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  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • Why Choose This Book? How We Make Decisions
  • Read Montague
  • English
  • 08 February 2019
  • 9780525949824

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Why Choose This Book? How We Make Decisions

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Hat are slow small fuzzy and cheap and began with goals like food water and sex Second he reveals how simple goals like these then turn into ideas like beauty love and terror with a life of their own Finally he explains how a value system in our heads controls those ideas so we can make good decisions and how that physical system can break down leading to bad decisions addictions mental illness and even large economic disaste 1 Rabbits should try to incorporate uncertainty in their darting strategies


To the list of writers connecting mainstream readers and cutting edge science Malcolm Gladwell Steven Johnson James Surowiecki add Read Montague with this exploration of what exactly determines the choices we make With a new perspective on the science of decision making from the researcher at the center of the computational neuroscience revolution Why Choose This Book shows what the latest brain science reveals about the cruc Why choose this book That's a big uestion Why this one Any book is worth reading But it depends on the reader how he or she perceive a book Some books can be frustrating some can make you smile some you just read because it make time fast by With this book you should have patience because it's a hard book to read I have to use the fast reading techniue to finish this book This book has a lot of going around the bush before it arrive to something or the things it want to convey The world has a lot of things to explore We use a little part of our brain in our day to day lives Life is not easy but if some things like book can make it easier we should invest on it But decision always are hard to make With this book you're going to explore neuroscience or the science of the brainSo why choose this book Maybe the answer lies on the decision you are going to make I choose mine and my decision is 2 stars for the humors and a lot of small and big things that goes around the authors' brain

FREE READ Why Choose This Book? How We Make Decisions

Ial events of everyday experience the choices we make From how we decide what we consume to what kind of art we like and even the romantic ethical and financial choices we make Read Montague guides the reader through a new approach to the mind with an accessible style that is both entertaining and illuminating In taking apart the mind’s decision making machinery Montague first illustrates how our brains are like computers t For a technical view of how we arrive at a choice among many decisions even those we're are consciously aware of making this is fairly uick read The ideas aren't new but they are presented in a mostly accessible manner Those who generally don't like or want to read about science math logic social psych steer clear It probably won't interest you If books like The Tipping Point and Blink interst you you may like this book as well though Montague delves deeply into technical language I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys works like Steven Johnson's Mind Wide Open