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Like vulnerable first sketch of an artist One night an innocuous enuiry by a nine year old patient coaxes her to open someones personal diary And as she reads on a bygone era comes to the forefront taking her through a cavalcade of exclusive events that life love and friendship offer at the noon of adolescence By the time she finishes reading diary its al. one book that left me speechless m in love with it Superb writingheart


The Reward For Every True Love Is Not LoveWhat happens when life plays a trick on two innocent lovers What happens when your first love much against all possibilities comes back to you in the most bizarre and astounding manifestation ever Dr Radhika Sharma for the world outside is an aberrant and arrogant feminist But inside she resides in a far away world. I still read less acclaimed novels so that I dont miss any gem like thi

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Ready morning And by night time she finds herself face to face with a uestion that defies logical explanation Is falling in love a random act or a planned coincidence Is attraction the missing link between souls Will the light of true love outshine the dark shadow of destiny Even when Radhika gets the copasetic answers there are still two or chapters to go. So finally after so so long i'm getting to write something good about s

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