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    ARC provided by the publisher—Ace Books—in exchange for an honest review The Wolf’s Call is Anthony Ryan’s best work since the release of his incredible debut First of all because a lot of people have asked me on this matter do not read this book if you haven’t read the first trilogy Although technically you can understand the main story in this book it will be impossible to understand the depth of the characters’ background and recollections of their past if you haven’t read the Raven’s Shadow trilogy In my opinion one of the greatest parts about the book lies in Vaelin’s and the other characters’ reminiscences of their bittersweet pasts and how war has harshly affected them; the events being recalled will definitely lose their emotional weight if you jump into this with no knowledge of the previous trilogy Reading The Wolf’s Call without reading Raven’s Shadow trilogy is euivalent to reading Robin Hobb’s Tawny Man trilogy without reading her Farseer Trilogy or reading Pierce Brown’s Iron Gold without reading his Red Rising trilogy first At the very least if you’re really pressed on time and just want to dive into this ASAP make sure you read Blood Song and Tower Lord; these two are must reads if you want to fully immerse yourself in this book and then maybe read a summary of ueen of Fire on the net “An old love born in youth but now stained by bitterness and regret The wounds left by betrayal never truly heal” The Wolf’s Call is the first book in Anthony Ryan’s Raven’s Blade duology The story takes place roughly ten years after the end of Blood Song and for almost the entirety of the book the setting of the book is not in the Unified Realm but in the previously unexplored Venerable Kingdom to the west I’m super glad for this change; not only I’m feeling the fatigue of reading about Vaelin in the Realm’s Northen Reaches I also prefer reading the continuation to Vaelin’s story in the familiar two POV’s narrative we had in Blood Song rather than the multi POV we get in Tower Lord ueen of Fire In a way The Wolf’s Call feels like a direct seuel to Blood Song in terms of plot characters and narration than both Tower Lord and ueen of Fire This is just my opinion but I personally believe that Anthony Ryan is at his best when he focuses his storytelling one or two main character’s perspectives rather than multi POV This was proven in Blood Song A Pilgrimage of Swords and from what I’ve heard in Many Are the Dead too “A life of loss and grief will make even the kindest soul close his heart to the divine” Just like in Blood Song Vaelin returns as the singular main perspective character in this book The other POV belongs to a completely new character—Luralyn—and she replaced Verniers as the interlude starter I simply loved how well written these two POV characters were Luralyn’s diarychapters have some of Ryan’s best prose included in them and I’ve read all his full length fantasy novels so I feel confident saying that Plus her perspective offers insight into Kehlbrand’s—the new villain of the novel—character and also the Stahlhast’s culture superbly As for Vaelin I don’t think I need to elaborate further on how much I disliked Vaelin’s POV in Tower Lord ueen of Fire; to sum it up efficiently I truly feel like Vaelin’s POV in The Wolf’s Call sounds similar to Vaelin in Blood Song which I absolutely loved reading If you find yourself disappointed by Vaelin’s character development post Blood Song I believe that The Wolf’s Call has the potential to bring back your love towards the character Without giving any spoilers we also get to see returning characters from the previous trilogy including the one that’s been missing ever since Blood Song ended I simply love the new characters than Lyrna or Reva It’s not only the protagonists that are better; I also think that Kehlbrand was also so much interesting as a villain than the main villain featured in Raven’s Shadow “Mercy reuires strength compassion demands courage and wisdom compels truth” Admittedly the structure of the final battle felt a bit repetitive as it was another siege battle just like the climactic scenes featured in both Blood Song and Tower Lord However despite the story’s similar structure I found the battle against the Steel Horde to be utterly engaging In my opinion the climax scene in this book was comprised of Anthony Ryan’s finest war scenes so far It feels great to be invested in the Vaelin’s journey again and seeing him and his companions struggle against their new opponent was a delight War takes than it gives and blind faith results in destruction; I immensely enjoyed reading Ryan’s depiction on the effect of war and deadly faith “My power amounts to knowledge and skill acuired over many years of study and practice Heaven had nothing to do with it” The Wolf’s Call delivers a fantastic storytelling tone that’s attuned to the one sang so brilliantly in Blood Song Vaelin’s tale continues in an incredibly engaging and evocative fashion; the first installment in Raven’s Blade duology cuts deep to the heart with its bittersweet recollections that are enhanced with deftly written prose Judging from how much Ryan has improved as an author and how the ending made me truly wish that the next book was available for me to binge read immediately; there’s a very strong chance that Ryan will conclude Vaelin’s story satisfyingly in the next and final installment Highly recommended for readers who loved Blood SongOfficial release date July 25th 2019 UK and July 23rd 2019 USYou can pre order the book from UK | US | Book Depository Free shipping The uotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    Robin Hobb meets Joe Abercrombie in a story that delivers so many gut wrenching blows This is fantasy with a totally legendary feel; it’s epic in every regard and certainly something that needs to be added to your reading list The best part for me was the villain The Darkbalde is a rather enigmatic figure and his story is slowly revealed through flashbacks that only build up the suspense These sections were by far my favourite because they carried with it an echo of prophecy an echo of deeds worthy of song Dark magic was layered on intrigue to create a legend that may be entirely self deluded but it is a legend nonetheless The Darkblade has created an army and he is ready to conuer the world; his men love him and they worship him as a god and a liberator They will do anything he asks without uestion because it’s he that asks Vaelin the protagonist from Blood Song is somewhat reluctant to get involved in all the drama and to take on such a powerful enemy Vaelin is clearly the most capable and experienced man in the field even though his magic has faded though he still wants no part in the war that is to come Well that’s until he hears that his lost love has been dragged into the mess caused by The Darkblade His hand is forced and he must intervene for the affection he still holds for her Her life is at risk so he draws his sword and sets sail “An old love born in youth but now stained by bitterness and regret The wounds left by betrayal never truly heal” What unfolds is a story driven by a need for revenge and justice It’s fast paced and balanced well with cinematic style action and intense moments of dialogue And the characters are truly fascinating people many come with stories I want to hear and history I ought to know The setting has a Germanic tribal feel in places with its forests and barbarian type aesthetic It reminded me somewhat of Roman fiction with some fantasy elements thrown in And it all works rather well It’s something every fantasy fan will appreciate This is my first Anthony Ryan novel and it has given me a good feel for his writing and his world; however before progressing with this series I ought to go back and read his previous trilogy The Raven’s Shadow I don’t feel like I’ve missed out much with The Wolf’s Call in terms of plot but I think my engagement and investment with the characters would have increased if I knew a bit about them It’s all good reading a summary in here about their exploits but reading it first hand would have been better Overall though it’s still accessible to new readers So this is a solid first entry in a duology that I just know is going to be incredible Exciting times ahead for Anthony Ryan fansYou can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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    I’m delighted to announce my next novel The Wolf’s Call the first volume in a two part series The Raven’s Blade which is a return to the world of Raven’s Shadow and will continue the story of Vaelin Al Sorna I LOVED Blood Song and Tower Lord but was super disappointed by the way Ryan wrapped up the Raven's Shadow trilogy in ueen of Fire That Ryan plans to write a new duology in the same world with Vaelin as the lead character has reignited my hopes that Ryan will return to this world and get the story back on track and finally deliver us the sort of fantastic conclusion both the world and us readers deserveIt always felt like there was stories to tell in this world and fresh from reading the wrap up to The Draconis Memoria series my faith in Ryan as an author has been restored a good bit Roll on summer 2019 and the return of Vaelin Al SornaAce Books press release Ace Books is thrilled to announce that the next book from international bestselling author Anthony Ryan is called The Wolf’s Call and even excitingly it will return to the world of his bestselling and critically acclaimed Raven’s Shadow trilogy which comprised Blood Song Tower Lord and ueen of FireThe Wolf’s Call book one of the Raven’s Blade duology will begin an epic new adventure for fan favorite Vaelin Al Sorna as he travels to the far flung realms of the Merchant Kings and learns of a grave new threat to the Unified Realm Needless to say The Wolf’s Call will feature of the razor sharp action deadly politics and memorable characters that made the Raven’s Shadow trilogy a worldwide sensation and is sure to delight new readers and existing fans alikeAce will publish The Wolf’s Call in summer 2019

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    Okay folks listen up For all the readers who had complaints about the last two books in The Raven's Shadow Trilogy—this book has none of those problems Put that out of your mind and dive into this I loved it Vaelin is older grizzled and he's lost his song He can still wield a blade though and boy does he I love this Vaelin and the group he travels with on a crazy rescue mission that leads to a pending war even frightening than those from Raven's Shadow are fantastic This is fun fast moving epic fantasy at its best

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    My expanded review is now on BookNest BookNestMercy reuires strength compassion demands courage and wisdom compels truthThe Wolf's Call is the first book in the Raven's Blade series a new book back with Vaelin Al Sorna one of my favourite characters of all timeI loved that Anthony Ryan has retuned to a 1 PoV that stuck with Vaelin as you just can't get better than the warrior himself His character is to consistent and developed and believable He is fantasticRyan's prose is great as usual straight to the point with a fast pace that was constantly enjoyable and made a lot happen in this 400 page novelBetrayal is always the worst sinThis was a strong book with great action and one of my favourite duels that I have read The large scale conflict was brilliantly described and became a vivid picture in my mind I look forward to the next book coming out it will be a frustrating wait until then I shall wait for Vaelin to return

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    Anthony Ryan took the fantasy community by surprise back in 2011 with the release of Blood Song a book considered by many including me as one of the greatest fantasy stories of our times Now eight years two complete trilogies later he gets back to his roots by continuing the story of Vaelin Al Sorna Brother of the Sixth Order Battle Lord of the Unified Realm and an all round badass motherfucker With the war won and his blood song lost Vaelin is leading a uiet life as Tower Lord of the Northern Reaches under the rule of Lyrna Al Nieren ueen of the Greater Unified Realm That is until the Witch's Bastard ex servant of the One Who Waits and an old friend turned foe of Vaelin's informs him that a new evil is ready to devour the world and Sherin Vaelin's ex lover is but the first casualty Or at least she will be if Vaelin isn't there to save her Kehlbrand Reyerik Mestra Skeltir of the Stahlhast and Darkblade of the Unseen rode alone towards the northern gate He wore no helm but was clad in unadorned armour of pure black that caught the midday sun the enamelled metal bare of any blemish or scratch His army stood at his back a dark line of steel clad humanity and horses extending a mile in either direction A lot of fans complained that although Ryan told an excellent story in the books following Blood Song he shifted the focus from Vaelin to other characters and specifically to Reva Lyrna Frentis giving them their own POVs and demoting Vaelin's role I'm happy to say that The Wolf's Call sports but one POV and it is none other's than Vaelin's As a matter of fact the story itself focuses on Vaelin and his uest as opposed to the first trilogy that was centered around the fate of the Unified Realm instead A life of loss and grief will make even the kindest soul close his heart to the divine The first installment in the Raven's Blade trilogy features everything that we've come to love in Ryan's books From a fast paced story with the right amount of breathtaking action seuences curative dialogue to an engaging plot with an exciting series of events and from well crafted and fascinating characters to a masterfully established world with its many characteristics such as magic system lore cosmology and geography as well as the world's many human inhabitants their societies and their cultures The Wolf's Call is everything a fantasy fan could ever wish for

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    His legend might echo throughout the land but Vaelin al Sorna’s tale is not yet finished the final tally of his great deeds still to be counted Chasing down brigands as part of his duties as Tower Lord is simple enough but that easy living is threatened by the arrival of an old foe One who taunts Vaelin with stories of a man who thinks himself a God and who stands at the head of a Steel Horde bent on conuering the world— or destroying it Such distant threats might have been dismissed if not for the woman endangered by this warlord’s bloody progress Vaelin’s long lost love And he owes her a debt that must be repayed Now Vaelin must travel across the world to stand against incalculable enemies and a man who shares one of his darkest namesThis first instalment in a newfollow up series possesses the same factors which gave the first half of Blood Song such power a main character to root for and a structure that allows him to shine It’s focused through Vaelin’s point of view providing a sense of closeness and cohesion that significantly increases the story’s emotional impact The narrative is mostly linear though each of the three parts has a small section from a new character at the beginning Happily Luralyn is genuinely fascinating and her voice is used effectively to offer a way into the ‘enemy’ perspective Starting with her was a gamble the relevance isn’t immediately clear and following on from two books where POV changes were problematic it’s enough to be worrying Especially because the story starts out slowly Vaelin’s ‘how i’m living now’ section didn’t really seem essential to the main plot But then all of a sudden I was seriously involved The book has that familiar classic fantasy feel a drawn out journey that gets heroes to where need to be Sure it takes a while but it’s fun and there are some necessary attitude readjustments that have to be made before certain people are ready to be who they need to be Here Anthony Ryan’s skill for meaningful interactions humour and human psychology is well on show Characters old and new are made interestingly complex with a sentence or two able to make an immediate impression and provoke all manner of reactions from disgust and horror to sorrow and awe It’s just one factor in why the second half of the book was so excellent action adventure surprises everything necessary to keep those pages turning Fast The writing is punchy spare when it needs to be but holding enough weight to carry the emotional scenesAnd so to the uestion I’ve been asked most is it necessary to read the first series before starting this one? My answer is yes to Blood Song no to the others The poor reviews for both Tower Lord and ueen of Fire as well as the fact I felt like even Blood Song fell apart by the end meant that I didn’t finish the first trilogy In all honestly I didn’t suffer much here There were a lot of references to the past but many of them I recognised from the first book and even if there were others I missed it didn’t much impact the story as far as I could tell Of course people who’ve read those two books might feel differently While past actions and previous relationships are important there’s than enough information and depth with regards to backstory and significanttransformative emotional moments given here that readers could manage It’d certainly be useful to read Blood Song to get a sense of how it all started and who the main players are plus there are some great moments in that book it’s be a shame to miss Most importantly though the ending of The Wolf’s Call is cool as shit bloody and brutal than enough to make you desperate for what comes next The game is on ARC via publisher

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    Bloodsong was the first book I read by Anthony Ryan and I completely loved everything about it It followed Vaelin Al Sorna through his childhood into early adulthood sent to an order to train to protect the faith The training was intense brutal and bonded him to a few other people in ways only being put through the fire can The Tower Lord introduced new characters and new PoVs but remained incredibly strong and I was so excited for the conclusion of the series in The Fire ueen Sadly I didn’t love that book as much and felt like it had lost some of the magic of the first two books of the series At the end of The Raven’s Shadow trilogy I really felt like there were stories to be told in this world and that I needed most of Vaelin’s storyThe Wolf’s Call is the first in a new series that is a continuation of Vaelin’s story Set about 5 years after the events in The Fire ueen Anthony has returned the magic that was a single point of view from Vaelin This book is his journey to find and hopefully save the first woman he ever loved and gave up to save her While you could probably jump into this series without reading the prior one I don’t recommend it It is a new starting point and the magic of the world is explained; however I don’t think it will be as captivating if you don’t know Vaelin’s history to dateFor me this is the story I wanted I never really got over the end to Vaelin and Sherin I kept hoping to see her and Ahm Lin another song wielder in later books and now I have I still have some mixed feelings on how this reunion is playing out thus far it is ten years later and many things have changed between them Still my romantic heart holds out some hope that one ship might make a resurgence The Stahlhast are a warring people in a far off land from where we were in prior books They have found their living God King who is ready to lead them in to prophecy and take over the land to the see destroying kingdoms along the way His sister Luralyna a gifted seer has seen his conueror’s name in a dream and it is Darkblade Seems that someone else already had that name before him though a man who has come to save the woman he once loved Vaelin was called the Darkblade years before in a different war when he had a Bloodsong to lead him into battle Now stripped of his song he will go up against both a new and old enemy Because if you think the evil in the black stone is gone forever you would be wrongI loved seeing Sherin again and seeing what she has done with her life so far Nortah was one of my favorite characters also and while he has struggle since the war he might just be getting his life back on track now Ellese is a great new addition She is Reva’s adopted daughter and there is a lot of Reva in that girl she is going to be a terror just like her mother if Vaelin can keep her alive through this campaign New lands new yet old challenges and a new foe that grows stronger every day Vaelin does have his work cut out for him and there will be loses along the way Sometimes it appears as if you must lose a few battles if you are going to win the war Like always with Anthony no character is safe and many are lost in war But I do both love and hate the ending of this While one character is lost another gains something once lost too him and the Shalhast and new Darkblade now have a dangerous advisory in Vaelin indeed

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    Extremely well written Full of conflict and adventure a great revisiting of Vaelin Al Sorna's SagaThe Wolf's Call crafted for fans of Vaelin Al Sorna is a shot a redemption for Anthony Ryan after the absolute train wreck that ueen of Fire was IMO The finale to the Raven Shadow trilogy was disappointing however this is a than worthy entry into Vaelins ongoing SagaThere is no doubt Ryan is a fantastic writer The world continues to be gritty and realistic rather than him flashing entertainment and heroics at the reader Holding to one main pov we cover a tonne of mileage in this 400 page novel Most of the scenes have a uick fire feel The story rarely stalled or felt bogged down by countless characters which was the major drawback from the previous installment OF The secondary cast is considerably trimmed down and I enjoyed all the characters that comprised Vaelin's party The gifted in the series continue to display imaginative abilities that can shift the tides of battle or push the plot to unexpected territoriesSpeaking of the battles this will be a main draw for anyone familiar with Ryan's skills TWC brings us to a new continent and Ryan has built up some scary competition led by a formidable demi god and an army that fights with a horde like mentality The skirmishes throughout were great but the finale had me on the edge of my seat and suddenly the book became un putdownable Gripping and visceral execution with tactics that grounded the mayhem excellently I love the new charismatic villain named Darkblade We learn his story early on through a series of prologue and interludes written as a letter by his sister Luralyn If you enjoyed Verniers accounts from the previous trilogy I'm sure you will be all setOverall Ryan breaks fresh ground while managing to expand on this amazing world I'm excited for what lies ahead Recommended for military fantasy fans and fans of the Raven Shadow trilogy

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    Bloody AWESOME

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The Wolf's Call Raven's Blade #1

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Anthony Ryan's debut novel Blood Song book one of the Raven's Shadow series took the fantasy world by storm The seuels Tower Lord and ueen of Fire were both New York Times bestsellers Now Anthony Ryan returns to the world of this acclaimed fantasy series with The Wolf's Call which begins a thrilling new story of razor sharp action and epic adventurePEACE NEVER LASTSVaelin Al Sorna is a living legend his name kn. Robin Hobb meets Joe Abercrombie in a story that delivers so many

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Fight another war but when he learns that Sherin the woman he lost long ago has fallen into the Horde's grasp he resolves to confront this powerful new threatTo this end Vaelin travels to the realms of the Merchant Kings a land ruled by honour and intrigue There as the drums of war thunder across kingdoms riven by conflict Vaelin learns a terrible truth that there are some battles that even he cannot hope to w. Extremely well written Full of conflict and adventure a great revi

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Own across the Realm It was his leadership that overthrew empires his blade that won hard fought battles and his sacrifice that defeated an evil terrifying than anything the world had ever seen Yet he cast aside his earned glory for a uiet life in the Realm's northern reachesNow whispers have come from across the sea of an army called the Steel Horde led by a man who believes himself a god Vaelin has no wish to. My expanded review is now on BookNest BookNestMercy reuires streng

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Anthony Ryan was born in Scotland in 1970 but spent much of his adult life living and working in London After a long career in the British Civil Service he took up writing full time after the success of his first novel Blood Song Book One of the Raven’s Shadow trilogy He has a degree in history and his interests include art science and the unending uest for the perfect pint of real aleFor n