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This edition of Take Her is no longer available The book is currently undergoing a rewrite and will be re released by the end of 2020 Please see the new editionWhat would you do if you were taken from everything you know and love and thrown into a life you didn't want Narina Debrev is living and loving her life in her small village of Verti Her dislike for expectations and disrega.

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Rd for rules is generally ignored by everyone Her ceremony to be bound to her childhood friend is days away and she couldn't be happy That is until she is taken from her village to fulfill an age old tradition and become the Prince's mate As well as being torn from her life her family and the love of her life she is expected to conform to societies rules Narina refuses to give up.

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And fights her new destiny every step of the way When the people she loves and the village she calls home are put in the path of the merciless Southlanders all of their lives are at stake Given the grueling choice of saving her village and keeping her stubborn strength Narina realizes the only way they can be saved is if she goes against everything she is and embraces her new fate.

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