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He juice brace your pineal gland for some unprecedented growth and get ready to go BEYOND Editor Scott R Jones brings you stories from some of the best writers working in Weird Fiction today Cody Goodfellow Scott Nicolay Christopher Slatsky Christine Morgan Richard Lee Byers Orrin Grey Anya Martin and Edward Morris as well as fresh new voices With a cover featuring the psychedelic art of Nick 'The Hat' Gucker 'RESONATOR New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond' is the anthology that will break down the barriers in 2015 Martian Migraine Press The Best Kind of Headache martianmigrainepressc This was a fascinating and terrifying collection of tales It was been in my to read collection for uite some time Since I was and possibly still am in the midst of a mental breakdown from a series of shocks I decided this was a good time to read it and distract myself from the horrors that sometimes come with being a single parentDon’t Don’t do that to yourself It helped but not as much as something sugary and soothing would have Read this during October of course but do it when you are in a well grounded state Not when you are stressing over how long savings will hold out paying monthly bills that only grow or the fallout of a business having to issue a large refund that is twice what you can pay yourself due to unreasonable demands That mistake just makes these scarierI am not sure which horrified me the most It may be the one with the disappearing dancer Each was well and truly horrific Very well done Don’t read it if you are unstable Also stay away from flashing lasers just in case

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Uart Gordon's FROM BEYOND 1986 In his classic story From Beyond Howard Phillips Lovecraft introduced the Tillinghast Resonator a monstrous device that stimulates dormant senses in man opens up unseen worlds to unsuspecting eyes and calls through terror and ecstasy from a realm far beyond our mundane perceptions In 'RESONATOR New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond' you'll meet the men and women who dare to pull the switch for profit pleasure and ultimately peril Thrill to the creatures both mindless and horribly sentient that are revealed in wave after wave of uncanny radiation Turn on t This is a collection without a drop of fat on it Lean scary clever and entirely well written Read From Beyond by Lovecraft included in the book and also IMO watch the movie starring Jeffrey Combs before launching into this anthology It is just incredibly well done one of the most balanced and padding free I've yet to encounter in Lovecraftian circles

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With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos yet other beings with a wider stronger or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see but might see and study whole worlds of matter energy and life which lie close at hand I have always believed that such strange inaccessible worlds exist at our very elbows and now I believe I have found a way to break down the barriers H P Lovecraft From Beyond 1920 dramatically to camera It ate him bit off his head like a gingerbread man Jeffrey Combs as 'Crawford Tillinghast' in St Resonator is a joy for fans of horror science fiction and HP Lovecraft in particular not least because the anthology manages to accomplish what increasingly seems like an impossible feat finding something new to say about the themes explored by the old gent from ProvidenceIt certainly helps that editor Scott R Jones has rounded up some of the most promising up and coming writers associated with the New Weird label It's also to this anthology's advantage that instead of Cthulhu Co it looks to Lovecraft's relatively unexplored From Beyond for inspiration In that story included here a mad inventor creates a machine that stimulates the pineal gland in a way that enables humans to see otherwise invisible thingsFrom this promising premise the writers of Resonator explore everything from sex Matthew M Bartlett's funny lubricious Machine Will Start When You Are Start to the military Jones' own Turbulence to Wall Street Darren Brightman's ingenuous IPO to Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground Anya Martin's superb Resonator Superstar Two of the stories that will probably stick with me the longest are Christopher Slatsky's Film Maudit which recalls the best of Ramsey Campbell in its grim urban setting and shabby gorehound film festival milieu and Scott Nicolay's The Wizard of OK which finds cosmic horror not in Elder Gods or the Necronomicon but in the bad decisions and misspent lives we can't undo The uality of the writing is superb throughout there's not a tiresome Lovecraft pastiche in the bunch It's a collection that varies in tone from funny to bleakly depressing and is all the better for it Resonator suggests there's still life in HPL yet Highly recommendedI'd also be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderfully psyechedelic cover art by Nick Gucker too many small presses seem to regard covers as an afterthought and this is one way in which Martian Migraine gets it right with Resonator

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