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  • Granite Island
  • Dorothy Carrington
  • English
  • 25 March 2019
  • 9780141442273

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Granite Island

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A vital element in Europe a highly individualistic island culture whose people have nurtured their love of freedom and political justice as well as their pride hospitality and poetr. the ultimate travel book gripping and inspiring The author's travels through Corsica at the time were treacherous dangerous and exciting and what she reveals to the reader are extraordinary I bought this book in a bookstore during a visit to Corsica the Mediterrean mountain island and devoured it For women readers I think you will find this book and the author inspiring and wonderful Male readers probably will also but women should not miss it


'Get away from here before you're completely bewitched and enslaved' Dorothy Carrington was told while sitting in a fisherman's cafe at the magically uiet midday hour But enslaved sh. To get a real feel for the book itself or even while reading this review take a listen sie to some Corsican chants It's like a Corsican bouillon cube for your earsDorothy Carrington first went to Corsica in 1948 in order to write a book about the island Six years later she moved to Corsica and made it her home This book came almost twenty years later so she had time for her to get to know her shit before this was published No outsider can really be a Corsican but if anyone came close it was probably her She got to do some things that hadn't really been done yetmuch like visit the megalithic site Filitosa; it was partly because of her that archaeologists even went there and studied the statue menhirs The site wasn't handled as well as it should have statues were removed moved broken in some cases put back in what they think were the right places etc Still these megaliths predate the Easter Island statues or Stonehenge so the fact that they exist at all in any sort of placement on the island is incredibly impressiveThis is Carrington's magnum opus She loved the island She breathed the island It's evident on every page here and to a somewhat lesser degree in Dream Hunters of Corsica She makes me want to travel and write and immerse myself in a different culture to know their history and ultimately to become a part of their historyI'm a couple weeks away from embarking on my third trip to Corsica and I couldn't be effing excited Though Carrington's book was published in 1971 I found a lot of similarities to things I saw heard or experienced in 2006 and again in 2008 I'm excited to see if anything has changed in the last four years but imagine not there's not much interest in or eagerness to change much on the island The inhabitants are relatively happy with the way things are and those that are unhappy will move to the mainland anyway The island is a bit reclusive though people are hospitable if perhaps a bit wary of strangers In Bastia which is our home base when we visit we're practically royalty because everyone knows my boyfriend's grandmother or one or of her siblings and it's really all about who you know there It's truly a special place to visitReading this now just makes me want to throw everything into a suitcase and jump on a plane These next few weeks will be difficult though I'm glad I read this book in anticipation of our trip Gives me something to look forward to as if I needed anything and a few areas of history that will be worth talking to my boyfriend's grandmother about I've already heard some of her stories but being a sucker for oral history I will never get sick of hearing of them Getting her to talk about some things however are rough as the memories are not pleasant to herI don't think one needs to have visited the island to have an appreciation of this book though having some experience does add a bit pizzazz to it This is exactly the sort of travel memoir I'm interested in and this one will have a permanent place on our shelves

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E was Granite Island much than a travel book grew out of years spent in Corsica and is an incomparably vivid and delightful portrait For the first time Corsica is brought to light as. This book was really bucking for a fifth star by being head and shoulders above the other English language books on Corsica Still the embarrassingly dated social theory that keeps popping up in the first half of the book and the deeply grating fact that she never says what year it is on any of her trips did impede my enjoymentuibbles notwithstanding this book has and better history and social insight both of the island and people as a whole and of particular villages and regions than any other source

About the Author: Dorothy Carrington

Frederica Dorothy Violet Carrington 6 June 1910 – 26 January 2002 was an expatriate British writer domiciled for over half her life in Corsica She was one of the twentieth century's leading scholars on the island's culture and history about which she wrote numerous books and articles