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When Sparks Fly

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W he was getting drunk in her tavernYes Hyna Blue aroused instincts both carnal and nurturing Gem’'s blood had been fiery to start with Blue heated it even Of course since the planet of Polaris discovered its trainum mine things were hot all over Prosperity had blown in on a solar wind along w. Having placed No Words Alone on my keeper shelf I was looking forward to what I thought was the 2nd installment about a trilogy of sisters set in the future on a world called PolarisFirst of all this book while published second is actually the first chronologically This is Gem's story Her sisters are Xera heroine of Now Words Alone and Brandy They run an innbar called The Spark and that's about the only part of the book that's sparking for me Multiple tropes that really weren't even fleshed out like hinted at a disjointed storyline and no chemistry between the two romantic characters at all It almost felt like the author wrote this as an afterthought so she could give Xera a backstoryIf you read No Words Alone or plan to this book explains a little of why Xera is the way she is and what some of her motivations were in NWA For that alone I give this book 2 stars

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Ith many disreputable types the least deceptive of which were the shape shifting aliens The ruined beauty of one patron and his drunken proposals were the least of Gem’s worries and perhaps her one solace Like her father had named it long ago this inn was The Spark Gem had to survive the blaze. The heroine has always been the responsible one the reliable one the sister who can lead and offer control over her world Since her father died she's felt it's her duty to take over the bar and she's done just that She rules her establishment with an iron fist and has everything in it's place The hero a stranger to town who's been freuenting her business is a compelling man He is flirtatious and overtly forward with his comments but he is also damaged He is half mech his arm and his eyes machine He is also a drunk or so his wobbly walk would have people believe She doesn't know what comes over her but she offers him a job She's pay him feed him and cloth him if he will help out with a few odd jobs around the bar and hotel It is a decision she regrets immediately Something about this man is too virile to her and all too tempting She's stuck now with a man who does good work but also makes it a habit to challenge her on every single thing He is dominate she can tell that right off the bat and normally she is as well But when paired together it seems that often than naught he is the victor When the heroine is targeted by an assassin the hero suddenly becomes her bodyguard He is instant and demanding and soon she finds herself with a shadow who she fears her weak defenses will soon no longer be able to keep at a distance The hero is not what he seems Sure he's a criminal but that was in his younger years Now he's a drug enforcer undercover to root out a drug ring centering in this bar He's normally a ruthless type of man using his charm to seduce but never to follow through with Problem is he's falling for the strong independent and all too beautiful target He's torn between believing she's far too straight laced to be involved in illegal activities but at the same time fearful to believe her innocent only to be wrong He can't justify his growing affections towards and but it's clear she's in danger Soon the plot is uncovered and the drug ring put to rest The heroine is innocent and he testifies in court to this but in the process he is discovered to have lied to her She's torn between loving a man who risked his life for hers and her fear of the unknown but powerful desire to have a future with a man who has deceived her But while the courtship is rough at first things settle down and the potential for true love shines brightly between themOkay A for characters but B for plotline I was totally in love with these characters all of them The hero was defiantly a stand out for me He was dark and mysterious but on the surface he was a flirt with some serious alpha male tendencies The way in which he challenged the heroine with cool but ruthless facts was just what this eually strong female lead needed He did it was a cocky sureness that sometimes was too demanding because at the beginning you're not sure where he's coming from The heroine was a strong female lead but with a fair share of vulnerabilities She wasn't as in control of her world as she imaged herself to be and now she's discovering secrets and crimes going on right under her nose She held things together the best she could but she learned to rely on the hero for help though she fought this like a tiger at first Together they had a sweet but troublesome relationship that was tense at times and awkward at others It took a lot for them to finally find the courage to succumb to their feelings The other characters including the heroine's 2 sisters could very easily be heroines of their own stories and I would love to read those as they were interesting females However the plotline itself was a bit scattered and hodge podge It didn't really have a firm villain and it bounced around a lot between conflicts until my head was spinning at bit Plus the excitement of the story did not carry through to the end and the last few pages were a bit awkward Still I really liked this book It could have been perfect if a few things were tweaked but still a really good book

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Polaris just got a little hotter Perhaps it was his wild black hair and indigo eyes or maybe it was his enigmatic aura but there was something about Hyna Blue that drew Gem The man had clearly done hard labor his cybernetic implants gave him increased strength but he was no longer whole and no. I couldn't spend any time with these characters before I felt the need to rip my hair out of my skullGem is a bitch She thinks she can do everything all by herself She's somehow judgmental while having the personality of a toaster oven She lets her sister Brandy walk all over her and has no idea how to interact with a member of the opposite sex And with two TSTL moments in the first 17% of the book I just couldn't take her anyBlue is a dick I dunno what ruined beauty is but he leers and gives me the willies when he hits on Gem like she's an easy mark He completely takes over the situation given Gem doesn't seem to take care of it herself and treats Gem like a doormat while demanding various favors eating everything in sight and acting like he knows something Gem doesn't Not a hero that I find appealing in any wayBrandy is a bitch too She just couldn't let Xera go without spouting off a few negative remarks first She has not said one positive thing so far and the way she treats people especially her own sisters is horrendous If I had continued reading I would have wished for her death by the halfway pointXera was in the book I read before this No Words Alone so her presence really makes no sense to me hereA decent concept for a story completely ruined by immature emotionally stunted characters

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