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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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Vital operations and its best networks It is clear that the double agent is one of its own kind But which one George Smiley is assigned to identify him And once identified the traitor must be destroye. I freely admit that I am not smart enough to appreciate this bookThe whole thing was way too convoluted for me First I was in one character's head then another then back to the first Then there was a third character who mostly made cameo appearances and was clearly unimportant but we spend time in his head too As if that's not confusing enough different people narrate different parts of the story as master spy George Smiley highly distracting name I must say interviews different players who describe their experiences to him Sometimes we're flashing back to George's memories; sometimes we're learning what George is reading in the archives in the present day although it feels like it might be a flashback Eventually this all ties together but I lacked the patience or motivation to understand how or why The absence of a character about whom I cared even a little only added to my increasing disengagement from and disenchantment with the book I spent most of the book wanting to uit but persevering in the hope that I would eventually get why this was a great book Eventually I ended up finishing it just to be sure I wasn't missing something But it seems I wasApparently this is a classic and much imitated spy novel Maybe this isn't the genre for me then

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A modern classic in which John le Carré expertly creates a total vision of a secret world Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy begins George Smiley's chess match of wills and wits with Karla his Soviet counterp. I'm one of many people who think that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the greatest espionage novel of all time Let's take the obvious things first Unlike most examples of this genre it's extremely well written Also having worked in espionage himself le Carré is able to get the atmosphere right It feels 100% authentic and you see that spying is like most other jobs The greater part of it is routine and office intrigues though every now and then something unexpected and dramatic happensSo even if there were nothing to it I'd still say that this book was very good What makes it great is that the author isn't content with giving you a realistic account of what it's like to be a spy He's gone much further than that and written a book that's not just about espionage which most people never come into contact with but about betrayal which we see all the time The thing about betrayal is that you're generally aware that it's happening before you know how or why or who Things used to be good and now they're not and you know that even if you do figure out what's happened you'll never be able to put it right At best you'll be able to cut your losses and move on In TTSS the main character George Smiley is being betrayed in two different ways First it's gradually become clear that there is a mole in his department It can only be someone at the very highest level One of his most trusted colleagues someone he has worked with for years and shared things with and treated as a friend is actually working for the Russians They have it narrowed down to four people He has to find out which one it is and do what's necessary And at the same time he's also realized that his wife is sleeping around He can't really prove anything and they never talk about it But he knows that tooI can imagine any number of clumsy over obvious ways to link up these threads Le Carré does it with a very light touch You see these two things happening and every now and then there is an echo of correspondence He wants you to be a spy too and put together the little bits of evidence until you reach a conclusion It's a book that completely transcends the genre and shows how a writer who has enough talent can achieve stunning results in any medium Strongly recommended to anyone who's ever been betrayed or themselves betrayed a person they're close to Which unfortunately is most of us

review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub × John le Carré

Art It is now beyond a doubt that a mole implanted decades ago by Moscow Centre has burrowed his way into the highest echelons of British Intelligence His treachery has already blown some of its most. After a lifetime of living by his wits and his considerable memory he had given himself full time to the profession of forgettingOver the past couple of months George Smiley has earned the distinction of my favorite spy Not because he is handsome sexy charismatic or daring but rather because he is all too human He’s the real deal and no one could write a genuine character like him as well as the master John le Carré Small podgy and at best middle aged he was by appearance one of London’s meek who do not inherit the earth His legs were short his gait anything but agile his dress costly ill fitting and extremely wetHow on earth does a guy like this get saddled with the onerous task of uncovering a Russian planted mole at the highest level of the British Secret Service Because he is brilliant and honorable that’s how There are many layers to George Smiley and I am thoroughly enjoying the unpeeling of each one as I delve and into these novels Smiley teams up with Peter Guillam a younger agent who is further removed from the upper echelon of the service partly due to a botched operation and partly as a result of his prior association with Smiley The guys at the top have been very deliberately remaking the organization to their own advantage Anyone with a loyalty to the former chief or those that hovered too close to the truth have been uietly relocated to lesser positions or simply dismissed The organization is being carefully refashioned to the mole’s purpose I was further pleased to become further acuainted with the somewhat eccentric Mendel a former police inspector whom was introduced to us in le Carré’s novel Call for the Dead Naturally a huge theme in this novel is that of betrayal George Smiley grapples with this not only in his professional life but also his private life His sincere interior conflict further illuminates the real character of the man I can’t help but feel sympathy for Smiley and admire his courage to examine his own principles It worried him that he felt so bankrupt; that whatever intellectual or philosophical precepts he clung to broke down entirely now that he was faced with the human situationOne thing I have come to expect from le Carré is that I need to be a bit savvy with my spy lingo If there were a little glossary of the terms in the back of the book I would be off and running with the story straight from the get go In reality it takes me a little bit to settle in and really understand what is happening It’s okay though I get there eventually and any earlier confusion is worth the payoff I’m not very successful with my own personal psychological analysis of the characters but I consider myself in good hands with the author who was once a secret service agent himself I was once again fully invested with each character and the plot took me down a twisty furtive and thrilling path that I wouldn’t mind riding once This book is the first in the Karla trilogy – Karla being the working name counterpart to Smiley in the Russian Intelligence agency If all goes as planned I will be reading the second one next month If you have any interest in reading an authentic espionage thriller then I highly recommend this or any of le Carré’s books They really do deliver I can’t forget to mention the movie adaptation – expertly cast with Gary Oldman as Smiley and highly entertaining Like an actor he had a sense of approaching anti climax before the curtain went up a sense of great things dwindling to a small mean end; as death itself seemed small and mean to him after the struggles of his life

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