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  • Paperback
  • 184
  • Transgender Journeys
  • Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
  • English
  • 25 October 2019
  • 9780829815771

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    i have a lot of thoughts on this book and they are put into bulleted form as follows there are no definitions in this book to talk about the various types of gender variant people presented this is disturbing as the authors continually refer to cross dressers and other folks without explanation in a book that say in its intro that it is intended for straight allies as well this is a dangerous oversight i'm not saying they need to go into the science and biology of it all or do some long treatise but some key words and their meanings would be helpful it also doesn't help that neither of these authors are medically transitioning one is a gender variant lesbian and the other i believe is a cross dresser in a heterosexual marriage again this is my bias coming out but i get really annoyed at this transgender umbrella being used i'm not saying people shouldn't claim that title for themselves and i do believe that there should be freedom for all people to transgress and fuck with gender however they see fit but i don't agree that my needs as a transsexual are the same as the needs of gender variant people on a political level in a lot of ways and i get annoyed at being continually spoken for by people who claim the transgender label for themselves the constant digs on the religious right get old i mean i am no fan at all but still keep it in check don't demonize the people you are critiuing it's just constant jabs throughout the book and it's too much they keep referring to transgender people as transgenderists which i find really offensive it's this assumption that trans people are performing something as steph pointed out when you tack ist onto a word it's something you do like being a botanist or a pharmacist the idea that gender is only performed is making it's way into the book in a myriad of ways and i find it obnoxious i am finding that when mollenkott talks about trans people while in her mind she is including transsexual people in reality she is not it is clear throughout all of her writing that i have read that she does not understand the particular needs of transsexual people and so she is offensive towards them without meaning to be for instance in this book there is a whole large section about coming out and how important it is to be out that somehow you are not living openly unless you are out which might be true for people who are gender variant but not for transsexual people i mean if i am being perceived as male and i know myself to be male then i am being honest about who i am there is no need for me to come out it's just frustrating that the assumption she is making is that transsexual people are lying by not being out which to me is the same as saying i am lying by saying that i am male not okay i also think in general this book is uite trite in how it deals with theology it's very surface level and repeats a lot i am not finding it to be well written at all which is a separate issue from the disagreements listed earlier i know it's written for a lay audience but there is no reason for the book to be so surfacey

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Transgender Journeys

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