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K This In from ancient brews to the latest findings in neurochemistry The weird and wondrous world of alcohol is pieced together from books journals articles and discussions Intriguing and sometimes unexpected answers are presented with the help of characters as they sip on their fav. Closer to 35 starsI think I found this for free on Reddit's rbeer or something similar and I'm not one to pass up a free book I did enjoy this and I felt that it was jam packed with a ton of cool information even getting right down to why alcohol affects on a cellular level I did however find some of the characters Social SallySimon Rampaging RobRobyn etc a little grating at times; however they did outline the point of the authors well at times A uick read and not bad for a first

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Over half of the world’s adult population consumes alcoholic beverages some much than others Most people know about the visible effects of alcohol but like a complex cocktail there is to liuor than meets the eye or lips Everything you wanted to know about alcohol is covered in Drin. The world of alcohol is enthralling dive in and enjoy

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Orite drinks nurse hangovers or live their varied lives Discover how alcohol affects the body and mind the truth behind hangovers why you should eat broccoli why bar rash affects Asians the most and much Uncork the world of alcohol and Drink This InUS English v20httpwwwdrinkthisincom. I enjoyed reading this book especially the parts about the history and the economy of the alcohol industry Very detailed though perhaps sometimes too detailed Could've been succinct; but still a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone interested in what they are putting into their bodies every Saturday night

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