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The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work

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Ively constructively and sometimes provocatively he shows us that the heavenly good of earthly work really makes the gospel good news for ordinary people by offering the possibility of a genuinely purpose full Christian life I really enjoyed reading this book It is one of the top five books on this subject I highly recommend it The premise of Darrell Cosden’s work is that our 'everyday work whether paid or unpaid actually matters and makes a difference – not just in the here and now but also for eternity' His approach to this subject is consistently methodical focused biblical and sensitive He is a very good teacher He adeuately addressed the topic of sacred vs secular work which I appreciated He painted a very clear picture of the spiritual dilemma that most Christians struggle with as they are faced with the appearance that we who are not doing the work of 'eternal things' directly on a full time basis are second class Christians Cosden carefully lays out the ramifications of Jesus’ resurrection Paul’s comments on Jesus as the second Adam in Romans and what he says in 1 Cor 15 plus the descriptions of the heavenly city on earth in Rev 21 and 22 to show what we should expect to see at the consummation His conclusion is that much of our earthly work will be manifested in the New Jerusalem He offers 'Our sanctified imaginations can only suggest what we think God’s promise to make all things new might mean' He adds 'There will be no doubt some specific products of our work that through judgment will be transformed and incorporated into the ‘new physics’ of the new creation I am uite hoping that Handel’s Messiah will be regularly in concert in the New Jerusalem'

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People can participate in God's mission to make all things new What is the heavenly good of earthly work In this book Darrell Cosden takes us on a spiritual and theological journey of discovery exploring these uestions Creat I enjoy this book not least because it is one among several thoughtful contributions that have taken the scholarly works of NT Wright and Richard Middleton to the streets on the Resurrection of Christ and the Creation of human beings as God's image bearers respectively It strongly repudiates the escapist concept of the gospel that has our heads almost exclusively buried in another world that is to be too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good It exposes the bankruptcy of the truncated idea of Christian mission as one that is simply interested in getting people ready for heaven and casting a disdainful eye on what one does in his daily life In Corsden's view the dichotomy between spiritual and secular arena is a false one All of life is spiritual and missional if it is oriented towards the kingdom of God So is the dichotomy between clergy and laity as if the work of the laity is second fiddle to the work of 'evangelistic ministry' and 'overseas mission' important as they are No the clergy's main task is to euip and join in with the whole church in doing the work of God Whether we are preachers homemakers educators office workers buildersor cleaners and so on we are out on a mission for Christ'We are not saved by works but our works are saved along with us' as he puts it Our work will survive into eternity if it stands the test of God's judgement Our work redeemed confirms us as God's image bearers and there is no extinction of that holy rejuvenating and life affirming work in the new heaven and new earth It is paradoxically bound up with the shalom of our final eternal restOn another front it is a wake up call to the humanists who presume that we can build heaven here on earth without God The disasters of the Enlightenment project eg the holocaust atomic bomb ecological disasters are a sober reminder not to repeat the ancient error of building the tower of Babel The Sabbatic nature of Christian work which leaves much living space for God's mighty work keeps our daily work from devolving into this promethean mindsetCorsden's theology of work is not new but a timely recovery of the missional nature of our daily work as participating in God's work in renewing and restoring the good earth he made Hence we find here a short and highly readable exposition of what Christian work ought to be and how understanding it is foundational to our view of mission and calling as God's people recruited to do good works everyday not just when we are in church to the praise of his glory This book gets even better near the end where he spells out how this practical piece of theology gets to work

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Does a person's day to day work have any ultimate value from the perspective of Eternity Should our work be seen as a discipline through which we connect spiritually with God and others Is ordinary work the primary way that There are some sections that are overdone but it's a good overview of a basic theology of work that is easy to read and comprehend That being said it's probably the worst PRINTED book I've read in five years Baker Academic seriously the formatting is atrocious Almost downgraded it to 3 starts because it was so distracting It looks like it was printed on a 90s home printer

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