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    Adult urban fantasy Older's first Bone Street Rumba novel was very good Midnight Taxi Tango kicks things up to the next level It would have been easy and perfectly reasonable for Older to stay with his wisecracking hard boiled half dead hero Carlos Delacruz as the sole first person narrator Instead Midnight Taxi Tango is told from three alternating perspectives Carlos; his young friend Kia who works at Baba Eddie's Botanica; and Reza an emotionally scarred and dangerous lady warrior who works for a shadowy organization called Medianoche part escort service part mercenary group part we're never uite sure what but these folks are badasses Pulling off three alternating first person narrators is incredibly difficult Older makes it look easy Each narrator has a distinctive voice and gains our sympathy uickly I especially loved Kia She is one tough young lady and her chapters are both moving and hilarious Her voice is authentic sixteen year old Brooklyn teen with attitude heart and cynical savvy I hope we'll be seeing of her in future booksAs for the plot we have sinister kidnappings the ghosts of young children being weaponized for assassination and magical death cockroaches lots and lots of cockroaches You may need to give the book five or six chapters to get into the rhythm of the three narrators but once you do this is a fast engrossing story with characters you can't help falling in love with And did I mention the cockroaches? Lots of cockroaches Just to be clear this is a novel for adults It pulls no punches when it comes to language violence and sex Kia is one of the most realistic teen narrators I've read in a long time but this not really a book that will pop up on a lot of recommended reading lists for high school kids because it would get flack from teachers and parents Having said that I have probably increased the number of YA readers who will pick up the series D If you like urban fantasy especially fantasy with a wonderfully diverse cast of characters you should check out this series

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Taxi Tango is the second book of the vividly imaginative Bone Street Rumba series I can honestly say I’ve never encountered an urban fantasy uite like this and I said as much in my review of the first book last year which I enjoyed immensely I knew as soon as I was finished reading Half Resurrection Blues that I wanted to continue this cool and uniue seriesBut I won’t beat around the bush; while I had a good time with Midnight Taxi Tango and thought it was overall a fun and entertaining read there were a few issues that I thought made this seuel weaker than its predecessor First a uick rundown of the story to provide context for my points below The series’ main character is Carlos Delacruz a man who is not uite alive and also not uite dead His time before is a complete blank; all he knows is that he died and was brought back to life into this state of “in between” Now he works as a kind of enforcer for the New York Council of the Dead tasked to hunt down and execute the city’s errant ghosts or any supernatural denizens who misbehaveMost recently a string of paranormal related murders have been occurring around Brooklyn’s Von King Park and naturally Carlos is sent to investigate On one such trip to the park his team actually manages to catch and stop an attack in progress and the would be victim happens to be someone Carlos knows—Kia a teenage girl who works for one of his good friends The incident has terrified her especially now that she has been touched by the ghost sight opening her eyes to a whole other side of New YorkCarlos himself isn’t in the best frame of mind either The events of the last year have left him heartbroken and depressed even though he tries hard not to admit it Sasha the woman he loves had walked out of his life following his act of unspeakable betrayal and he still lives with the guilt every day And herein lies one of my biggest issues with this book The coolheaded and capable Carlos I was first introduced to in Half Resurrection Blues is a shadow of himself in Midnight Taxi Tango As soon as he thinks about Sasha or anything related to her he turns into a complete and utter mess Even though I understood on multiple levels where he was coming from he would have gotten himself killed many times over had others not stopped him from rushing headlong into danger I knew something was wrong the moment Carlos became someone I could no longer root for and in fact many times over the course of this book I silently hoped to myself that Sasha would never forgive himInitially I was also excited when I found out Kia was a POV character in this book There was a real noticeable lack of female presence in the first book so if nothing else I was very happy that Daniel José Older beefed up this aspect in Midnight Taxi Tango I also remember meeting Kia from Half Resurrection Blues and she was one cool girl so I was looking forward to getting to know her better Turns out I was right in that there were many things I loved about her like her courage and her strength and resourcefulness But Kia is also a teenager and there were a lot of other things I found off putting like her petulance and her judgmental attitude I also have no problem with profanity in books especially in prose and in dialogue where they add feeling to the characters and story but Kia’s chapters freuently uoted song lyrics riddled with F bombs and I felt these served little purpose other than to make want to me skip through large swaths of her narrative to be honestThere was a surprise third POV in this book however and that was Reza Now Reza I adored I loved absolutely everything about her from her backstory to the way she talks and operates I wish I could say but since this is the grand debut of her character and her colleagues’ “midnight taxi service” it would be way fun to discover her story for yourselves Suffice to say she is a force to be reckoned with—cool calm and always prepared for anything I loved her take no prisoners attitude and the way she pretty much took over Carlos’ role in this book as the one who got things done I really hope she’ll return for future books; if not as a POV character again then at least in a supporting roleI have a few minor uibbles but in general they can be summed up by the fact I just didn’t feel this book was as well put together as the first one I only found out after I finished that a few scenes in this novel were apparently drawn from a couple of previously published short stories by the author and maybe that had something to do with it? In some ways this story did feel like an amalgamation of several parts cobbled together with the seams not too carefully hidden and the final product needed some detailing and polish For example I felt the villains in this book were crudely sketched and had a “Monster of the Week” feel to them like they were specifically written for this book and then meant to be thrown away never to be dealt with again Overall I also felt the prose in this seuel lost a lot of that “poetic” uality that made me fall in love with the writing in Half Resurrection BluesStill I thought Midnight Taxi Tango was a good book Technically you can also jump into it without having read the first book because Older does a fantastic good job recapping the story If you enjoy action you might even prefer this seuel because it contains a lot suspense and excitement As a series however I think the next book will have to step up its game if Bone Street Rumba is to distinguish itself from all the urban fantasy available out there No matter what though I’m too invested in Carlos’ story to stop now so I definitely have plans to continue I’m curious about the wider story arc and I have to admit a part of me is really looking forward to see Carlos and his pals rain hell down on the NYCOD

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    The world of Bone Street Rumba gets complicated gnarly and gross There's some serious gore and ick in this one not unrelated to the villains who are basically people being used as hosts for cockroaches oh god Lots of fantastic characters developing teams the story of Carlos and his ex lover Sasha takes a few turns and we have new POV characters with a stroppy teenager and a dapper lesbian superfighter It's all fantastic if dark and occasionally messy with terrific dialogue giving a strong sense of place A great UF series

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    The streets is hungryIt's official Daniel José Older is now on my authors to watch list I first encountered Older through his YA book Shadowshaper While Shadowshaper is a rich vibrant story Bone Street Rumba is right down my alley I love urban fantasy underpowered protagonists and political skirmishes in the magical world Add to that a set of complex interesting characters a gritty plot and some seriously creepy roach dudes and I was sold TL;DR Half Resurrection Blues Bone Street Rumba#1 just became my first book purchase of the year The story is narrated by Carlos a half dead agent for the Council for the Dead and the protagonist of the previous book Reza a driverhitter for a local gang and Kia a mischievous teenager who works at a botánica and finds herself pulled inextricably into the center of events There's a reason why Kia is on the front of the cover and have I mentioned i loved the cover? instead of Carlos who is pretty much worse than useless for the whole book One of the reasons I picked up the first book is that I'm rather interested to see what Carlos was like when he was actually effective and didn't just spend all his time angsting and moping Kia on the other hand is a lot of fun I loved her constant banter with Carlos I smile “Things will go much easier for you when you realize that I know everything”We’ve been through this already C and we don’t have time to go through it again If you leave me behind I’ll do something stupid like follow you all by myself and get killed and then you’ll feel guilty Let’s save ourselves an argument we both already know I’m gonna win” She has some interesting depths as a character from a traumatic childhood experience to her insight while navigating a biased worldThe politics of Midnight Taxi Tango are less overt and nuanced than Shadowshaper but all the interesting and effective for it One of the subplots involves Capoeira which as the instructor notes Is how my people survived European domination in Brazil It is a martial art disguised as a dance but it is also a dance disguised as a martial art Why? Because we were not allowed to train to fight We had to disguise our training as dancing yes? We had to become clandestine warriors in a system that did not believe we are human yes? Maybe this is something you can understand today or maybe notKia's perspective illuminates the pervasive racism she experiences I’d never been to this neighborhood before Maybe driven past once or twice with my dad but it was all white folks and the feeling of don’t belong don’t belong hung heavy in the air like all the molecules wanted me to leave too She perceives and is angered by the constant assaults on diversity surrounding her from the white policeman who feels it is acceptable to harass her on the street to her realization that she as a black woman can get shot for carrying a sandwich let alone a ghost killing knife One of my favourite moments was her reaction to a conversation between a group of white teenagers in the botánica Kenny what’s this mean a love potion?”“Yeah that’s supposed to be bring the ladies right to you man” “Let’s get it for Bill Maybe Christine will stop friend zoning his ass” Wild laughter Because really what’s funnier than other people’s cultures and sexual coercion?Another aspect where I felt this book improved upon Shadowshaper was the humor Midnight Taxi Tango was constantly uotably funny Carlos Reza and Tia each have their own uniue narrative flair and while I loved them all the dialogue and situational humor tickled me to death; for example“So you brought the demon child assassin to my house and locked him into the bathroom across from the girl he’s trying to kill?” My whisper is like a strained cough “The fuck else was I sposta do with him man?I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately but while I felt like the plot was a bit of a mess I just didn't care view spoilerOne of the aspects that I think was really underdeveloped was Jeremy Because seriously what makes a person decide that being a nest for a colony of creepy roaches is a desirable career plan? I know the implication here is that to an imperialistic ideology power of any variety makes any sacrifice worthwhile but given the glimpse of Jeremy that we get from Gio and Kia this didn't really fly for me How did the beautiful laughing dancing boy that so entranced Gio come to the decision that roach master was the way to go? Was it a sacrifice to save Gio or something he really wanted? I also would have liked to see a confrontation between Gio and Jeremy I felt their broken romance was thrust aside and it would have been interesting to explore it hide spoiler

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    Yes it's a seuel but Daniel José Older's books are so much fun I couldn't leave it out If you have read the first one HOORAY THERE'S A NEW BOOK And if you haven't GET ON THAT These books are pure delight Ghost detectives awesomesauce Tune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books All The Books

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    Sueamish alert Thar be cockroaches So Many CockroachesA lot of interesting things get revealed in this one including who killed Carlos and it was not what I was expecting at all It makes some things even harder to swallow actually and makes me curious about what else is going on Was Carlos chosen for a reason? view spoilerAnd who is Aisha? I do suspect the Council had something to do with it even so after this book and maybe that's why Sasha doesn't trust them now hide spoiler

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    SUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEThat sentiment remains even still now that I've finished the book OH MAN I loved it Thanks Older for using roaches for the persistent creep out factor even if there weren't any zombies or freaky long limbed High Priests the roaches still would have done the trick shudderIt was funnyI'm so used to Reza being a male Persian name even when it was made clear that Reza was Puerto Rican I still just assumed Reza was a he I laughed so hard when I figured out otherwise the second Reza chapter into it then shouted Hell yeah and would've high fived myself if that was a thingIn this immediate aftermath it's difficult for me to go through everything I loved without just recounting the entire damn thingmaybe I can come back to it I've got a strong hunch about what's in store for Carlos next judging from Tenderfoot in Salsa Nocturna Stories AND I AM SO HAPPY I am so glad we got of Kia in MTT; I'm going to keep my fingers crossed to see Gordo again andor of Baba Eddie on the next go around Kudos DJO you're on fireExcuse me while I go dig up some old school tango

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    What a bunch of wonderful women in this second instalment as super icky cockroach things begin investing different locations around the city And Kia and fantastic Reza and their experiences and pasts become integral parts of the larger narrative The Council and their past and current decisions are looking increasingly suspect and was I ever glad to see how all these different characters fighting evil separately became a strong cohesive and dangerous team I also really liked seeing a few of the characters in this and Older’s Shadowshapers series work togetherOn to the short story collection

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    Look This man Daniel José Older put his FOOT in this one Wanted to hit him with the book after finishing it was so damn good Geez I was here for Half Resurrection Blues the preuel though it should be noted MTT can be read as a standalone even with how he had me reeling emotionally at the end He been won me over as a fan of his writing but believe it or not his writing got even better with this one Kia Summers the melanin filled goddess depicted on the cover is the badass we all need Kia is EVERYTHING and listen to me when I tell you she is coming to take over Please get your copy and get ready Get ready I said Kia is one of the three characters whose POV we get in this book The departure from one person to three really works here I was on edge almost the entire time just STRESSED about what would happen tot the characters next but it was the good kind of stress I can't wait to see what happens in book 3 This is the downside of getting books early uite the downside to have eh? I'll take itNote it's uite creepy in some parts because well that's what this author likes But it's so worth it I'd recommend reading in the daytime if you're easy to freak outThis book being dedicated to me has no bearing on my review I would have reuested that the dedication be removed if I didn't like it Trust Technically my name is on the line and I don't play about that I do hope you love it as much as I do

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The author of Half Resurrection Blues returns in a new Bone Street Rumba Novel a knife edge noir shaded urban fantasy of crime after death The streets of New York are hungry tonight   Carlos Delacruz straddles the line between the living and the not so alive As an agent for the Council of the Dead h. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Taxi Tango is the second book of t The Cowboy Meets His Match returns in a new Bone Street Rumba Novel a knife edge noir shaded urban fantasy of crime after death The streets of New York are hungry tonight   Carlos Delacruz straddles the line between the living and the not so alive As an agent for the Council of the Dead h. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Taxi Tango is the second book of t

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Y who came to Baba Eddie's botánica where she worked But the closer they’ve gotten the she’s seeing the world from Carlos’s point of view In fact she’s starting to see ghosts And the situation is far sinister than that because whatever is bringing out the dead it’s only just getting start. SUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEThat sentiment remains e