Lord of the Deep Free download ¼ 7

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 315
  • Lord of the Deep
  • Dawn Thompson
  • English
  • 11 June 2017
  • 9780758221797

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Lord of the Deep

Dawn Thompson ¶ 7 Review

Trong and masterful the Lord of the Deep enchants herand Meg must surrender Only he can satisfy her virgin longings and her darkest desire I was angry with the heroine doing stupid things I do not recommend itThis is an erotic book There seem to be pages devoted to lengthy sex scenes than to the story The sex scenes were somewhat repetitiveMeg is a witch living on an island with her evil aunt and uncle She will become a priestess as long as she is a virgin She loses her virginity to a selkie a seal who changes into a man Now she cannot be a priestess She must be a whore for the shamans or die Her aunt learns that she is not a virgin and sells her to the shamans to be their whore She escapes and plans to live with her selkie They are in loveCAUTION SPOILERSMeg's evil Aunt Adelia locks Meg away As Adelia is walking away Meg then stupidly tells Adelia when and where she can find Simeon This allows Adelia to steal Simeon's sealskin and tell the shamans how to kidnap Simeon When the shamans kidnap Simeon Meg stupidly runs toward them saying let him go but she has no weapon So they grab her and now have two prisoners After she and Simeon have known each other for a couple of days and are in love she decides she must run away from him because he is immortal and she is human She does not want to disgust him as she ages This is stupid It is like saying “something could happen to separate us down the road so we better break up now so you won't be hurt later Lets be hurt now instead” Of course as she runs away she is captured again by the evil shaman I was too angry to enjoy the storyDATASexual language strong Number of sex scenes about twenty eight Setting unknown time The Isle of Mists Copyright 2007 Genre erotic paranormal romance

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Accused of witchcraft and banished to the Isle of Mists Meg is utterly alone until the night the selkies appear for a moonlight orgy glist should have realized what I was getting myself into by the almost naked man on the cover of Lord of the Deep What I found inside was a sexual odyssey I could have never foreseen I honestly will never view seals and trees the same way ever again due to their sexual interactions with the heroine Meg is a simple girl who lives with her aunt and uncle on the Isle of Mists in an alternate universe called Arcus Meg is also uite the voyeur and one night she looks out from her bedroom window as the selkies come out of the ocean and shed their skins to become sexually insatiable human males and females As she watches she is in awe of their sexual antics especially that of their leader who has excellent mating skills Meg is incredibly turned on and ventures down to the shoreline after the orgy has finished and they return to their watery underworld But as the virginal Meg cools off in the sea Simeon the Lord of the Deep grabs Meg and takes her down to his kingdom For the next few hours he and Meg have fun on a sea sponge Meg is overcome by Simeon’s sexual skills and even though Simeon has had thousands of both human and selkie women alike he is close to falling in love with Meg because he was able to taste her “sweet nectar” and she is not like the others or so Simeon says But since Meg cannot live underwater he must decide if he will live above ground as a mortal or find a way for Meg to live with him even though she could die by drowning or be killed by his jealous selkie handmaidens The two lovers are separated when Meg’s Aunt Adelia finds her rolling naked in the surf and assumes she has given away her virginity Now Meg is ruined and cannot become a high priestess instead becoming a sexual plaything for the shamans who live high on the mountain Even as Meg is taken there and “readied” by the other shamans’ handmaidens Simeon tries to save her and find a way for them to be together Meg is able to escape from one Shaman who walks around with everything hanging out and becomes excited by the thrill of the chase But Meg has friends watching out for her including the mountain's enchanted trees And this is where the story goes past the point of no return Meg is forced by a tree to have sex with it Yes a tree Meg becomes friendly with even trees as the roots and branches manipulate Meg’s body through their own parodies of sex Sex with a tree That one scene a uarter into the novel was unlike anything I have ever read In addition to this over the top scene Meg is being constantly chased abused and forced to have sex with everyone and everything She really has no say even with the hero but she doesn’t mind being dominated by him because wellhe is the hero And when Meg is captured to be used by the shamans their women use their own talented ways to prepare her for them Every other page is sex or the thought of sex or a character’s body part hanging out Everyone runs around naked and aroused and stops what they're doing when the need to have sex hits at which point they engage in some sort of sexual act to give them release I find myself at a loss for words about this story of Meg and her fun seals and plants For some readers Meg’s “friendship” with a tree may excite but I found myself disturbed by the whole notion Simeon and Meg’s relationship is somewhat better Simeon does become monogam

Review Lord of the Deep

Ening wet proudly naked As beautiful bodies entwine and shapes shift within the sea a man comes forth from the waves and what a man he isS This book was just wrong on so many levelsBut damn that's a fine ass on the cover right

About the Author: Dawn Thompson

Dawn Thompson was a regular columnist featured in women’s special interest publications world and nationwide for over thirty years one of which CROCHET WORLD published by House of White Birches since its inception over twenty five years ago She was an award winning poet artist and needlework designer and illustrator specializing in vintage concepts for today’s woman Dawn wrote historical f