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F rebellionOn a routine delivery a client asks Hanneke for help Expecting to hear that Mrs Janssen wants meat or kerosene Hanneke is shocked by the older woman's frantic plea to find a person a Jewish teenager Mrs Janssen had been hiding who has vanished without a trace from a secret room Hanneke initially wants nothing to do with such dangerous work but. The Edgar Award Winner for Best Young Mystery Novel in 2017Hanneke a young wom

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Amsterdam 1943 Hanneke spends her days procuring and delivering sought after black market goods to paying customers her nights hiding the true nature of her work from her concerned parents and every waking moment mourning her boyfriend who was killed on the Dutch front lines when the Germans invaded She likes to think of her illegal work as a small act o. 45 stars This powerful novel caught my eye when I took my son to a preschool l

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Is ultimately drawn into a web of mysteries and stunning revelations that lead her into the heart of the resistance open her eyes to the horrors of the Nazi war machine and compel her to take desperate action Beautifully written intricately plotted and meticulously researched Girl in the Blue Coat is an extraordinary gripping novel from a bright new voi. Nothing less than 5 stars for this book but I will deduct ½ star because cert A Dream of Redemption (The Disgraced Lords, voi. Nothing less than 5 stars for this book but I will deduct ½ star because cert

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    Maybe closer to a 45This book engrossed from the beginning maybe partially because it made me think of my own relatives and their experiences in occupied Netherlands There were little things that reminded me of stories I’d been told and so I had a personal connection to the story The story itself was very well done though the ending was a bit confusing and hasty The characters were very realistic so I came to really care for them and really enjoy the book overall

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    45 stars This powerful novel caught my eye when I took my son to a preschool library class – it was calling to me from the library display shelf I began reading it while my son was playing in the group and even though I am drowning in ARC’s that need to be read and reviewed I couldn’t leave the library without this book in my hands I was engrossed in this unforgettable tale from start to finishThis captivating story revolves around Hanneke a teenage Dutch girl who in 1943 spends her days on ‘secret’ missions helping neighbours and friends buy food and other sought after items otherwise not accessible during the Nazi occupation Hanneke keeps her missions hidden from her unsuspecting parents and feels pride in doing what she can to help her neighbours in need One day one of her ‘customers’ reuests that Hanneke find something most unexpected – a young Jewish girl that she had been hiding in her house who disappeared without a trace The author Monica Hesse does an outstanding job creating such real and deeply affecting characters I adored each and every one of the main characters who were involved in Hanneke’s story The intensity of the tension throughout this book had my heart racing in the hopes of how things would work out The atmosphere was gripping vivid and mesmerizing I felt deeply immersed within the turmoil and chaos of wartime madness I will be thinking of this book for a long timeTo find this review please visit the Traveling Sister blog at highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys WWII historical fiction A remarkable story with unforgettable charactersThank you to my amazing local library for making this available to me

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    Oh you guys this book This book made me cry at least three times and yes I will admit that I hugged it when I was doneI don't want to tell you anything about it except that it is about bravery and cowardice and friends and enemies and heroes and villains and how each of us can encompass all those thingsThe long and short of it is that you need this book You need to read it and you need to make your friends read itHighly recommended

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    “But when it comes down to it we all die alone” ― Monica Hesse Girl in the Blue Coat 🌟35🌟Well this was good a well written novel with an interesting plot but nothing mind blowing I mean I personally found the main character to be a bit annoying and unlikable and i didn't feel particularly touched by this story but other than that I guess this was worth the read

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    The Edgar Award Winner for Best Young Mystery Novel in 2017Hanneke a young woman in the Netherlands during the German occupation is asked to help find Mirjam a missing young ‘Jewish’ girl she ‘doesn’t’ know from ‘adam’ There is back story tooA complex journey begins of suspensemuch courage love loss betrayal self discovery redemptionall the ‘feelings’ sad moments It’s war heartbreaking real lives the history is ‘is’ real the story ‘feels’ real The characters came so alive piercing into my heart and awakening my brain cells The complexity friendships plot twists just wonderfulThis novel is so passionately full of lifeNo wonder it won so many awards It deserves itMultilayered rich Utterly engrossing Plenty of grist for book discussions

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    At 18 Hanneke Bakker trades goods on Amsterdam's thriving black market to help support herself and her parents This war has made the unconventional normal It's also taken its share of victims including Bas Hanneke's boyfriend and the boy she planned to marry Hanneke is left with guilt and sarrow after Bas's loss She encouraged him to join the Dutch army in what turned out to be a suicide mission By 1943 she exists in survival mode not wanting to get too close to any of her black market customers in case one of them tries to dodge a bill or ask for a favor Making friends can be a liability in occupied HollandBut ask a favor one of her customers does A middle aged widow who buys black market sausages has been hiding a young Jewish girl in her pantry but she has vanished without a trace A girl with Jewish papers won't last long wandering the streets of Amsterdam and Hanneke's client is desperate to get her charge back to safety Hanneke agrees to help for a fee and this decision pulls her into the underground world of the resistance She seeks help from Bas's older brother Ollie and winds up witnessing many hidden horrors of the occupationI wasn't immediately hooked on the concept of this book a missing persons mystery set on the backdrop of WW2 But this wound up being some good historical fiction I thought the resolve of the mystery was a bit convoluted but then again I almost always find that to be the case I never connected with Hanneke who was cold and did stupid things that could have gotten her whole resistance network killed I really enjoyed Ollie though The ending felt a bit like kids playing resistance dress up figuratively as well as literally but there were many other good parts to this book 35 stars

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    This book had depth than I expected without becoming too heavy or complex Monica Hesse’s writing is very elegant and a pleasure to read I have another book from here waiting on my desk – They Went Left – and now than I ever I am curious and excited to see what new secrets it holdsGirl in the Blue Coat is peculiar Set during the Second World War in Amsterdam its main character Hanneke understands risk After all she is doing illegal work But when she is asked to find a missing Jewish girl in grave danger even she isn’t sure what the right course of action is This is a story about courage stealth determination and grief It’s not a story that sugar coats dark events even if despite everything Hanneke remains in a position of relative security and control since she is not a Jew It’s also not a predictable story There is an intricate mystery plot around the disappearance of the young girl Hanneke is asked to findIt is however a personal story Hanneke’s reasons for even accepting such a dangerous and unpredictable mission are personal Even when it gets tough and almost impossible to move further with the plan Hanneke finds strength within herself and within her memories and past actions to keep fighting I did sometimes wish it were about greater morality than personal events that happened in Hanneke’s life but I found the story moving nonethelessBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    In the Note on Historical Accuracy at the end of the book author Monica Hesse writes that she “wanted to tell a story of small betrayals in the middle of a big war” In this novel she has certainly achieved that goalGirl in the Blue Coat is a deeply moving story set in Amsterdam in 1943 Much than a work of historical fiction there are many intricacies uestions and mysterious twists that the reader is looking to solve along with the narrator Hanneke There are so many memorable characters and their development was excellent I also felt there was some sort of special meaning throughout the entire story with Hanneke Elsbeth and Bas; and Mirjam Amalia and “T” Betrayals and decisions made in haste in fear in wanting to do what’s noble all in the face of an occupation and a war I noted a particular page where Hanneke and her father were listening to the BBC on the radio “at a low volume with all of the windows closed and towels stuffed under the doors to keep sound from escaping” And another where Hanneke is standing in front of a school and thinks that her “whole life has been demolished brick by brick” As I read this book I could not help but feel that Monica Hesse put her entire heart and soul into this story Beautiful proseI read this book very uickly not only because it’s considered Young Adult which may have had something to do with it but also just because the story was so completely engrossing each character was so real and I was so vested in them that each page each chapter made me want to go on and read Another excellent ‘buddy read’ with my GR friend Lisa Vegan who always keeps me on trackin sync and loves to discuss and analyze a good read with me Also read as a Joint Read with some friends from my favorite GR group Novel Ideas; and this book was my selection for my live book club Lange LiteratiLooking forward to from Monica HesseNote to self This was the first book I have read on WWII that was set in Amsterdam

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    Nothing less than 5 stars for this book but I will deduct ½ star because certain things about the ending could have been a bit better for me It’s still a wonderful book and I did love it 4 ½ starsI read this as a buddy read with my Goodreads friend Diane I could have easily read this in 2 days maybe 3 maybe 1 but I had a lot time to read than my buddy did so I tried to slow myself down I’ve enjoyed all my buddy reads with her so it was worth it to at least try to stay as in sync as possible We chat as we read along When we get a bit ahead of one another it works to do emails with a subject heading that says spoilers through page numberchapter number and that’s what we did this time Exceptionally well crafted storyI love the main character narrator and her voice All the characters are as complex and complicated as any real people can be They felt so real I liked them so much The admirable characters all had flaws and the nasty characters all had a good side Many people made mistakes with their relationships and what they did or didn’t do Just like real life Sometimes it was hard to remember that all the characters were entirely fictional Of course real people did similar things as these characters and I’m sure shared their emotions The story is about bravery and about friendship and about love and a lot about guilt and as I usually feel about people’s guilt about the big things the guilt was largely unwarranted though understandable I love how most things were resolved and I’m glad that they were but that there wasn’t an overly tidy resolution for everyone and everythingThere are many twists throughout the story all basically believable and even with my slight issues about part of the end they were always cleverly done I’m not sure what I’d hoped for differently at the end Overall I liked even that I correctly anticipated some things but most things entirely surprised me Brilliantly done It could be considered a mystery as there are many things about which I was constantly guessing and there is a mystery at the heart of the storyThe first chapter of the book gives a good introduction to what the story will be about and I appreciated that I was hooked from the startThis book was addictive and it was hard to come up for air The end of every chapter made me want to start the next chapter and the chapters are short It was always hard to stop reading when I did thatSo so good Any reader who likes Holocaust historical fiction and can enjoy what is a young adult book I can heartily recommend it This is one of the best in those genres that I’ve read It’s very sad and uplifting and exciting and very inspirational It’s also fun at times and suspenseful most of the time I got such a great feel for what the different characters were experiencing I came close to tears a few times as I read the story but not nearly as much as when reading the note on historical accuracy and the acknowledgments at the end which were informative and fascinating and very touching I love its last paragraph and especially the last line I already knew a lot about Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation but I learned some things view spoiler I was hoping it was so and was gratified to learn that there really were hundreds of babies and young children rescued and put into hiding by the resistance just prior to their deportations hide spoiler

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    Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hess is a YA WW II historical novel that will appeal to a wide scope of readersThrough Hanneke the protagonist the heart is the historian She suffers great loss when her boyfriend dies as a soldier during the German invasion of Amsterdam Hanneke also carries the greater burden of guilt that she had convinced him to enlist Part of her is missing because of the death of Sebastian her first love She hides her suffering from everyone and tries to bury herself too in the day to day struggle of supporting her family by becoming a black market profiteer By chance she becomes involved with the Resistance This group becomes an all encompassing obsession for her and so does solving the mystery of the girl in the blue coat Hanneke goes from caring for immediate family to caring for all others She progresses from teen to premature adult and heroineThank you for the early e book copy from NOVLNOVL is a place for novel people who love Young Adult booksBrought to you by Little Brown Books for Young Readers

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