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    Stealing Venice is a well crafted story It was well planned and the sub plots interact with the main storyline in a way that maintains interest in the story while not overplaying suspense The characters interact with each other through a full spectrum of emotions and the setting changes keep the storyline interestingThe book’s shortcomings reside in its lack of depth which is a purely personal preference in the books that I enjoy most I relish characters that have complex backgrounds and settings that are than just a painted backdrop to the stage I love plots that can turn on our ability as humans to be both merciful and cruel within the span of moments This is my perspective in searching for what I consider to be great fiction and unfortunately Stealing Venice is not this type of bookTherefore I may indeed be judging this book by a standard that it was never intended to meet However I think that these thoughts may provide insight to potential readers as to what this book actually is a light fun and non conseuential read

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    This story was suspenseful and action packed with romance thrown in While I didn't really connect fully with it the story intrigued me and found it fascinating I look forward to continuing the series in the future This book was featured on Goodreads and I received a FREE copy Here is my honest review for which I have received no payment or inducement

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    This is the first book in a trilogy by indie author Anna Bendenwald The plot was a complex web of Mafia vendettas Vatican intrigue conniving master criminals gossip rag scandals art and food The primary heroine Gisella is an unusual sculptor with a chemical engineering background She enjoys a charmed life as a European jetsetter married to one of the wealthiest men in the world But things start to unravel when she meets another artist who completely captivates her and her husband and his family become the targets of a twisted businessman's vendetta Sprinkled throughout the book were many explanations of preparing traditional Italian and Eastern European dishes These references were fascinating and made me want to try them all This was a fun easy read 35 Stars

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    Goodreads Kindle Copy Win Secrets are intertwined in this mystery story about two powerful families There are dark hidden motives lies among them ready to come loose at the most unlikely of times Despite its beautifully scenery it lacks depth in plot

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    I really loved this book I loved the characters the ending was kind of bland but all in all I'd love to finish this series I was completely shocked at the things that were unfolded in the book which kept me reading and now I really want to know what happens

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    I have to be honest it took me until chapter 7 about 39% in to get into the book I think this book should be treated like a guilty pleasure action movie Eat the popcorn don't think too hard and enjoy the ride Once I realized that I was able to get in to the book It was such a change of pace from my previous action book that was very intropective and well philosophical; that it gave me a bit of whiplash Oddly enough I didnt like the main characters as much as I liked the supporting ones I liked the supporting cast very much and they felt like people I'd hang out with Perhaps Giselle and Marcus seemed too perfect and out of my league? I do have to say that I liked the arty side of their characters and art and artists were portayed That art is very individualistic and there are multipke ways an artist may create The villian was very dispicably icky with no redeeming characteristics of course that did make it easy to dislike him He is very much the type Gru wanted to be Perhaps I have become too used to the current anti heroes Some readers may become confused with the large cast of characters and perhaps an appendix with a list of characters would be helpful My only other nit pick would be the story is being told in beautiful and atmospheric places so a bit description would have been nice But that is a personal preference Some folks may not like the happily for now ending but this is a trillogy and ends in a good spot with unanwered uestions to be resolved in the future This is simply part oneThe aspects that I liked were the plot secondary characters locations the depictions of art and action The plot may have sone plot holes I did have a couple of distracting uestions but those were really inconseuential to the action of the story I liked that the novel was well thought out who was doing what and the characters reactions to those actions made sense The plot knew where it was going and actually moved rather uickly after the worldbuilding and set up I also liked that it was easy to follow actions Particularly the action of the climax Sometimes I will read fight or action scenes and get lost In this book I could clearly follow those scenesThe book was the euivilant of a zippy action movie and was told in a very cinematic way Grab some popcorn sit back and just go with it Enjoy the book for tge same reason we like action movies Attractive band of heroes fight a dastardly villian up to no good and save the day

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    I really enjoyed reading this book The different families and relationships were very interesting and the setting was mostly in Venice There were artists the Pope and good guys and bad guys I can’t wait to read the next book

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    Loved this book so much So much going on never a dull moment Intrigue suspense humor horrifying characters adorable characters thievery assassination plots back stabbing matchmakingit has it all Wonderful read

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    Anna Bendewald's Stealing Venice is a destination story that is part suspense and part romance The writer evokes the sights sounds smells and tastes of not only Venice but Paris and rural France making it clear that she's done her homework The suspense part of the story works because it's built on the legendary tangled politics of Venice What surprised me was the romance part This is the first book I've read in that genre and I found it steamy yet tasteful As an added bonus the protagonist Giselle is an artist and her peculiar art is described such that I could see it

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Stealing Venice Venice Trilogy #1

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Nice creating dangerous sculptures that have gotten her banned from galleries but collectors reach for their checkbooks to buy her next work of art She lives a perfect life until an innocent artist is thrown up against her at a murder scene and a powerful man This is the f

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Nothing is what it appears to be in this lush destination thriller that takes readers into lives of the rich Venetians who live behind the ornate doors of their palazzos Secrets are about to spin out of control Contessa Giselle Verona jets between Paris and Ve Stealing Ven

Download ¾ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Â Anna Erikssön Bendewald

She's never met decides to wage war against her in laws This suspenseful game of cat and mouse leads us from Paris to the Champagne Region to Venice to the Vatican to Palermo as family secrets draw in the Vatican the Mafia and threatens the floating city itsel I really enjo

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“Keep your arms and legs inside the gondola at all times The VENICE TRILOGY is one wild ride”Anna Erikssön Bendewald’s writing style has been described It’s as if Anna were uentin Tarantino and Robert Altman's love child Her lush destination thrillers THE VENICE TRILOGY do indeed have a similar theatrical build to an ultimate breathless pace that gives readers uite a romp” Readers with a mo