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Trick Author Natalia Jaster

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There is a rule amongst his kind A jester doesn’t lie In the Kingdom of Spring Poet is renowned He’s young and pretty a lover of men and women He performs for the court kisses like a scoundrel and mocks with a silver tongueYet allow him this It’s only the most cunning most m Read it Adored it Think it's a damn shame people don't know about Natalia Jaster She's an insanely good writer When Scarlett Dawn recommends a book to you you listen She happens to be my twin when it comes to reading tastes This one's been moved to the top of my TBR list

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Of a girl is determined to expose himBut not all falsehoods are fiendish Poet’s secret is delicate binding the jester to the princess in an unlikely alliance and kindling a breathless attraction as alluring as it is forbidden New alternative cover edition Original ASIN B0175PMU “Steadfast sure girl sweet noble thorn how lovely cruel you are My body’s taut my soul is worn from the lovely cruel you are The highborn chose the lowest born ’tis the lovely cruel you are This trick unseen this fated scorn of the lovely cruel you are So when you leave I shall us mourn the lovely cruel we are” What is there to say really when you fall head over heels for a book that you didn’t even realize existed I picked this up after my friend told me she was sure I’d love it Was I skeptical No not really Do I trust this person Absolutely Was there any doubt I’d love this Not in the least Yet here we are and me telling you that at the beginningI really didn’t care for this book at all I liked the opening chapter it was loud alluringmesmerizing It grabbed onto me with just the short little bit it was But once I poured deeper into the story long after the wicked words our Jester boasted and hooked me line and sinker with I grew weary And frankly distant Not because I didn’t love what was going on I did truly But his manner of speech waxed way too poetic HAR for me to really grip my claws into his character and see what he was really about Tumble inspected me with beady eyed criticism “What” I asked “Does my masterpiece clash too much” The ferret sueaked “Certainly but you try making the four kingdoms harmonize into one motif” He sueaked again It felt like a front It felt like even as the readers who got to be inside his head every otherfew chapters were held at an arm’s length and I didn’t like it Because in the rare moments he and the princess got together I felt like they were wasted with the precious breath being tainted by rhymes and riddles and regal type talk And ultimately I began to disengage and became disappointed I mean it felt like it was all smoke and mirrors Little did I know that was the whole pointWhether all of it was intentional or not I’ll never know But riddle me this muahaha Poet has stolen my heart why is it that after a certain point in this book and really despite what I said earlier it wasn’t that far in literally everything changed because of one moment Yet none of these skills can steel the heart nor protect it from breaking Recently I’ve learned that lesson well So let me tell you a tale of how I lost a battle of wills Not to my King Not to my ueen Nay I lost to a girl Enchanting doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the way I felt afterthingsbut that’s exactly how I felt enchanted Poet ripped off his mask or his makeup mind you and we saw beneath the carefully placed veneer he’d built up so no one would see what was underneath “My opinion A fool is a man who believes glory can be found at the tip of a sword instead of on the tip of his tongue ’Tis a woman who judges with her eyes closed ’Tis people who invent aberrations from speculation and rumors ’Tis bred from ignorance That is life’s cruel trick” I think it worth mentioning that while I had briefly skimmed the synopsis after Britt told me to read this I really hadn’t read it thoroughly once I’d finished the book I was on and purchased the kindle book sight unseen If you can’t have trust in your closest friends who can you trust As I mentioned though this might be the reason as to why I was so easily fooled by the well Fool I’m the finest jest you’ll ever know If you irritate me I’ll best you with words for swords are the toys of knights whilst I use creative weapons My heart melted at the Poet beneath I became a puddle of goo and a swarm of butterflies all mixed into one making for a totally weird concoction I can’t begin to fathom a name for I kid you not this was like a totally different book because we saw what made Poet tick and so did the Princess “No of course But that day when we arrived home you imitated those jesters for hours twirling from rock to rock in the grass And when you fell—” “I stumbled” “—and scraped yourself raw I never saw the like when I dabbed a wet cloth on your knees You howled bloody murder” My elbow hit the table as I pointed at her “That part never happened” She saw the side to him that had only been hinted at from the beginning She saw how kind and wonderful sweet and brave he was She saw the loyalty and devotion and determination that ran rivers deep in Poet’s fractured and frantic soul and so the forbidden tryst began I couldn’t say whether Mother was still talking As we crossed into his line of vision Poet became aware of me and tensed his shoulder blades locking The crease of his spine The waist that tapered and then rounded into a solid backsideAnticipation flared But he kept advising the girl sparing me not a glance Not until the distance between us grew againWe craned our heads over our shoulders our eyes smoldering I’ll admit I became a total ninny for everything Poet and Briar henceforth They were the puppet masters and I their puppet strung along by the strings of their sordid and heartbreaking affair I rooted for them with every ounce of my being even as I wished for the turmoil that was surely to come “And don’t think I believe that drivel about you and Poet You hate each other you say Hate is a miserable thing That’s neither of you He’s an active lad born with a voice to spice tarts but those tarts never made him blush That isn’t hate so have a care” WHAT I’m a hot blooded fangirling bookish female fine and dandy just don’t DO IT FOR ME Any that is Whatever I needed some strife and strife I got It was wonderful and sordid yes repeat repeat wah wah and hot and wrong the chemistry set the pages on fire and my heart right along with them I nodded to her Let me do the lyingShe looked away Good girl Bad boy I still wanted to kiss her And when Poet crumbled my heart and soul did as well I just I truly loved this story and I’m wholly invested in everything to do with it I’ll admit I’m shocked people haven’t latched onto this it really is a remarkable story with a storybook feel a dirty storybook I’ll have you My damp thickened breath A thrust of heavy lidded lightning A deep rooted thigh clenching ache in intimate places and a fairytale vibe The writing was impeccable and the length not too long nor too short with a gradual build up that makes you beg for and simultaneously yearn for it to never end and a climax that tears at your very being “The greatest courage a person can have is to love another for there are only two outcomes Either the love lasts and our lives are compromised or it doesn’t and our lives are emptied Either way we suffer than we celebrate I’ve enjoyed suffering with you We are a tale for campfires That is all That is everything” Again I don’t praise many books highly In fact there are only 4 6 books out of the 20 or so I’ve read this year that really and truly stand out and this is by far one of them and one of the best I have high standards and have read some of my favorite books of all time in the last couple of months and this one This one helped me escape my rabid obsession with two of them the likes of which have made me a total moron who harasses everyone to read them This book wouldn’t have had half the heart without Poet’s secret a secret I normally am not a fan of in books So it must have been done well right And this story is so much deeper than a romance which shocked me It actually had wonderful morals and heart and a depth so intense it stole my breath Vehemently represented by those with most stake in the matter this author showed an amazing skill to write about than just smexy encounters hidden hallway rendezvous and stolen looks and touches though those were some of my favorite parts ; Friendship and family and loyalties and learning your place in life it’s all there And it’s all wonderfully handled A fool is a man who sees his worth in a mirror in the faces of a crowd but is blind to it elsewhere Where it most counts in the eyes of those he loves and who love him Don’t insult yourself that way” So give it a try Really It’s fun and flirty and romantic and original and tugs on your heartstrings I don’t think it’ll be for everybody if only because of random things I care not name but I think it’s for most It’s wonderful and addicting and painful to put down if the purple bags I’m sporting under my eyes today are any indication of my late night reading rampage Poet and Briar and other characters I dare not to name gripped me in ways I never expected and I hope they’ll grip you too Oh and a special shout out to my main ferret Tumble a favorite character by far P For of my reviews please visit

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Anipulative soul who can play the fool For Poet guards a secret One the Crown would shackle him for One that he’ll risk everything to protectAlas it will take than clever words to deceive Princess Briar Convinced that he’s juggling lies as well as verse this righteous nuisance Update 32819 The audiobooks are out for Trick Dare So excited the narrators' performances are AMAZING Poet's voice is 🖤🖤🖤 love my jester and princess so much

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