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Jay Carson loves his boyfriend Ted Rodriguez They’ve been together through the difficult times and the great times and they’ve grown closer together through it all They finally have a home together So why do. I bought this book at a Furry Convention after the author convinced me to buy it I had been told not to get it by a friend who owned his own copy and had offered to lend it to me instead of spending money on it He had already mentioned a bit of the issues with the book but despite that Mr Faul is a nice person in real life and convinced me to get the book He even signed it to me which was pretty niceLet me say this right out this book deserves four stars maybe even It didn't get them because of a few things But let me talk about the good stuff first before I get to that because the good things about this book are why I have recommended it to my best friend something I wouldn't have done if I didn't enjoy it As a side note this is a coming out story not a superhero story The plot resolves around coming out to friendscoworkeretc and less about the superheroes themselves Just to warn you That doesn't make it any less of a story but if you go into it expecting it to be something other than a coming out story you're going to be a bit disappointed Save the Day is a moving story I admit there were points where I cheered the main characters on and even once where I teared up It takes a lot to move me when it comes to fiction and this story touched those parts enough for me to react I enjoyed the characters I enjoyed the plot and the story of Ted and Jay The characters were well done and each had their own personalities that grew on me as I read As another reviewer stated if this book was judged on the story alone it would score a four easilyBut there in lies the problem This story is plagued with editing problems As to if this is the editors or the author or both of their faults I don't know But there are punctuation issues such as using made up examples What do you mean he likes me or He said that it;s his fault This distracts from the story and completely halts any and all suspension of disbelief Not to mention that most word processing programs would have marked it with a large red suiggle These could have been easily caughtSomething else this book suffers from is useless paragraphs again editing could have fixed this It feels as if the story was padded just to make it longer to meet a word count You'd be given a super being's name and then a paragraph or two of their powers and then what they have done in the world Then you would never hear about them again Though I am all for world building the character that is telling the story as it is in first person already knows the character's powerswhat they have done so explaining it seems redundant That being said characters like Power Puma have their powers mentioned four times in the book along with their ability to gather others to his cause etc Again this gets tedious as you have already been told this once before In the end this book could have been half its size and still been as good as it is now and would have a streamline feel to it Lastly there are some awkward words that pop out and halt all forward motion Take the word Akimbo Yes I can figure that it means hands on hips but no one uses this in the world as far as I know and as this was the first time I have ever come across it in anything I have read it threw me as I had to pause and figure out what it meant Yes you taught me a new word but unfortunately you also stopped me from being involved in your story by using 'fancy language' It's a minor thing as


Es it seem that Ted is keeping secrets from him Why does the house always feel so emptyIn a world of superheroes and supervillains where the incredible can happen every day the triumphs and tragedies of life can. So how can I describe Save the Day In five words Out of Position with SuperheroesThat's not fair It doesn't copy anything the characters are uite different and characters are uite settled with being gay the main characters have been in a relationship for five years But the issues of trust and honesty of coming out are the central issues of both books Save the Day is a little angsty but also uite clean compared to Out of PositionThe author put a lot of work into his world It shows a consideration and education of the genre and clearly thought hard things right down to supers choosing jobs that have flexible schedules because they can't compete with other things The supers aspect is enjoyable start to finish and often very absurd in a good wayThe book is professional The editing the writing I have a few issues but the writing the plotting everything is so solid Even impressive there is foreshadowing and hints about what's coming later If you read it and then read it again you'll see almost all the hints I point this out because it shows a serious strength of plottingA few weeks ago I made a post encouraging writers to frustrating your readers by drawing out your conflict In terms of plotting and pacing Save the Day does this Things do not get immediately resolved to character limitations It does get a little annoying at times because of the aforementioned angst but you know what I think it's worth it because the resolution than pays for it At several points the book made me care really strongly about the resolution; I wanted the characters to just say this or just do that and when it finally happened it was immensely rewardingAs a bonus I've been talking to the author He is a nice exuberant and enthusiastic guy about his world and story He wants to open the setting to others writing in his world and he reminds me of me when I talk about my writingIf you enjoy supers if you enjoy coming out stuff or if you just enjoy reading good books I cannot recommend this book enough

D.J. Fahl ✓ 1 READ

Be epic For Jay and Ted friendship love and home are the most important things in the world but they must find a way to balance them against the truth of Ted’s life In the end will they be able to Save the Da. How I came upon this book is a pretty good storybut in short the author himself talked me into reading it Being a superhero fan as well as a furry fanit was probably pretty likely I'd read it without much persuasion but I was actually impressed with how much I wound up ENJOYING it when I'd finished It's nice to see superhero life behind the scenesin their daily livesand how being a superhero affects those they love I really recommend this one to any superhero or furry fan who can accept all tolerances and situationsbecause it's a good read Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming daily livesand how being a superhero affects those they love I really recommend this one to any superhero or furry fan who can accept all tolerances and situationsbecause it's a good read

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