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In his fiction debut and the start of a new series celebrated illustrator KG Campbell brings a touch of Tim Burton to this singularly strange and wonderful story about a lonely boy whose life is about to get a whole lot complicated when a zombie follows him homeAugust. I received a free e ARC through NetGalley from the publishers at Random House Children’s Trigger warnings death mild body horror mild eye horror bullying anxiety agoraphobiaAugust DuPont has never left the battered old house where he lives with his Aunt Hydrangea a former Chili Pepper Princess who’s mortally afraid of butterflies When he receives a surprise invitation from another aunt he never knew he had he dares to brave the outside world in the hopes of having friends schooling and adventures of his own On his way home he accidentally stumbles upon a small zombie problem a problem that unfortunately follows him home and threatens to take all the “normal” out of his new lifeA Small Zombie Problem is a middle grade novel in the style of Tim Burton meets Lemony Snicket without the bitter cynicism The world is slightly off kilter and full of larger than life and at times borderline ridiculous adults and children who stumble across strangeness in everyday life Campbell’s slightly magical and imaginary South is full of clever uirks from giant white alligators to necromancy stones The characters are distinct but feel familiar and August’s dreams of making friends and having adventures based mainly on watching television are easy to relate to Of course my favorite character is the zombie and I love that she’s actually a character–not just a plot device or a mindless antagonistUnfortunately the pace is very slow There’s no hint of a zombie or a real conflict for the first half of the book Younger audiences who enjoy reading won’t have a problem delving into Campbell’s world building and characters but those who already struggle with reading might find the lack of action trying and a zombie novel sort of implies there’s going to be a lot of action It’s also clear that this is the first book in a series since there are a number of elements introduced that don’t pan out in this book I expected Madame Marvell to play of a role and while I’m certain the alligator will feature eventually it’s little than a side note here One of the smallest plot threads wraps up to satisfaction but there isn’t much closure to be had elsewhere The ending itself is purposely open ended as a lead in to the next bookHowever there’s a lot to enjoy about it Theme wise the novel prompts readers to examine the differences between expectations and reality and how things might be okay even if they don’t work out the way we imagined There’s also a heavy note of how good or bad people aren’t always what they appear to be and I enjoyed Campbell turning the tables on us once or twice It’s a cute fun read and I’d be happy to continue with the seriesI review regularly at brightbeautifulthingstumblrcom

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Cousins it's a dream come true But August has scarcely begun to celebrate his reversal of fortune when he is confronted by a small problem on his way home So begins an adventure filled with a wild child a zombie a fabled white alligator and an unimaginable family secre. See my full review here SMALL ZOMBIE PROBLEM is a charming story in the vein of A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS and Tim Burton August is a boy who has lived his whole life in a dilapidated house He likes to create skeleton figurines His family had an empire based on hot sauces which ended and now he lives with his aunt who is stuck in the past wearing her Miss Chili Pepper Princess tiara and sash still today His aunt is terrified of butterflies which is particularly unfortunate since he has a chemical anomaly where he secretes something that attracts butterflies Whenever he goes outside he is swarmed by butterfliesOne day August breaks the rules and does venture outside where he meets three boys Shortly following he receives an invitation from an aunt he never knew he had and he decides to take it Along the way he accidentally creates a zombie of his great aunt Claudette who died when she was a girl Thinking he looks similar to her older brother Claudette proceeds to follow him around while he tries to discover how to solve his small zombie problemUltimately charming and funny the story follows August as he ventures outside the house and discovers new things about the world and people he never would have expected Left open ended for the next book in the series this book has high appeal including the illustrations that perfectly capture key scenes and items throughoutWhat I loved This was a giggle worthy book that creates many laughs throughout While it may be very light horror owing to the zombie's presence the zombie was possibly the most charming character in the book whereas some of the living people were less so This contrast adds some extra delight to an overall intriguing premise August is also a great main character and it was entertaining to see the world through his eyes Although his family is a little strange he has a lot of caring and kindness to share that I look forward to seeing of This is a light and fun read complete with some fantastic illustrations that really bring the story and characters to lifeFinal verdict Overall this is a delightful and charming book about August his family and his new small zombie problem Highly recommend for any middle grade readers looking for something uniue a little bit odd and with some light laughs

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DuPont has spent his whole life inside a dilapidated house with his aunt Hydrangea His lonely existence ends abruptly with the arrival of an invitation to meet an aunt and cousins he didn't even know existed When Aunt Orchid suggests that August attend school with his. A very enjoyable children's book by writerillustrator KG Campbell Taking place in a fictional version of Louisiana orphan August DuPont lives with his eccentric aunt in the dilapidated manor house of the once prosperous Dupont hot sauce dynasty Having never ventured outdoors in his life he takes his first steps into the wider world upon discovering that he has cousins that are still wealthy and picks up the small zombie problem of the title along the wayI got this as an uncorrected galley copy so it lacks most of the artwork that will be in the finished book But I still found that I liked it far than I expected and I look forward to continuing the series

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