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Introduction to Logic

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Temporary research in the physical and biological sciences plus introduces an abundance of new exercises throughout complete with solutions for the first exercise in a set Appropriate for those in business education political or psychology careers This book introduces several methods of analyzing t

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This book introduces the fundamental methods and techniues of correct reasoning in a manner that shows the relevance of the topics to readers everyday lives Many new exercises introduced in this edition help supplement and support explanations If I could learn formal logic from Copi and enough

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Aid in review and make the book visually stimulating This edition also includes a revised Logic tutorial on CD Rom further simplifying the study of logic Includes many fascinating illustrations taken from the history of science as well as from con If you want to start to study logic this is the boo

  • Paperback
  • 683
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Irving M. Copi
  • English
  • 11 July 2018
  • 9780131898349

10 thoughts on “Introduction to Logic

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    a popular college logic textbookI enjoyed it so much I've read it almost three times now I realize I must have issues

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    If I could learn formal logic from Copi and enough to with Hempel and others to critiue social statistics for not being deductive and using formal logic enough my PhD stats prof said he never thought formal logic got you anywhere? than anybody could learn it from this textbook Note you must get older editions of logic textbooks as the newer ones are all watered down baby logic and cover sometimes as little as half the topics as those classes did 30 years ago So goes decision sciences? Big and fat and stupid and lazy Data indeed

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    I read an earlier edition obviously because this one was published in 2001 and I read it as the text for a logic class in 1982; however I still have the book in a handy spot on the shelf which I can't say about any other book from that year so it's stayed current and useful a lot of its content is timelessThis was a great eye opener for me; I'd always had a skeptical and uestioning way of thinking but often although I'd have a gut sense that something I was hearing in a commercial a political speech an argument didn't hold water I couldn't put my finger on the problem or tell someone else why I wasn't buying it This book explained logical fallacies and provided the names and clear examples of a series of common fallacies and false syllogisms It has been a huge help in becoming a smarter voter consumer and general decision maker Can't recommend this one too strongly especially in this day and age when schools do less and less to teach critical thinking and too much political discourse is logically totally goofy

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    this is a great book from a great time in my life taking 15 hours of philosophy courses and intro logic along with formal logic this was the text for formalsymbolic im real right brained at times but this was an awesome experience

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    If you want to start to study logic this is the book

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    I got a lot out of it My hardback edition was also rather beautiful Sadly I would now be hard pressed to define a syllogism or inductive reasoning

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    One of the best textbooks Copi and Cohen don't miss a thing It is very difficult though since they use a lot of symbols and formulas for logical structures Logic is similar to learning a new language whether Spanish or Coding it takes a lot of practice something that the authors provide at the end of each chapter This book was also highly praised by Greg Bahnsen he recommends it in almost all of his courses on philosophy or logic

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    Probably the most universal logic textbook on college campus It's become a classic at this point It's hard to justify paying the insane price Just go for an earlier edition I used the 9th which you can find for 2 at instead of 175 What makes this text uniue is its focus on the function of language

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    This book introduces several methods of analyzing truth claims about reality and the universe and how to express these truths using mathematical symbols and formulae I found some of it interesting especially the section on argument fallacies but some of it seemed rather redundant Rather how many different ways can we express if A is true than B is also true or conversely if C is not always true then D cannot always or ever be true; if F is true then G must be false and so on And of course the formulae get complicated as the truths build upon each other

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    Read this as a first semester senior in college with Dr Bob Taylor In a class of 40 or so I was first in the class all semester and then on the final exam I forgot to study an entire section and I dropped down to secondI can remember sitting there for a minute after the bell had rung to end the exam hour and I was stuck on a certain problem Suddenly it just came to me I went to Dr Taylor's office after he had graded them and I had come up with the correct answer

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