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Leonardo da Vinci

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Ull color reproductions and thorough text provide a uick yet solid introduction to this master. It could be much better and exciting if translation and a little description of each drawing or at least some of the hand writings of Da Vinci Harder work on this book could be the best one But it is a good collection if someone wold to have the drawing pictures of Da Vinci

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S accomplishments in science architecture and philosophy as well as his artistic masterworks F. Amazing book for inspiration on sketching

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The uintessential Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci 1452 1519 is still recognized today for hi. This compendium allows for an overview of Da Vinci's graphic opus in a way that is difficult to find elsewhere for example online The systematic division into sixteen areas gives a rough mental guide to his interests and work Here is the list followed by my personal favourites in parenthesis; the numbers next to the illustration titles indicate the index in the catalogue as displayed in this book0 Perfecting the art of drawing 5 Perspective for Adoration1 Drawings and sketches for surviving or documented paintings2 Studies for euestrian monuments and horses 87 Horse on blue paper; 98 Horse torso in white on blue; 109 Horses cat dragon3 Drawings of human figures animals and monsters 155 Study of hands and arms4 Drapery studies fascinating5 Profile studies character heads and grotesues 191 Warrior with Helmet; 202 Bust of Older Man; 213 Self Portrait6 Proportion drawings 246 Vetruvian Man7 Anatomical drawings 248 Study of Horse8 Allegories emblems and pictographs p422 O human misery—how many things you must serve for money; 378 Young man on horse; 399 Neptune and seahorses; 405 Allegory9 Plant studies 411 Study of Lily10 Studies of landscapes water and natural catastrophes11 Drawings of maps and plans12 Architectural studies 481 Study for Cupola of Milans; 505 Study for a Fortress13 Engineering and machinery studies 526 Unwinding Spring; 533 Raising a Beam; 536 Volute Gear; 554 Machine for Manufacturing Rope14 Studies for military Euipment 573 Machine with Sixteen Crossbows; 574 Treadwheel; 580 Scythed Chariot; 588 590 Studies of Halberds; 591 Shrapnel Mortar; 592 Row of Four Mortars15 Studies of flying machines and bird flight16 Studies on light and shade 659 Intersecting Pyramidal BeamsIt's a lot to handle at once But it's all worth handling at least once

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Frank Zöllner born 26 June 1956 in Bremen is a German art historian and professorZöllner studied history of art from 1977 to 1981 In 1983 1985 he was an 'Aby Warburg Fellow' in the Warburg Institute in London After his 1987 graduation took place at the University of Hamburg he worked from 1988 to 1992 as a research assistant at the Bibliotheca Hertziana in RomeZöllner has since 1996 been a

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