sense of place Bostonthe Berkshires that was present in the prior KG novels; view spoilerYou could tell from the thin threads of plot that the entire plot line would sputter and end up nowhere Consider the pathetic relationship between Sophie and her idiot dad themselves stick characters the confusing and baseless relationship between Amanda and her counselor Dre' the expedient railroading of Dre’ to uickly dispense with the complication he presented and a highly implausible climax in a trailer park on the Charles River hide spoiler

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    The final Kenzie and Genarro book is very good don't be afraid to read it Be sad this is the last but be happy that Lehane has given us a positive life affirming endingAs the book starts our beautiful Angela and Patrick are on the edge and it hurts Lehane understands The financial and health scraping and the fear the anger over what the super rich and criminal politicians have stolen from us and it hurts almost everyone I know these days See my review of Borne here And I fear for the future of my fine son and his someday children GREED is truly the most terrible challenge of our times and capitalism is its tool its means to power and greed Greed is a contagious mental illness an unfillable hole a hunger that denies justice an expression of a broken ego Greed consumes the earth without respite and is a cancer on humanity Greed destroys us and our children and their future Greed is death 33% Patrick is right here The difference between their kids' world today and our parents world now is 3x greater than when we were kids It's overwhelming “After my daughter was born I’d considered buying a shotgun to ward off potential suitors fourteen or so years up the road Now as I listened to these girls babble and imagined Gabby one day talking with the same banality and ignorance of the English language I thought of buying the same shotgun to blow my own fking head off”87% This book still contains the essence of our flawed Hero Patrick although Angela is not around much sadly I really miss them as a vital and dynamic team The plot is pure Lehane and drags us along relentlessly and pleasurablyThe only thing that is out of whack here is that no 16 year old not one in the world has the literacy and presence and complexity of mind that Amanda does in this book However that flaw does allow Lehane to continue to explore parent child bonding and trauma This theme appears in most of Lehane's books It's perhaps his most important and personal topic and is central to the horror of his masterpiece Mystic RiverIt's terrific crime noir writing and if you read it right and deeply it aches97% wonderful “Driving south on 93 I realized once and for all that I love the things that chafe The things that fill me with stress so total I can’t remember when a block of it didn’t rest on top of my heart I love what if broken can’t be repaired What if lost can’t be replacedI love my burdens”I'm very sad to see the end of this series In my heart Patrick and Angela are realAnd in the end Patrick and Angela and Gabby their daughter are bound tightly solidly safely hopefully and with joy And Bubba too the mountain presence in their lives

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    810Major caveat to this book; do not read this without reading “Gone Baby Gone” or at the very least seeing the movie version The plot developments in that book heavily influence what is going on in this bookTo be honest I wouldn’t recommend anyone new to Lehane’s work to this one Whilst it’s a good read it’s not his best and is probably the weakest of the 6 Kenzie and Genaro novels This is no bad thing mind; I’d much rather read a below par Lehane than some people on their finest formThere has been roughly a decade between the publication of the last novel and this one and things have changed with Kenzie and Genaro as is expected over such a period of time The major impact has been the failing economy and how it has hit the couple hard meaning they are scraping to make ends meet and having to pursue other ventures as supposed to sleuthing This added another level not seen in the other books a certain desperation to all people involved and a driving factor for some of the actions taking by all parties on both sides of the fenceThe introduction of Yefim was disappointing in that I wish he’d have turned up at the start of the series and being in all the books He was a great addition to this story and there were some humorous moments between Yefim and Kenzie Also a mention to Bubba always great and always a pleasure to read about him Maybe there could be a Yefim and Bubba spin off I’ll see if I can pitch something to Lehane’s peopleI have to tip my hat to Lehane This was a fine send off for the couple that he has well and truly put through the ringer over the years I can’t see there being another in this series but if there is it will be welcomed by me All in all not his finest in the series and not a great standalone novel but a good read and a solid close to the series If you like this try “The Winter of Frankie Machine” by Don Wimslow

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New York Times bestselling master of the new noir Dennis Lehane An explosive tale of vengeance and redemption the brilliant seuel to Gone Baby Gone Moonlight Mile returns Lehane’s unforgettable and deeply human detective duo to the mean streets of blue collar Boston to investigate the second disappearance of Amanda McCready now. At the beginning of his writing career Dennis Lehane wrote an excellent series of gritty PI Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way\Any Time, Any Place redemption the brilliant seuel to Gone Baby Gone Moonlight Mile Cowboy to the Rescue returns Lehane’s unforgettable and deeply human detective duo to the mean streets of blue collar Boston to investigate the second disappearance of Amanda McCready now. At the beginning of his writing career Dennis Lehane wrote an excellent series of gritty PI

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“Lehane has emerged from the whodunit ghetto as a broader and substantial talentWhen it comes to keeping readers exactly where he wants them Mr Lehane offers a bravura demonstration of how it’s done” New York TimesMoonlight Mile is the first Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro suspense novel in than a decade from the acclaimed. If Dennis Lehane would have ripped off Charles Dickens and started this novel with “It wa Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way\Any Time, Any Place readers exactly where he wants them Mr Lehane offers a bravura demonstration of how it’s done” New York TimesMoonlight Mile is the first Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro suspense novel in than a decade from the acclaimed. If Dennis Lehane would have Cowboy to the Rescue ripped off Charles Dickens and started this novel with “It wa

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Sixteen years old After his remarkable success with Mystic River Shutter Island and The Given Day the celebrated author whom the Washington Post praises as “one of those brave new detective stylists who is not afraid of fooling around with the genre’s traditions” returns to his roots and the result as always is electrifying. The final Kenzie and Genarro book is very good don't be afraid to read it Be sad this is th