Becoming the Wife Futa Gender Swap #2 Summary ´ 6

Becoming the Wife Futa Gender Swap #2

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Hank's wife is only into women Can he become one to please herWhen Hank caught his wife in bed with another woman he thought his marriage was over But Mary Lou claimed to still love him just not desire him So they went to

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Marriage counseling“Becoming a woman is the only way to save your marriage”Could Hank do it As he watches his wife slip away entranced by her female lovers as she enjoys being a futa Hank realizes it is the only way

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To keep her He has to stop being the husband and become the wifeBecoming the wife is a 6000 word gender swap futa on female erotica This steamy tale is not for the faint at heartA story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Univers

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    My new release Check it out Hanks' wife becomes a futa lesbian and he can turn into a woman or lose her forever

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