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Ban the child of poor poppy farmers in the unforgiving flatlands of Serehvan He became RAZE the greatest warrior the world has ever known but he tells his story from a cell where he awaits his execution at the hands.

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“Yesterday I was the world’s greatest warrior Long ago I was a child soldier I was a pirate a mercenary an opium lord a mage hunter Today I am a prisoner but this at least I have chosen”He was born Heshim il Na.

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Of the woman he loves What no one knows is that it's a cell he chose; a cell in which he waitsRAZE is an epic fantasy web serial available for free in weekly installments on the author's website dthoursonpalmercomraz.

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About the Author: D. Thourson Palmer

D Thourson Palmer sheared sheep in rural Ohio studied in the Appalachian foothills explored Japan by train and pack and wandered the Central Valley of California He is the author of Ours Is the Storm and the adult epic fantasy web serial “RAZE” He lives in Columbus Ohio

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