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The murder of Colonel Protheroe shot through the head is a shock to everyone in St Mary Mead though hardly an unpleasant one Now even the vicar who had declared that killing the detested Protheroe would be 'doing the world at large a favour' is a suspect the Co. This was a b

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Lonel has been dispatched in the clergyman's study no less But the picturesue English village of St Mary Mead is overpopulated with suspects There is of course the faithless Mrs Protheroe; and there is of course her young lover an artist to bootPerhaps surprisi. Miss Marple'

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Ng than the revelation of the murderer is the detective who will crack the case 'a white haired old lady with a gentle appealing manner' Miss Jane Marple has arrived on the scene and crime literature's private men's club of great detectives will never be the sa. Fiddledestic

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Mary Westmacott and was occasionally published under the name

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