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Schilf Author Juli Zeh

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N Sebastian’s son Liam is apparently kidnapped their fragile friendship is further tested Entrusted with uncovering the truth Detective Superintendent Schilf discerns a web of blackmail while at the same time the reality of his personal life falls into doubt Unfolding in a series of razor sharp scenes In Free Fall is a riveting novel of ideas from a major new literary voice. In In Free Fall author Juli Zeh combines murder mental health and the time space continuum to create cinematic murder mystery Originally published in German and titled Schilf after the detective who solves the case there is very little mystery about who the killer is or his motive for that matter It's the contrast between the characters their thought processes and how they come to termsDetective Schilf for one is a combination between an ancient mystic and an idiot savant He literally stumbles onto the answer to his cases by visiting cafes and looking for coincidences He doubts his own perceptions and isn't even sure that his new girlfriend actually eists outside of his mind His former student and primary investigator for the case Rita Skura has learned to be a detective by always following the opposite of her instinct if she believes a confession she must assume the confessor is actually innocent and vice versa While these two are not necessarily the primary characters they provide an interesting comparison of the two major types of detectives Schilf is a transcendental Hercule Poirot his little grey cells capable of synthesizing evidence on an apparently subconscious level Skura is the prototypical strong female cop in any police procedural She follows leads tests DNA interrogates suspects and persons of interest all of the usual police workThe protagonist Sebastian is a physics professor interested especially in the multiple worlds theory of time Essentially this theory suggests that at any given moment there is a world in which I am typing this book review and a world in which I stop turn off the computer and do a multitude of other things instead Time is like a foam and at each moment and worlds are able to bubble off each existing distinctly but derived from a common history Honestly I've never found physics so interestingAs for the writing itself I'm eager to my hands on a copy in German but this translation by Christine Lo seems very accurate It leaves intact many of the cinematic elements of the novel The book is split into seven sections each prefaced by a few brief sentences reminiscent of a playbill's description of acts And as this novel is set to be made into a movie which I am excited to watch the sort of passive descriptions given and the brief thoughts and motivations outlined in the narration are of a sort that will translate easily into action not dialogue in a film Zeh's subtlety in writing is a great strength and a great asset to the reader While there are many standout moments it is the book as a whole which is strong and the narration which carries the reader to the end

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“A child is kidnapped but does not know it One man dies two physicists fight and a senior constable falls in love In the end everything is differentyet exactly the same”A rising star who has garnered some of Europe’s most important literary prizes Juli Zeh has established herself as the new master of the philosophical thriller With In Free Fall she now takes us on a fas. I do like a book that comes to a suitably satisfying solution one that I had had an inkling of all along but is still not too obvious so that I can lean back and sigh and say yessssssss I thought it was him yes I read those subtle hints correctly pat on the back didn't miss a trick you don't put much past meI do like a book that makes me sit up startled into a whoop of WOW I never saw that coming And sends me scurrying back to page 127 to read the telephone conversation between Oskar and Sebastian all over again because wow yes it has a whole new meaning now goshSo what about a book that can do BOTHI do like a book that opens up a whole new field of knowledge to me something I knew nothing about in this case physics Schrödinger's cat; multiple universe theory; the improbability of this world this planet that we live on emerging in this form the chances of it happening are one to ten to the power of fifty nine; the nature of time; and the way even scientists paste labels over holes in reality the phenomena that they cannot account for measure explain Gravity for exampleI do like a book that is fast paced exciting so that it is hard to put down for long it calls out from the table next to the sofa c'mon just a few pages before you start the ironing c'mon Will Sebastian really do that dastardly deedSo what about a book that can do BOTHI do like a book in whose characters I can believe and whose fate affects me I want to know what happens to them I feel I careI do like a book that is an intellectual game a chess board on which the pieces are moved around in a pattern that I recognize as too perfect to be uite realisticSo what aboutWhat about a book that is a comforting recognizable genre the classic detective story but that can take that classic form and twist it into a new and unsettling shape Oh yes I loved it'Schilf' is the German word for plants of the genus phragmites reeds Reeds were commonly used for roofing for insulation it was favoured as a sweet smelling flooring material for cleaning and disinfection for lighting Hardly surprising then that it should be connected with protection and cleansing but also with communication other wordly communication the song of the reeds as the wind passes through Here rather mundanely it is but the name of the detective And why not indeedAnd apart from the contents I also loved this edition which has a fittingly Hitchcockesue picture of rooks blackly gathering in the trees For the birds in this story are watchful threatening malevolent with their beady lifeless eyes Even the two fat ducks Bonnie and Clyde bobbing on the stream that runs past Sebastian's house in pretty little Freiburg They watch They know They know

Free read Ù PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Juli Zeh

T paced ride through deadly rivalry and love’s infinite configurationsAgainst the backdrop of Germany and Switzerland two physicists begin a dangerous dance of distrust Friends since their university days when they were aspiring Nobel Prize candidates they now interact in an atmosphere of tension stoked by Oskar’s belief that Sebastian fell into mediocrity by marrying Whe. Just WOWA book of the finest uality This book had me hooked from the first words every sentence is so beautifully constructed every word has a life of it's own The characters and their environs jump out of the page The plot is wonderfully challenging and so well set up from the start This experience was like reading the Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole for the first time and the sheer brilliance of it makes me remember Catch 22 too I thought the use of words and their places on the page had the strength of Dylan Thomas I am an instant fan of Juli ZehThis is a must read for every lover of the written word

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  • 15 May 2018
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About the Author: Juli Zeh

Juli Zeh is a German novelistHer first book was Adler und Engel in English Eagles and Angels which won the 2002 Deutscher Bücherpreis for best debut novel Juli Zeh has lived in Leipzig since 1995 Zeh studied human rights law in Passau and Leipzig passing the Zweites Juristisches Staatsexamen comparable euivalent to the US bar exam in 2003 She also has a degree from the Deutsches Li