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Reviously uncollected short stories novellas and screen treatments each one handpicked by the author and book ended by the classic “The Events At Poroth Farm” the basis for the novel for which Klein is best known The CeremoniesBe advised Dear Reader the following tales are anything but reassuri. ✭✭✭“C

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Meticulously crafted and highly memorable TED Klein's work represents some of the best the horror and science fiction genres have to offer From the classic novellas “Black Man With A Horn” “Nadelman's God” “Children of the Kingdom” and “Petey” to the critically acclaimed novel The C. Do I give thi


Eremonies Klein's fiction is remarkable much vaunted but sadly not abundantIt has been sixteen years since the release of Klein's novella collection Dark Gods Since then fans have been clambering for a follow upThe wait is overSubterranean Press is proud to present Reassuring Tales which features p. I come to TED

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