Review ç Forbidden Fruit Maid for Majesty #1

Forbidden Fruit Maid for Majesty #1

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An to win his heart they'll need to know his mind first    When cunning servant Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party she meets King Alexander a seductive royal who can't keep his eyes off her Then she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be apart a royal servant staff    Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her duties she constantly finds herself in his presence Unable to resist she i. Amount of sex 5

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The King's love is fickle;  he's gorgeous intelligent and has power beyond the average man  He doesn't have to be kind He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world But the moment he tires of you or you become an inconvenience you are nothing no one I've heard of his reputation He has left a trail of shattered hearts across EuropeIf there will ever be a wom. Madeline Black is

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S soon succumbing to her desires in every corner of Windsor and Buckingham    But as Napoleon moves across Europe Princess Sofia of Spain takes refuge at Windsor and the pressure for Alex to marry her is high Nonetheless they continue to sneak around to enjoy the pleasures of their trysts Despite their need for each other can their relationship survive the society they live in WARNINGThis book contains freuent sex scenes and graphic language. You are a amazing

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    Okay it's official my first and hopefully only dnf book this year I'm sorry I couldn't do it I read heaps of reviews that said that sex scenes were too much too freuent But I thought I'll give it a go anyways Bad Idea It is what everyone is saying too much too over the place I sometimes left like I was in repeat And then I read other reviews that said it doesn't have an ending but a cliffhanger Nope Not buying anything else from this series I'm sorry I tried to the half way point and just couldn't do it any Like what my friend told me there are plenty of other brilliant books out there and she's right

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    Madeline Black is a slave who was sold to a brothel by her father Before she was even off the stage she was bought again by the Watson's Lady Watson is demanding unappreciative and abusive to Madeline and all of her servantsMadeline was helping with a big party that the King was attending at the Watson's when she made a certain connection with him Nothing tawdry happened then It was after she was purchased on his behalf and she came to be in service at Buckingham Palace in ways than oneAlex is king but he is a likeable kind of guy He lacks the arrogance and conceit that usually go with his type of character He's very young at just 24 years old and is in love with MadelineThe problem? He is a king royalty and is expected to marry a princess or another noble someone of his class Madeline is a servant and obviously not of that stature They love each other they know it and are powerless to do anything about itI loved the story line I wanted to see how they were going to pull this off The author was dropping hints of what is to come and unfortunately decided to drop it into yet another tawdry novelHonestly I should have bought the book that was sex free I'm not a prude but this was packed with lewd tawdry ugly sex I so wish the author would have left out the verbal sound effects The sex scenes were monotonous overdone and offensive It ruined the entire book for me and I won't be buying any of this author's work I've read some real smut in my life but this was just too much Way too much I do believe that too much sex or poorly written sex scenes can destroy a story and sadly this is what happened hereAside from that the book needs to see an editor for a checkup There are words transposed in sentences letters left off words he instead of her and a few other things that need attention In the opera scene Jack was pulling out chairs for the ladies Jack? Who is Jack? I think it was meant to say Greg Yes it needs to see an editorThere was a problem with the language too This was like reading a story set back in Regency times with the language of today I don't think any king said wow back then Sexy? I don't think so The author needs to choose an era and stick with itI have to give it three stars because I was warned in the blurb that this was an erotic novel I took a chance and I lost I knocked off two stars because of the poorly written sex scenes and the lack of editing The story line was actually uite good and as I said I would like to know how Alex and Madeline pull this off but I'm not interested enough to buy the second bookThere is a clean version available

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    This was bad I did not enjoy the first book in the Maid for Majesty series at all Sex scenes every so often in a book do not bother me but in this book they did I felt the focus was their physical relationship and not the actual story There were at least 5 different words for vagina and sometimes they were all used in the same scene I HATE descriptions like his nectar and others trying to spell out moaning and various other sounds Aaaaaaaiiieeee and uuuhhhhhn in all caps or even lowercase is stupid and irritating I started skipping chapters because I was so fed up but didn't DNF it because I wanted to know the end of their story Little did I know that this is a series Haha Very funny book Gods I won't be reading them Ps Look out for spelling mistakes They're everywhere We could make a worth while drinking game from it

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    The story itself was good But it was lost between the constant repetitive sex There was no relationship between the two besides sex yet they are in love But I am reading the seuel because I need of Sophia and Greg

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    Definitely one of my favourite books The storyline is just so intriguing that it becomes addicting Definitely recommend

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    Amount of sex 5 5How explicit 5 5BDSMFetish 1 5Romance 5 5Overall 5 5Review What goes on between a king and his servant is very naughty in Maid for MajestyJen here reviewing Maid for Majesty Forbidden Fruit the very hot and steamy book by AJ Phoenix I really enjoy historical fiction but I have not read much historical romance I had to get past the historical inaccuracies such as language and that there was no King Alexander on the English Throne It was the George III but once I did I really enjoyed the story of King Alex and Madeline Black There is plenty of mystery that is intriguing as you peel away Madeline's story about her sale into servitude by her actor father and unknown aspects of her noble mother who has long been gone King Alex and Madeline breakdown cultural and sexual barriers that are considered obscene during this period of time yes Alex and Madeline really get into IT Their enjoyment of each other is never truly hindered despite not being able to overcome the social status that divides them The author does a wonderful job of painting the picture of the period the parties the residences and the class differences I also very much enjoyed the sub characters Princess Sofia Greg Tilly and Marie The canvas on which the story is painted is rich but not overwhelming There is also plenty of details into the love life of Alex and MadelineFor the erotic reader this book is very satisfying This is definitely a panty melting read Despite being fairly long this book does have a cliffhanger I am looking forward the reading the next two books in the series Voluntarily reviewed from an advanced copy

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    You are a amazing writerGod surly has bless you and you have found your calling I just wish the series was completely finished Believe me this is my first book you a wonderful creation a name anyone who read your book will never be forgotten So please don't keep me in suspense to long Until we meet again Much success in the future DH from New York City Ps to those who are reading this review it doesn't leave you on a cliffhanger it that you never want it to end But beware it will keep you up all night so make sure you have no plans before reading this book

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    The sex scenes became repetitive and boring about mid way though the book The story could have been a lot shorter or spent time on the non sex related aspects of their relationship Madeline's expectations where really out of line with the time period and I often got annoyed with that Also Kings kocking boots I know I'm dating myself with the maid doesn't seem like it would be as big of a deal as portrayed Marrying said maid would have caused a scandal

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    VERY GOOD HISTORICAL ROMANCEOh to be the KING A most unusual storyline to involve a Royal We loved the interactions between Alex and Madeleine and the sex sciences are so hot and definitely on the naughty side Even though we loved the book we are disappointed that it is not a stand alone Thank you Danny and Debbie Scott

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    BrilliantI would read again and again and again The storyline is fantastic and you can't help but fall in love with the characters

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