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    This book brought into clear view the immense cover up that has been going on since the 1930's It's difficult being a person who has experienced the abduction phenomenon first hand to read deeply into the truth of it The book is not for the faint at heart

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Commander X Files

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Erates with a clearance 15 degrees above that of the President Now for the first time anywhere Commander X reveals the intimate details of his own horrifying contacts with the Grays and his on going harassment by certain branches of the militar.

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In several previous works Commander X a retired military intelligence operative through his close ties with members of the CIA and other 'highly positioned' contacts has dared to speak out about the on going battle between a group of extraterre.

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Strials and branches of the military who refuse to go along with a Top Secret agreement made with the 'Secret Government' This agreement made in the 1950s calls for an exchange of technology between the Grays and the 'Secret Government' that op.