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The Prime Minister of Paradise

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Ian Gottlieb Priber fled Germany under threat of arrest bound for colonial South Carolina In the Cherokee village of Grand Tellico he created a Utopian society that he named ParadiseFor six years Paradise was governed by a set of revolutionary ideas that included racial euality sexual freedom and a lack of private property ideas which he chronicled in a mysterious manuscript he called ParadisePr

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As a student working in the dusty archives of the Sewanee Review John Jeremiah Sullivan came across an article entitled ‘Lost Utopia of the American Frontier’ and was immediately hooked on the dramatic story of a lost book an alternative history of the South a white Indian It was a story he’d chase for the next two decadesIn 1735 a charismatic German lawyer and accused atheist named Christ

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Iber’s ideas were so subversive that he was hunted for half a decade and eventually captured by the British – making headlines across the world – and imprisoned until his death The only copy of Paradise was apparently destroyedNow in a rare combination of ground breaking research and stunning narrative skill award winning writer John Jeremiah Sullivan brings that lost history vividly to li

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John Jeremiah Sullivan is an American writer and editor He is a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine a contributing editor of Harper's Magazine and southern editor of The Paris ReviewSullivan's first book Blood Horses Notes of a Sportswriter's Son was published in 2004 It is part personal reminiscence part elegy for his father and part investigation into the history and cul

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    The odds of this thing ever coming out seem to be getting slimmer I've lost count of how many times the publisher's pushed back the release date

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