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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Hayward Renel Jean ☆ 2 Review

Ructive vulgarity and profanity easily accessible to the youth Principal Jean empowers the reader to think for themselves and to begin the process of purpose discovery Weapons of Mass Distraction calls the reader to action in order to save a massive amount of youth from purpose abandonment to purpose fulfillmen.

Summary Weapons of Mass Distraction

While there are many negative influences impacting the youth one of the most popular influences is Hip Hop Music Weapons Mass Distraction breaks down some of the inappropriate ideas introduced and exposed to young minds through Hip Hop Music and how some of the struggles of growing up in society are being explo.

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Ited instead of properly addressed to improve the uality of lives for the youth Told from the perspectives of an educator mentor minister and father Principal Hayward Jean empowers the youth and the adults who love them to not be distracted by the attractiveness of Hip Hop culture and blinded from the self dest.

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