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Makers It was heady stuffAn Education is John Walshe's revealing surprising and entertaining inside account of what it's like be part of a government trying to get to grips with a country and an economy in free fall It is an anatomy of how choices are made particularly when the choices are between swingeing cuts and drastic savings And it is a gripping description of the ferocious day to day territorial battles and face offs between the coalition parties and their backroom staffRuairi uinn knew this would be his last cabinet post and he was determined to lea

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After over forty years in national journalism John Walshe thought he had seen and heard it all That was until he got a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in government and see how decisions are really made Having spent most of his career as an education correspondent Walshe did not have to think twice about accepting incoming education minister Ruairi uinn's invitation to become his special adviser So in a matter of weeks he found himself in the seat of power in Government Buildings and up close and personal with some of the country most powerful decision

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Ve a legacy Walshe documents the triumphs and disasters of uinn's mission to reshape Irish education In doing so he gets to the heart of the mix of egotism idealism and pragmatism that ultimately drives those who governJohn Walshe's forty month education on the corridors of power him left him much wiser about those who set out to do the state some service His conclusions are sometimes encouraging and sometimes dismaying But they are always enlightening An Education is both lively and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Irish politics in the r

  • Paperback
  • 241
  • An Education
  • John Walshe
  • English
  • 08 November 2019
  • 9781844883608

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