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Blacking the White Resistance II

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Ntainous Balkans However bombing raids and artillery had cut off their supply lines They now as pushed into France and Germany supported by large groups of partisans supporting their new ebony overlords The Greeks were all but defeated the European forces in the Balkans surrendering in droves as they left the mountains starving As forces scattered and lost hope Captain Kovac remained stalwart until a night raid took her and her lover by surprise The two Europeans were seized and taken to a nearby Nubian Citadel to undergo interrogatio.

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Captain Sandra Kovac was once a decorated European Army Office on the Eastern Front She was raised in a strict Slavic house on a steady diet of European Nationalism and xenophobia against outsiders As the Europeans watched the last flames of white resistance in the Amercas being stamped out by the Zulu Forces Europe was preparing to defend their own borders against the hungry eyes of the United Africa and their Nubian Forces Sandra was promoted and given medals for her bravery in border skirmishes and her successful defense of the mou.

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N Sandra the spunky little blonde haired partisan was 5'7 and toned Although she was rail thin from foot rationing and her long range scouting runs she still retained a thick backside that men like Luka loved to stare at Her hips swaying was a sight to behold She was a bit unkempt but the guards had her forcibly bathed combed and even waxed The white girl's nubile face needed no makeup Even worse she was kept away from Luka as the interrogators broke her All of it under the watch of Colonel Amir Shakur the infamous warden of the citad.