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Letters of Fyodor Dostoevsky to his family and friends

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    Reading someone's letters does not sound very appealing but it can be a valuable supplement to reading one's work Naturally I would never recommend reading Dostoevsky's letters if you haven't read his novels It would be like watching a behind the scenes special on a show you never watchedwho does that? Reading an author's non literary writing gives a great deal of insight into his work It's like seeing his novels from different anglesfor example one realizes that the experiences of Prince Muishkin in The Idiot are based upon Dostoevsky's own time abroad and return to Russia just the setting I mean not so much the content The letters can get a little repetitive because he relates the same events and experiences to different people I had special appreciation for his words on the everyday struggles of being a writer Dostoevsky was steadily in financial trouble and had to struggle with his epilepsy on top of it The familiar cyclothymia of being an author was evident in his letters One day he was convinced nothing could keep him from being a success Other times he felt he could do nothing right He is human and does not hide his faults Though hounded by seizures and angry creditors he tirelessly pursues his literary work Dostoevsky's novels are excellentbut getting to know him a little better along the way makes that great experience even better