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Beckoning the Wild Sparks Wild Sparks 5

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Gst the ashes Dash Calder threw me a lifeline giving me the will to fight my way through the dark chaos I even planned a new future with him until my BFF Greg Rodwell conjured a ghost from. Loved this book This was a roller coaster for sure She had my heart pounding at points I was heartbroken and angry and she didn't disappoint at the end uestions are answered and some new ones pop up leaving you wondering Even knowing this is the end I'm still wanting when it comes to all these characters I have enjoyed the whole series and I can't wait to see what you come up with next

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Balti throwing my life into another tailspin Loving two men when my past and present collide I have a final decision to make and a heart to break even if it’s mine caught in the crossfi. I need stars to click Five is not even close to enough for this story I felt like I've waited years for this book I love these characters like they are my real best friends I love that I can read about their lives and feel like I am with them celebrating laughing crying plotting revenge Ms Alexander knows how to bust into your heart and sueeze every emotion possible from it If you try to even guess at what happens you're wrong WRONG I never could have imagined I'd read the words Ren gauged into these pages I had high hopes for Hadley I just wanted her to be happy She deserved that than anything after everything she's been through But will she truly get the happiness she so desperately needs There are so many things going on in the story many surprises some good some not so good But that's what makes a book great and this book is above and beyond great I held my breath I laughed a lot and I might have even shed a tear or twobut that will never be confirmed There's plenty of steam outstanding banter between all the characters heart breaking plots that will rip your heart out I was shocked at some of things that went down and am still trying to wrap my head around the hows and whys I don't really know how to write this review and give the book the justice it deserves without spoiling what happens Just know if you've read the first four books you will not be disappointed I'm sad that Ren thinks this is the final book in the series because I would read about these crazy characters forever I truly believe she outdid herself with this book she really did put her heart and soul into writing Hadley's story Just remember not every ending is happy for everyone Not everyone can forgive and forget Some will have to fight harder than others and some will surrender I loved this entire series and I couldn't have thought of a better ending than this Now Ms Alexander can I have my heart back Please

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After unimaginable devastation Hadley Beckett rises from the ashesSurvival Finn Wilder did not break me despite recent events I’ve only grown stronger More determined I fell in love Amon. Favorite uotesStop the presses and the internetYour inner light drew me in but your spellbinding love made me stayIt only takes that one tenacious swimmer with daddy issues My dad used a condom Living proofWithout her my heart was already dead without the funeralhis client had the personality of wet cardboard The hum of the refrigerator would’ve been rivetingThey’d have to lock me in a cage and light it on fire to even try keeping me away from youMy ReviewRen Alexander provided me with all the cardio I need for the month with her latest Wild Sparks book My poor coronary muscle has had an extreme fitness workout no gym membership reuired – but an account and a case of wine were necessities Beckoning the Wild Sparks brings a heart rending conclusion to one of my favorite and most addictive series yet I find I am conflicted While relieved with the knowledge of the characters finally moving forward and obtaining their peace I will miss the anticipation of reading of their on going drama – and what drama it was There were times I didn’t like many of the main players and all of the characters had frustrated or disappointed me at one time or another – so – hmm just like real life then There were also times I wanted to message Ms Alexander and demonstrate my grasp of invectives and obscenities However I will eagerly concede and bow to the fact that Ms Alexander has certainly perfected the art of maintaining a relentless yet engaging level of emotional tension and awkwardness while sprinkling in her own particular brand of snarky humor and breathtaking steam The storyline was epic highly eventful crafty and emotive The writing was addictive and consuming – I remained on edge all the way through although I was also smirking gasping and grinding my teeth in alternation All of which takes a deft hand a remarkable level of craft and considerable daring Rather than Finn Wilder I think the real daredevil has been revealed

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