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Dr Devlin's television appearances and popular GUARDIAN column have revealed his remarkable gift for making difficult topics beautifu. This is a book I read mostly just for fun as well as to understand about how interest in mathematics can be developed in hound studentsAlthough I have some grasp and appreciation of elementary mathematics having done the obligatory 10000 hours to be on us team for the international math olympiad and continued with a few math courses to get a degree in math from mit I was thoroughly impressed with just how powerful the modern mathematical accomplishments are It's like someone who has done some bouldering learning about ascent of K2 the current achievements are vast in scope and depth The author does a fantastic job of brining those to life helping you appreciate 5000 page proofs classifying simple groups providing glimmers of approach to solving Fermat's last theorem and giving one a flavor of how rich number theory is the exposition about e ^ pi srt163 still surprises me there is no reason that I understand that a number as small as that should get you within 12 decimal places of an integer in that formula see Wikipedia entry in 163 for a bit Incidentally the recent growth in both population wealth and communication have combined to produce a crop of mathematicians who may well be as good as the greats of earlier centuries who had to work alone and split their time between pure math and other endeavors as eg in Laplace's caseIt's true that reading this book provides just a glimpse over the fence you will not be able to understand any of the big proofs in their completeness after this just as reading an interview with Kasparov will allow you to fully appreciate his chess games But just as parkour or beatbox videos simply reading this book is apt to make the reader feel that we live in a world where exceptional people can pull off jaw dropping awe inspiring stuntsHighly recommended as a dose of optimism about human potential

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This lively and comprehensive new survey sets out to show just how mistaken people who think they can't enjoy mathematics really are. Nice general historical survey

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Lly accessible In this book he offers a glimpse of the extraordinary vistas and bizarre universes opened up by contemporary mathemati. note to self KIV by the Stanford prof who just won the Carl Sagan Prize for popularizing science

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Mathematics The New Golden Age
  • Keith J. Devlin
  • English
  • 07 November 2019
  • 9780140135510

About the Author: Keith J. Devlin

Dr Keith Devlin is a co founder and Executive Director of the university's H STAR institute a Consulting Professor in the Department of Mathematics a co founder of the Stanford Media X research network and a Senior Researcher at CSLI He is a World Economic Forum Fellow and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science His current research is focused on the use of differ

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