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Grumpy Old Rockstar and Other Wonderous Stories

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Er he joined a popular music group called Yes and became a legend Much later he became a Grumpy Old Man who appears on Countdown hosts a hugely popular radio show on Planet Rock and performs a one man show telling stories about his rather extraordinary lifeWhich is where this book you are holding comes in Mr Wakeman is simply As a fan of most t

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Around about August 1948 Mr and Mrs Cyril Wakeman had an early night and some time later at Perivale in Middlesex Mrs Wakeman produced a bonny baby son They named him Richard but he uickly became known as RickRick was a likable little fellow who had a talent for the piano and for making trouble and music became Rick's life Lat I’ve had this in Tigerfeeling in Middlesex Mrs Wakeman produced a bonny baby son They named him Richard but he uickly became known as RickRick was a likable little fellow who had a talent for the piano and for making trouble and music became Rick's life Lat I’ve had this 5 Steps to a 5 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day in

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One of the great storytellers of our age let's face it he has some fabulous material It seemed a shame that some of the funniest yarns should not be widely known So he accepted some cash and here we areCurl up by the fire with a Grumpy Old Rock Star and your nearest and dearest We defy you not to want to read it aloud and laug From the trumpet p

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    If you're looking for a I was born inlived here atmet so and so sort of a tome you're in the wrong place A pity in part inasmuch as I would like to have read Rick Wakeman's description of his early days in Yes and some of the tumultuous times which followed But I suppose there are other books for that sort of thingNo this is not so much a biography as it is a series of anecdotes from keyboard maven Wakeman's life and career and some of them will just leave you speechless A lot of times I was shaking my head wondering how he has managed to stay alive so long but as a fan I'm glad he did The stories about trips sans documentation to the Soviet Union and South America are riots as is his description of King Arthur on iceyes you read that right I have loved that record for years and always wondered what possessed Rick to present it as an Ice Follies kind of show Now not only do I know the why I wish I'd been there to see itThere's he could be telling obviously; this book only takes you so farthat's what the SECOND book Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star naturally is for and I will be looking for a copy of it Till then I shall have to be content in finally knowing how they created that amazing waterfall sound in No Earthly Connection without electronicsand mentioning that I feel the need to peeFans of Wakeman will eat this stuff up Just plain folks will love the inner details of the life of the Rock Star Highly recommended

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    Not so much a detailed autobiography of a series of laugh out loud anecdotes and tales from keyboard virtuoso Wakeman's life and career Some of these are remarkable some are terrible and some are simply bizarre Rick comes across as being affable and personable as opposed to grumpyI listened to the audio book which Rick narrates himself It's like he's sitting next to you in a pub having a chat as he recounts getting hold of a KGB uniform in the middle of the cold war drinking a plane dry gaining access to a nuclear submarine feeding meat to his vegetarian Yes band mates having a heart attack at 25 – twice staging King Arthur on ice playing in a circus with Salvador Dali watching Keith Moon trash a restaurant giving up drink after being told he had 6 months to live hanging out with Ronnie Biggs and Fidel CastroWhat a life he has had Always self deprecating but amusing This was a tremendous way to while away a few hours cheering myself up as try to get though this pandemic without going crazy

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    I’ve had this in my ueue for a long time now wishing I’d gotten to it sooner I liked Wakeman’s Yes stint when I was young but knew little about him Wellhe’s pretty funny Had me literally laughing out loud than a few times He’s a great storyteller Not your typical musician autobiography Not that I’ve read many But not like those I have read

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    This isn't one of those detailed autobiographies that recounts the author's childhoodschooldays etc up to the point where they become well known Where Rick Wakeman is concerned you'd have to find a copy of Say Yes for that This is a collection of anecdotes and tales that didn't uite make it into the aforementioned book as they are all a bit 'neither here nor there' subject wise Some of the stories here are amusing some are interesting and some are both Wakeman comes across as being at times extremely affable and personable but in the next chapter very smug and self satisfiedthe irony is that he never comes across as the least bit grumpy about anything I found the book to be both funny and irritating at different times and I can't decide whether I like the man or less after finishing it

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    As a fan of most things British especially music and humor this book has been on my radar since reading an excerpt shortly after publication I can’t say that I’m a longtime fan of Rick Wakeman or Yes music but the guy definitely has the gift of wit and a knack for finding himself in some amusing situations of his own creation or otherwise There are the Spinal Tapesue stories performing his King Arthur rock show on ice the Yes drummer trapped in a giant clamshell on stage – and poignant ones as well I enjoyed Wakeman’s recollection of his visit to Champagne playing the harpsichord privately for the matriarch of the Chandon family while enjoying very rare and pricey product of the estate This is a uick read if you have even a remote interest in this direction then Grumpy Old Rock Star is well worth a few hours of your time

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    I bought this after hearing Rick Wakeman as a very entertaining guest on the Danny Baker show And what do you know this is a very entertaining and often very funny bookIf you don't know who Rick is don't worry you're probably too young But for those of us that remember Prog Rock Rick was in one of the stand out bands Yes and he also did some pretty outrageous solo stuff I say solo but literally everything he did had a massive backing orchestra or band Anyway enough from me This is a very good book So much so that I have already purchased the follow up

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    From the trumpet player who evacuated into his white trousers on trying to hit a high note while sozzled to the humping dinosaurs this book had me literally in tears of laughter The Tap couldn’t have written better but I felt Rick could This was just a collection of amusing rock star anecdotes What a larf eh boys? You don’t learn too much about Rick himself but as an ex alcoholic perhaps he’s forgotten a lot about what made him what he is

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    I love getting autobiographies and memoirs read to me by their author subjects Rick does not disappoint His enthusiasm is evident and his stories are often hilarious If you're interested in Rick or Yes or progrock from the 70s this book is for you One unintended bit of humor for me is that Rick's speaking voice sounds an awful lot like Peter Jones another Brit and narrator of the television version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I started having HHGttG flashbacks

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    This is for any Yes fan which I am Rick has a great way of explaining his foible trials tribulations You could certainly call him a bad boy a mischief maker but you get the idea he doesn't mean anyone any harm This was a funny book with lots of great stories of Rick's time as a solo artist a member of The Strawbs and Yes

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    It's always a treat to sit down with someone who's really lived the larger than life way Keyboard icon Rick Wakeman has loads of stories from the road to tell and they're all very amusing some of them downright hysterically funny And they're all true Not necessarily great literature but just the book for a hot afternoon in your backyard with a cold pint of course ;

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