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Points of Origin SGX #3

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Open the gate From Ronon’s pre culling days on Sateda to Colonel Carter’s first weeks in command of Atlantis from the fallout of George Hammond’s encounter with SG 1 in 1969 to strange goings on in Minnesota Stargate Points of Origins brings you another fantastic collection of stories from across the. Good for fans not the best I've read Most of the stories were good but I found a lot of them ended very abruptly One step up from fanfiction

Free read ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Sally Malcolm

Aftermath by Karen MillerStargate SG 1 Piper's Song by Laura HarperStargate Atlantis Coterminous by Peter J EvansStargate Atlantis Iron Horse by Amy GriswoldStargate Atlantis Kill Switch by Aaron RosenbergStargate Atlantis Hermiod's Last Mission by T Fox DunhamStargate Atlantis Dislocation by Sally Malcolm. Not uite as good as the first one not nearly as on point much larger fraction of short stories that are complete misses but uite an enjoyable read nonetheless

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Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies So come step through the gate with ten of our fantastic Stargate authors in our second anthology of Travelers’ Tale ContentsStargate SG 1 Precognition by Jo GrahamStargate SG 1 A Woman's Army by Geonn CannonStargate SG 1 Dude Where's My Spaceship by Suzanne WoodStargate SG 1. There were some hits and some excruciating misses in this one In some stories everyone was in character and there was a uick and enjoyable adventure but there were also some seriously bad stories that were cringeworthy I always find I like the Atlantis novels so than the SG 1 and that is oddly still disappointing after all this time

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