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La Famille Winter

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Ge plus de morts ue de vifsÉpopée nihiliste à cheval entre le western et le roman noir cavalcade brillante comme le canon d’un fusil La Famille Winter vous précipite dans les zones obscures de la nature humaine pour affronter ses contradictions et contempler toutes ses violencesTraduit de l’anglais par Dominiue Forti This review was originally written for the Historical Novel ReviewAugust Winter is the leader of a hardened band of killers men he picked up during his service in the Union army and his banditry afterwards Among them are psychopaths rapists an ex slave and a tortured Indian These men terrorize the countryside and urban streets from Sherman’s March to the Sea to the brutal streets of Chicago to the deserts of Arizona and Mexico Spanning three decades their story is one of tremendous violence immorality and carnageJackman’s writing is mesmerizing and very well done He sets you deep in the world of the 1860s through the 1880s – the American West as it was opening up to modernity with the advance of steam engines railroads and brutal politics It isn’t the rosy picture so often depicted in Hollywood at least from yesteryear Rather this is the story of the American West from the perspective of the killers and criminals that were so often at the forefront of civilization’s advanceTo call this novel a dark and gritty Western would be a tremendous understatement We spend its entirety with the worst of men and Jackman seems to revel in their cruelty and evil There’s no redemption little in the way of justice and nothing good to hold on to There’s no silver lining no ray of hope Just despair and evil Though I admire Jackman’s storytelling I couldn’t stomach the graphic violence and seemingly endless wanton brutality

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Aux pires heures de la guerre de Sécession une poignée de soldats se reconvertissent en une sinistre fratrie la Famille Winter Il y a uentin le psychopathe les frères Empire ui rivalisent de cruauté et de bêtise Fred l’esclave ui a repris sa liberté à coups de hache et à leur tête l’insondable Augustus Winter do “This book caught me completely by surprise The Winter Family is about a ruthless group of outlaws who come together during Sherman’s March to the Sea and continue to wreak havoc through Chicago Phoenix Oklahoma and California during the subseuent decades I’m not usually a western fan but I couldn’t stop reading desperately turning the pages I just had to know what they would do next and how after everything the story could possibly end” Lauren W of the Doubleday Marketing Department and new fan of Western Thriller noirs

Read à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Clifford Jackman

Nt le regard d’ambre glace le sangParcourant le territoire sauvage des États Unis du XIXe siècle de la campagne livrée au pillage aux rues de Chicago gangrenées par la corruption les mercenaires de Winter tantôt défendent les avancées de la civilisation et tantôt s’y opposent farouchement laissant dans leur silla “And now he was perfectly conscious that Winter’s words were inspiring in him the feeling that he Noah had always inspired in others That what he had believed to be the iron laws of the universe were merely his own prejudices a tottering shanty built of uestions a stack of assumptions all the way down That the marketplace was a deep dark pool of chaos and that this man was its true apostleBut then he shook himself blinked and remembered that Winter was just a murderous lunatic brought here by his brother”I was expecting this to be Wild West y but while the book begins in Oklahoma its five vignettes about the Winter family take place all over the country I hadn’t planned on Georgia after the Civil War or 1870s Chicago right before an election the Republicans are the good guys but although I struggled a bit at the beginning Jackman can take disparate settings make them hang together beautifully Winter’s story is told in a series of specific events bracketed by summaries of the atrocities that he and his family commit as they range around This device is effective inasmuch as even though at some point I realized that I hadn't seen Winter do anything than kill one of the soldiers who tortured him in Georgia with every page I turned I expected him to casually murder whatever character he was dealing with Winter gets a new suit why not kill the tailor Winter returns to his childhood home runs into the old couple who’d occasionally taken care of him in between beatings from his preacher father why not kill those two He's so effectively written as both filled with nothingness almost mythically untouchable by the law that everyone he comes in contact with seems automatically marked by death by virtue of breathing the same air as he Although there are abominations galore committed by every member of the family Augustus is often on the periphery during the action watching his henchmen darting into battle singing ridiculous hymns and taking crack shots at the law abiding but for all that you rarely see him do anything worse than any of the other guys it’s still easy to get caught up in the terror he inspires Everyone who says “He’s just a man” learns their lesson soon enough Mildly amusing – Bill read this while I was reading The Library at Mount Char and then we switched books I told him I was having a hard time getting into this because it was so violent he did a double take said “For god’s sake at least Auggie never roasted anyone alive in a giant barbecue grill” Which yeah I suppose he’s right and TLAMC is pretty freaking violent but it’s fantastic violence this is much grittier it gets to me a bit I can read about David the golden bull and wince but stuff like this “The Winter family emerged from the cornfield behind a farmhouse near the edge of town A woman drawing water saw them She let the bucket she was holding tumble into the well and she ran shrieking into the house The Empire brothers and a few of the rowdier ones followed Winter inside Charlie Empire was already unbuckling his pants as he hopped through the back door” is much gruesome if you ask me Anyhow if you're into gross gritchy westerns that don't offer a lot of redemption or closure although the death of one particular character about 23rds of the way through though it could have been a lot drawn out in my opinion was worth my price of admission but are entertaining in spite of all that you could do a lot worse than this book

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