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T second decision and gently sueezes the triggerThe Property of a Lady a valuable objet d'art is about to be auctioned at Sotheby's At the start of the bargaining the room becomes electric with danger and terror and nobody but James Bond knows w In these shorter works Fleming's mastery at creating suspense even without a complex plot or much action is on displayreturnreturnOctopussy is the story of a British major who stole some Nazi gold during the war committing murder in the process Bond is sent to investigate and basically shows up in the story just to inform the major that the jig is up The story is basically a morality tale about how crime doesn't pay truth will out and all those sorts of clich├ęsbut Fleming does an excellent job of showing why they are actually true and profoundly how good ends cannot be achieved by evil means and an action such as this results not in happiness but misery even while one may temporarily get away with it A really interesting character study and uite philosophically and psychologically astutereturnreturnIn The Living Daylights Bond is sent to snipe a sniperan assignment about which neither he nor M is thrilled It's not uite murder he knows but almostclose enough from his perspective as the man who has to do it at any rate Lots of interesting characterization of Bond himself in this storyreturnreturnThe Property of a Lady is about a triple agent a Soviet spy turned double but actually still working for Moscow being used by British intelligence to unwittingly pass on false information to her Russian spymasters This part of the story is hardly fictionalized and was much interesting to read after learning about similar real life espionage activities see for example Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre But when an unusual payoff reveals her true allegiance Bond sees an opportunity to uncover her boss the head of Soviet espionage activities in Britain Again for a story with basically no action in the form of physical peril to Bond this is surprisingly suspenseful

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Ajor had a brilliant if rather gruesome inspirationThe Living Daylights are about to blasted out of a living target on a crowded Berlin street Crouched behind a308 International Experimental Target rifle James Bond sights his victim makes a spli Not particularly good Three short stories that don't really feel finished only like little snippets of a longer story None of the stories were very interesting or satisfying either in my opinionThe only good thing about it was the scenes from The Living Daylights and The Property of A Lady which were made into scenes from The Living Daylights and Octopussy Bond films

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The Last Great Adventures of James Bond 007Octopussy the darling was a bit surly The tentacle she lashed around Major Smythe's arm that morning was none to gentle So when Smythe found himself the sudden uarry of James Bond at cocktail time the M This edition contains Octopussy The Property of a Lady and The Living Daylights and is the last of the Bond series written by Ian Fleming himself Octopussy is largely lacking Bond being told through the flashbacks of Dexter Smythe who was tempted by Nazi gold and ultimatelyfinds himself being hunted by Bond who gives him a reprieve although not one Smythe can accept The Property of a Lady finds Bond investigating a Russian double agent and trying to capture her KGB employers at a Sotherbys auction The final story The Living Daylights finds Bond in East Berlin tasked with protecting an agent as he escapes across No Man's Land when he is faced with a dilemma of killing the sniper he has fallen for The writing is as good as the previous books in the Bond series and the stories fit well although again there is nothing particularly new even ignoring the films which are so familiar A good addition and a good way to round off Fleming's series but not not one I'm likely to read again a must for all Bond fans though

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming & CoFleming is best remembered for creating the character of James Bond

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