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    Interesting factual accountGood info but careless editing Many words and grammar are incorrect This sometimes detracts from the message More words words Stupid reuirement

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    Ok ReadI felt like I was reading someone's highschool term paper; factual but boring It was too sketchy in between details

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    A summary of HamiltonThis book is only an extended outline of Alexander Hamilton's life and is recommended only as an introduction There are better books available

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Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton The Extraordinary Life Alexander Hamilton could easily have been a nobody His birth as the illegitimate son of a Scottish merchant and a woman who had left her husband gave no clue he would one day be one of the most prominent leaders of a revolution a new nation and a new political party Yet Hamilton rose from the lower social strata to become a social and political success Alexander Hamilton was on his way to becoming one of the Founding Fathers of America at a time when he could just as easily have spent his days begging for coins; to be an orphan in those days often meant a life of deprivation and loss.

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Alexander was no stranger to loss but there was something in the boy that set him apart from his peers Not only was he a genius but he also had a fierce commitment to honor that would shape his destiny As America’s first Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton wanted the new country to be faithful in paying its debts to improve its reputation in the world Later a scandalous love affair threatened to steal the dignity he had worked so hard to achieve Yet he still lived nobly for the rest of his days ending his life in a deadly duel one last salute to his guiding principle If you get lucky enough to get a ticket to the Broadway.

Summary Alexander Hamilton

Play based on Alexander Hamilton’s life you will be treated to a spectacular event starring amazing actors all backed with a rap music score You may leave wondering whether it was who he was or what he did that made him an appealing enough character to wow you and all the other playgoers By the time you read this book you will understand the truth Alexander Hamilton was who he was because of the choices he made He did what he did because he was who he was And who was this extraordinary man Read on dear reader Invest in your education and re discover the joy of reading here Download this book NOW and begin reading INSTANTLY.