Free download Ú Regressed and Diapered by My Therapist

Regressed and Diapered by My Therapist

Download Regressed and Diapered by My Therapist

Nly by making Jay regressed diapered and under her complete control that she can successfully cure him of his ailment Will Jay’s new life of diapers turn into his personal nightmare Or will he soon be living the ultimate diapered dream This full length e.

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When Jay starts having mysterious fainting spells at school he’s sent to see a therapist Jay has no idea that his therapist has a very special type of ‘therapy’ planned for him Diaper regression therapy That’s because Jay’s therapist knows that o.

Nanny Chloe ç 6 Summary

Rotic ABDL novel will have you on the ‘edge’ of your seat from start to finish It’s packed full of regression corporal punishment diaper discipline public humiliation femdom and of course some very soggy and very messy diapers For mature readers only.

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