SUMMARY ↠ London A Travel Guide Through Time

London A Travel Guide Through Time

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N without pausing for at least a moment to think of all the mad characters and epic lives that ran through the same streets centuries beforeWhether you are a tourist looking for an alternative way to see the city or a Londoner that wants to learn about the world around you this is a must have gui I was given this

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Dr Matthew Green explores the sights and sounds of London through history This is a fascinating and uniue guide to the capital that takes the reader off the beaten track and into unexplored territory This book allows the reader to travel through time to six key periods in the history of London Fr SO good Absolute

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Om Shakespeare to the plague medieval London to the swinging 60s readers can totally immerse themselves in the sights sounds and smells of our capital at each particular momentIt's vividly written and after reading this book you'll never rush through the streets of Covent Garden or St Paul's agai It does what it

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    SO good Absolutely brilliant in fact I'm pretty stingy with my 5 star reviews but there's no uestion about this one surely a contender for my book of 2015I've read a fair few 'time traveller' history guides This one is a little different in that it takes us to the same place and sometimes the same streets over 6 different years These are 1390 1603 1665 1716 1884 and 1957 so for example we get to witness Shakespeare's London some of the horrors of the Plague in the 17th century and a taste of the huge monster London has become in Victorian timesI thought I'd like the earlier periods of history best but the 1957 chapter was superb in that it captured a city still recovering from the Blitz bomb sites everywhere but already showing the first signs of the colourful psychedelic period to comeThe whole time travel idea is brilliant executed Green writes like an absolute dream I know it's a cliché to say this is history brought alive but I'm going to say it anyway I've never heard of Dr Matthew Green before but the book jacket shows a surprisingly young man Great Plenty of time for him to get cracking with plenty books like this

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    Oh boy where to start This book was one of the best I’ve read this year and I’ve read many good books in 2017 The atmosphere was perfect for each time travel After walking around last week in 21st century London I found so many of the houses and streets described in this bookIt gives a whole new perspective who one walks through London at least for me From the gruesome curfew in medieval London to Shakespeare‘s times and the devil year 1666 to the Hannover and Victorian Times and lastly the late 50s of the last century London was in constant change and it still is The city fascinates me and I really wish that there was an audiobook so that I could walk around the streets he mentions in his walks and walk where he walks I guess I have to make one myself 😄 I was instantly engulfed in the past times At one point I smelled tobacco although nobody smokes in my home If you love London and want to learn about the city read it

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    I totally judged this book by its very pretty cover when I bought it and then didn’t read it for uite some time because I feared it would be too dry and boring inside Well I’m happy to admit that I was very much mistaken about that It’s interesting engagingly written and a very very nice read I learned a lot about one of my favourite cities in the world and really had the feeling of wandering down the streets of London while reading As a bonus it is a very beautiful book and shows that sometimes the contents can match the outer appearance ;

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    It does what it says on the tin Very enjoyableThis book allows the reader to travel through time to six key periods in the history of London From Shakespeare to the plague medieval London to the swinging 60s readers can totally immerse themselves in the sights sounds and smells of our capital at each particular momentIn particular I loved the chapter on the Great Plague of 1665 You would not want to swallow any of the medicines on offer at the time Not surprising but scary

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    I have been reading this over the last couple of years Slow I know but wonderful to keep coming back to Absolutely fascinating on so many levels A book I would gift to others and recommended to me by dear Penny Hull

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    Fascinating intriguing well written For anyone who knows and loves London today this book gives a new insight into its past in a fresh and lively style

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    Wow What an amazing bookI live in England and have an interest in London history anyway but to be honest this is a truly fascinating book for anyone who's interested in history cities facts and figures but also people that enjoy a nice simple adventureThe author who is a London historian is your travel guide as you slip through time and see London as it was in different time periods Full of important and little known facts it teaches you without being the flat and boring wall of text we've come to expect with history booksIt's fun uirky beautifully detailed and involving I cannot recommend this high enough Seriously it's an eye opener and thoroughly enjoyableIt took me a while to read it because after each chapter I just wanted to close my eyes and imagine I was still wandering around in whatever time period I'd just been exploring Read it Read it now

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    I was given this book as a gift a couple of years ago and I finally got around to reading it It was such a novel take on a city's history Basically you are like a time traveler who goes to various points in London's history and then the author takes you on a walking tour and shows you how London used to be Dr Green makes six stops through London's past from Medieval times all the way through the fifties with stops in Shakespeare's time and a London ravaged by the plague The author really has done his research and it shows He gives an in depth look at each time period and doesn't sugarcoat anything so there are some very candid descriptions of horrific events Overall it was a fairly interesting read and kept my attention easily

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    Boring and as a tourist I was looking for a book that could cover some important events in London But this book talks about some mundane stuff that you wouldn’t care for unless you were born and brought up or at least are settled now in London Also it’s tedious to go through pages and pages of description about something insignificant that happened in 1800s Not that useful for a casual visitor to London

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