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An Introduction to Plato's Republic

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Main moral argument on the nature of justice and expounds related concepts of education human motivation knowledge and understanding In a clear systematic fashion this book shows that modern moral philos Good discussion of Plato's arguments and various ways they've been i

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Ophy still has much to learn from Plato's attempt to move the focus from uestions of what acts the just person ought to perform to the profound uestions of what sort of person the just person ought to be A usually lucid overview of The Republic's philosophy

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This interpretive introduction provides uniue insight into Plato's Republic Stressing Plato's desire to stimulate philosophical thinking in his readers Julia Annas here demonstrates the coherence of his Fantastic accompaniment to Republic even though the work stands on i

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    Good if a bit myopically textualist

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    Fantastic accompaniment to Republic even though the work stands on its own as well Annas's insight into a work fraught with both brilliant and frustrating arguments is indispensable Highly recommend

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    If you are reading The Republic by Plato you most likely need a companion book to guide you through it There are too many things to unpack in Plato's book and Annas will definitely help you in this I read The Republic many years ago but it is only now when I re read it alongside this Introduction that I could fully appreciate its strengths and weaknesses and weaknesses it has aplenty It is also useful if your translation of The Republic is old fashioned as in my case and the dialogue becomes very obscure at times as well as sleep inducing This Intro will translate the discussion into modern terms for ease of understanding Finally The Republic suffers from a host of defects in reasoning that even a first year philosophy student will be able to detect and if you are as impatient as me you will want to throw the book away and condemn Plato as a charlatan But in writing this introductory book Annas must have gone through Plato's work countless times paying attention to minutiae and looking at a particular argument from several angles so that the result is a sympathetic interpretation of Plato than the one you would be willing to give Perhaps after reading this book you won't be condemning him so harshly as before

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    Good discussion of Plato's arguments and various ways they've been interpreted pretty much just moving through The Republic section by section Proposes some interesting interpretations and helped me understand which parts weren't just me being critical but at least supposedly are widely considered problematic Kind of a chore to read through though I wish I could have just gotten the highlights

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    One of the standard studies on Plato's Republic that is always part of at least the ones I have seen any further reading list you will come across and perhaps one of the better introduction to Plato's Republic overall A mandatory reading for any serious student of Plato's Republic and Plato's work overall

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    This is a really good book and it breaks down and reinterprets Plato's ideas in a new light The reason I gave it 5 stars is because this book is so concice at explaining complex ideas that it makes you think for a second Wow I could be a philosopher That's very powerful for a book that deals with complex theory

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    A usually lucid overview of The Republic's philosophy

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    A very good introduction Annas is critical but not unfair and she raises a lot of interesting points that I am confident will yield profits when returning to the primary text

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    Pappas's introduction to Plato's Republic is much better

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