Summary ↠ Biker Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1

Biker Bad Boys in Big Trouble Book 1

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Xt door who likes to sneak peeks at his butt Yeah that was a major plusKaitlin Price has had the worst luck with men As if her unearned reputation as a frigid tease isn’t enough she also has to deal with her stepsister’s casual cruelty and taunting tales of sexual conuests she ca. This was pretty bo

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Despite the danger there are some definite pluses to undercover agent Zak Langston’s current alias as a mechanic slash low life criminal He doesn’t have to shave regularly or keep his hair military short He gets to ride a damn fine Harley And then there’s the sweet sexy lady ne. Great book it kept

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N only dream of So Kaitlin has never been with a man So what So what So maybe the sexy bad boy next door would be willing to help her with thatGunfire gangsters and a kidnapping weren’t part of her Deflower Kaitlin plan Good thing for her bad boy Zak is very very good At everything. Zak’s neighbor i

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