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Sapphires Divinity Natures Destiny #2

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Stical morons challenged me with threats to the one I loved and I knew I couldn't endure a life without Riley Besides all of that there was one thing I was finally understanding about the supernatural Nothing was as it seemed Not even m. So like I said in my review of the first book Nature's Destiny I loved it Sapphire's Divinity was not a dissapointment either it was fast paced with lots of excitement It takes part away from their home because Riley and Luna go to the Alpha Summit where needless to say life gets busy and stressful Luna is still a strong and capable character who is still struggling with understanding her powers and what is happening to her Riley puts up with alot of secret keeping that Luna does and manages to stay patient with her I felt a rift in Luna and Riley's relationship which is maybe tied in with the ending of the book and the setting for the third book but I sure hope not I cannot see the answer to all Luna's problems being as simple as her and Riley marking each other and completing the mating ceremony which means that since the cure for Luna's impending death is to mate with her one true love it must not be Riley If the third book is going to see Riley and Luna split up as much as I love Justine Winter and her books I could not buy that book I am impatiently waiting for the third book and I hope I will not be dissapointed

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As powered up on overtime at the gym Train sweat repeat Train sweat repeat But all that rage filled preparation wasn't enough We were being targeted by something new and it didn't stop there The summit was proving to be my nemesis Egoti. I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoPI give this book a 35 to 4 starsRiley I still feel the whole alpha I'm an animal vibe is missing I can't feel the alpha vibepossessive typeanimalistic attitude with him I guess it goes with the way of love of the pack and family and his upbringing But I want him powerful than how I was able to feel himLuna The character is strong I think I'm liking her here But those omissions of her I actually hate her during those scenes It hurt Riley But I understand anyway with all that's been happening its understandableSo the events I feel there's a great improvement with compared to the first book The events are not rushed and I uite got the feel of the sceneSomething with Nick and Sky I think there's a possibility there for the book 3More into the end of the story I do get what the Ancient Guardians are saying But something about the disease is uite a surprise for me because I didn't expect that and there is a cliffhanger BewareThis can be read as a stand aloneBut to better get the feel of the series it should be read as follows1 Nature's Destiny2 Sapphire's Divinity3 Guardians Dynasty

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I was a hybrid werewolf with a secret destiny shadowed by a prophecy the Ancient Guardians foretold The same Ancient Guardians that had organised the annual Alpha summit Riley had been summoned to Since Jackson's demon threat everyone w. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Justine hit it out of the park with Sapphire’s Divinity All I can say is WOW The fact that Luna is becoming a kick ass character is what makes her so enjoyable to follow I did find one flaw in her with this story she has become secretive and doubtful Where her intentions are admirable for wanting to be independent and solve her own issues she also puts a rift between her and Riley I almost thought that might be the relationship breaker for them but Riley is such an awesome guy he takes it in strides Although the story takes place away from Nature’s Destiny and at the Alpha Summit you still have some connection and interaction with support characters I loved the relationships I loved the drama and I loved seeing the strength in these characters For me this was a building book It was the building of Riley and Luna’s relationship the building of the pack and their bond and the building of the prophecy for Luna and key players It was all set up beautifully and will lead you into book 3 There were some unanswered uestions some development left unfinished and a definite cliff hanger ending but well worth the read

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I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals I’m completely fascinated with anything hero related and often speculate which superpower I’d possess I haven’t settled on one yetI was born in England and currently reside in Wales UK I love to write and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away a

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