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A standalone adult paranormal romance from New York Times Bestselling author Samantha Young writing as S YoungThea uinn has no idea what she is All she knows is that her abilities have been a plague upon her life since she was a child After years of suffering at the hands of a megalomaniac Thea escaped and has been on the run ever sinceThe leadership and protection of his pack are of the utmost importance to Conall MacLennan. Readers to celebrate the upcoming release of KISS OF VENGEANCE WAR OF HEARTS is on sale for a limited time Was 499 now only 099 The sale is international Apple Books US Books UK WorldWide mybooktoWarofHeartsKobo US Noble UK The 1st two chapters are on my website current WIP under my pen name S Young I'm so excited Another TeaserShe looked him directly in the eyes “I don’t have any plans to kill you tonight Wolf Boy so catch some z’s too”Despite the flare of irritation he felt at the ridiculous nickname Conall also felt than a flicker of amusement “But you plan to kill me eventually”She was silent a moment and then she answered and his instincts told him she was being honest “I don’t know What I do know is that there’s someone else after me and you’ve saved my ass twice I can’t get rid of you so I may as well make use of you”Her words caused a stirring somewhere they shouldn’t Poor word choice on her part “Make use of me” his voice was gruffShe flicked him a casual look as she kicked off her shoes and got into the bed fully clothed “Bodyguard” She reached up and switched off the lamp at her bedsideSurprised Conall snorted “And here I thought you didnae need a bodyguard”“Me too Until a vamp punched a hole in my chest” Although she tried to hide behind levity he heard the slight tremble of uncertainty in her words“Is that the closest you’ve come to death lass”“No” she whispered the duvet rustling as she turned her back to him “Death and I are old friends”Here's an excerpt it's uneditedMarching away from the reception and prying eyes Conall bounded up the stairs to the next floor feeling Thea’s presence grow stronger Anticipation flooded him making his heart pound and his hands flex Glancing down through the drop between the railings Conall realized he could take this back staircase to the exit without having to go through receptionPerfectThankfully the hallway on the next floor was empty as Conall tried to move his hulking figure as uietly down it as possible He stopped outside the door of the room at the farthest end of the hallway and rested his palm against itThea was behind the doorBratGrabbing the door handle he gave it a jarring tug hearing the lock break with satisfaction Conall strode inside coming to an abrupt halt at the sight of Thea in fighting stance facing himShe had her fists held up to her face like a practiced boxer her knees bentExasperated at the thought of delaying their journey with a fight Conall swung the door shut behind him and crossed his arms over his chestHer olive skin was a little pale her features strained from the obvious painful toll the mysterious drug had taken on her body Dark circles were still visible beneath her wide tip tilted eyes She was still weakGood“I have no wish to fight you”Thea grunted “You’re trying to kidnap me and you don’t expect me to fight you”“Are you capable of fighting in this state”She narrowed her eyes “I could kick your ass any day of the week Wolf Boy”A growl erupted from him before he could stop it “Call me that again and see where it gets you”“I’m not afraid of you”Conall tested the air and realized he couldn’t smell any hint of fear from her Huh Maybe that should give him pause It didn’t“Listen and listen carefully” He took a step toward her and her lush lips pressed tightly together “I’m no ordinary werewolf You can run from me Thea but I’ll always be able to find you So let’s give into the inevitable and not make a big deal out of this”Thea let out an incredulous laugh and Conall tensed at the musical sound “You’re delusional Wolf Boy if you think I’m going anywhere without a fight”If she called him that one time Conall was afraid he’d change right in front of her He tried not to curl his hands into fists giving away his mounting anger “I’m not kidding How do you think I found you when others have failed How do you think I found you here I hear you have talents abilities well you’re not the only one I have your scent Thea uinn You’ll never be able to run from me again”She studied him a moment perhaps trying to deduce if he was lying or not She wrinkled her nose “Well that’s not creepy”Ignoring her sarcasm he gestured to the door “Let’s go”Conall waited studying her impatiently as she considered him in return As her soulful eyes wandered over his body an electric awareness shivered through him reminding him of the call of the full moonAshforth was right She was a dangerous creature in ways than oneShe relaxed her fighting stance exhaling wearily “Fine”Relieved but still alert Conall nodded He’d barely turned a millimetre toward the door when he felt the blast of a forceful wind against his back A dark blur shot past him but his reflexes were fast and he reached out for what he hoped was the scruff of her neckMaking purchase he shoved her against the door and slammed his body into hersShe gasped her cheek pressed hard to the door along with the front of her body With a grunt she pushed against him but Conall leaned his entire weight into her “How” she panted looking up at him in shockConall tightened his grip on her neck and bent his head to her ear “You may be fast lass but I’m faster”Her upper lip curled “I’m not at full strength”“Aye well I suppose we’ll see how we get on when you are” He took hold of her wrists and brought them down behind her backThea suirmed and he tightened his hold knowing it must be painful but she never showed it “Let’s go”“You really think I’ll believe you’re the world’s best bloodhound without testing that theory” he heard the warning in her voiceIn the name of expedience he transferred his hold on her to one hand and uickly pulled the syringe out of his back pocket Just like that the coppery blood like tang of her terror filled his nostrils and Conall forced down a prickle of guilt He couldn’t imagine she felt guilty about all the people she’d murdered He didn’t want to use the drug now he knew it messed with his ability to track her but she didn’t know that “Easy way or hard way”“I I can pay you than Ashforth”“By stealing from people No thanks” Conall kept the syringe in one hand while he yanked open the door and uickly grabbed her arm His huge hand wrapped easily around her small bicep For a fairly tall woman with generous assets she felt fragile and small beneath his touch Most human females didBut she wasn’t human he reminded himself as he yanked her out into the hallway“I would think someone who is mercenary enough to hunt a woman he knows nothing about for money wouldn’t care where the money comes from”Conall stopped and hauled her close bending to enunciate the words in her face so she could make no mistake about his determination to finish this job “Ashforth isn’t paying me Someone important to me is dying and I hear you’re the cure I bring you to Ashforth to answer for murdering his wife and he’ll give me some of your blood”If she felt anything about this information she did a wonderful job of not showing it Instead she tilted her chin in defiance “I’ll give you some of my blood if you’ll just let me go”“No can do” He shook his head and continued to pull her down the hall with him “I struck a bargain with this man and my word is my honor”“You’ve got to be kidding me right” she sneered trying to yank free of his hold and failing Conall gritted his teeth and held on tighter If she kept fighting him he’d inadvertently hurt her Stupid lass “Keep moving”She stopped as they entered the stairwell “Seriously My life is important than your goddamn honor”“There’s a trail of bodies from the east coast of the US through mainland Europe that makes the latter uestionable”“You have no idea what you’re talking about”Exasperated wishing he could drug her without causing her pain or him to lose his connection to her Conall let the growl show in his voice “Let’s cease talking entirely”To his surprise and relief she did

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Ttempts to evade the ruthless werewolf are not only thwarted by the Alpha but by outside dangers With no choice but to rely on one another for survival truths are revealed intensifying a passionate connection they both fight to resist At war with themselves and each other Conall and Thea’s journey to Scotland forces them to face a heartrending choice between love and betrayal War of Hearts is a standalone paranormal romance. Do you know that feeling when everything fizzles out somehowThis is what I felt most of the timeAnd I can tell you the exact moment when all my excitement faded away Tension ran high until the enemies part turned to lovers The transition was logical but kinda 'sudden' and therefore fell totally flat for me People will probably disagree but this is just how I feltAnd then it began I found myself doing other stuff and felt absolutely no desire to pick up the book again for ex I had 3% left 3% And even then I was dragging my ass Things were happening on page but my feelings remained numb and my face unimpressed Sad but trueSo yeah I didn't love the book as much as I would have liked but I still think you should give this book a try I'm just in a strange mood and you'll probably end up loving itI mean 3 stars is not bad and if I could I'd give 5 stars for the first part alone it was that good The premise gosh I freaking loved it The Hero was fed with false information about the heroine and now he's bound to bring her in or else his sister will die Uhm hi dilemma Let me welcome you with open arms lolThere was lots of action so exactly how I like it when reading paranormal A kickass heroine is also a must for me and let me tell you shewasBADASS Plus a sexy alpha werewolf as the Hero What's not to love right I've never felt so emasculated in my life as when you pushed me in that barn She rolled her eyes You decapitated a vampire with your bare hand HandThat is true He mused That makes me feel slightly better Thea Conall This book is a standalone but the ending does hint on a seuel with new protagonists and even though War of Hearts wasn't a huge hit for me I will definitely anticipate S Young's next releasesTrigger warning though This book was a lot gruesome than I anticipated I didn't mind but sueamish people should probably stay away from itPS I found the wordplay with wolf absolutely charming btw I couldn't help but grin every time I came across one of them there weren't that many but still Big compliment to the author for that lol It just made the big grumpy werewolf so much adorable

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Alpha and Chief of Clan MacLennan the last werewolf pack in Scotland Which is why watching his sister slowly die of a lycanthropic disease is emotional torture When Conall is approached by a businessman who offers a cure for his sister in exchange for the use of Conall’s rare tracking ability Conall forges an unbreakable contract with him He has to find and retrieve the key to the cure dangerous murderer Thea uinnThea’s a. Five stars Five stars FIVE FREAKING STARS This was the best PNR I’ve read in FOREVER The drama the feels the characters the romance it was all so vivid so addicting so perfect I’m in love with every word I can feel one hell of a book hangover coming on Just wow

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Samantha Young Her debut adult paranormal romance War of Hearts A True Immortality Novel released in October 2019

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