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Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset

Kerri Kochanski  4 Free download

His crush Rachel hiding out on a dirt hill in the Midwest she rejects his attempts at connection He must help her confront her violent past and move toward a place of healing happiness A serious drama 30 minutes 1M 1FThemes of Re Invention Rape Twisted Beauty. I really enjoyed both plays They both deal with important and

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TWO AWARD WINNING ONE ACT PLAYS Teen DramaSPITTING DAISIES SYNOPSISFrank a psychology student approaches a depressed Girl on a subway car at 2AM and offers to give her therapy As Girl continually rejects his attempts at connection Frank must reveal the most im. I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway It consists of t

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Portant night of his life the night Girl unbeknownst to her saved his life A uirky romantic drama 22 minutes 1M 1FThemes of Individuality Human Connection Depression Teen Suicide COMMUNICATING THROUGH THE SUNSET SYNOPSISWhen Frankie a high school student finds. ok so i got this today from goodreadscom first readsi got to

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    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway It consists of two one act plays each with only two characters I thought they were well written and the plots were fully developed and interesting Both had dark themes depression suicide rape so keep that in mind when you choose to read them

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    The following is my honest review for a copy of this book that I won as a giveaway on GoodReadsThe reason I decided to enter the drawing for this book is that I’ve never read any sort of play before except for the Shakespeare ones in Junior and Senior High School And I’ve found the experience of reading these two one act plays by Kerri Kochanski a wonderful experienceIn Spitting Daisies the story reminds me of the days in New York City when the IRT line trains had no air conditioning and some could actually stick at least part of their heads through an open window The conversation between a boy Frank and a girl could have been an actual one between them Two students both going to one of the colleges there where one saw the another while the other doesn’t imagine anyone would be noticing her with all the real beautiful women there; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder which is a theme I saw prevalent here This creates “conflict” between the two while at the same time Frank believes he’s helping the girl the girl is in fact saving Frank’s life When they both realize the truth between them the girl hugs Frank in an increasing embraceIn the second one act play Rachel has to come to the reality of what had actually happen when she had been a little girl and what she did when she became the victim of incest by a male member of her family She also needs to create a new image in her mind of who she is in order to move on with her life and with a relationship with Frankie who wants to find the Rachel she’s been hiding because of her dark pastAs I said in the beginning of my review I found reading these two one act plays a wonderful experience which is why I giving this endeavor by Ms Kochanski 5 STARSRobin Leigh Morgan is the author of “I Kissed a Ghost” a MGYA Paranormal romance novel

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    I enjoyed this for what it was Because a play takes on so much meaning from the way it's performed the set the sound etc I see the potential for this to be really cool It has some issues thoughFor one the playwright uses uotation marks for emphasis Obviously this wouldn't matter in a live performance but it still makes it hard for me to take the play seriously A lot of important information is given parenthetically and I'm not sure how a performance will convey it Example GIRL Oh but you do now He figures he can lie or tell the truth He decides to lie FRANK Now I need a grade She is hurtThe characters were very interesting but I just couldn't get past the fact that Frank stalked this girl why do we know his name and not hers anyway? like seriously stalked her and then cornered her on a subway at 2AM and she didn't run away screaming She seems too smart and careful for this As for the second play I couldn't connect at all to Rachel and Frankie nope not sure why we have Frank in one play and Frankie in the other because of their baffling erratic behavior The sunset communication thing sounds like something a stoner would think was uite profound; it's definitely not strong enough to carry an entire play even if it's only one act long

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    ok so i got this today from goodreadscom first readsi got to it this evening and read spitting daisies in one word engrossing but i guess that's applied to the written performed properly i'd have to use the word riveting i had to review right away because the story makes me i found it to be a brilliant conversation and the progression of dialog is fanastic i'd very much like to see this performed and am excited to read communicating through the sunset that shall either be my pre bed or morning read i'd like to thank goodreads for the opportunity to read this play and i'd like to thank Kerri for writing it and add my applause

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    I really enjoyed both plays They both deal with important and serious issues The characters seemed very relatable to teens these days It felt like they can definitely connect to this book on a deeper level with certain issues they are facing I wish the plays could of been longer to find out about the characters but i liked that they were short and left you wanting The illustrations on the front cover of the book summarizes the book so well which i really liked I would really like to see both plays performed It would be interesting to see how they convey the story

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    I received these two one act plays through the Goodreads First Reads program The plays each involve two young people one male and one femaleBoth plays amplify the angst young people face today They are great studies on the human condition in adolescence The dialogue is crisp and true The storyline is modern and freshThey would make a great addition to any theater collection and I highly recommend it for high school drama teachers

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    even though the story spitting daisies was really good play the other communicating through the sunset in my opinion mas not the screen play for spitting daisies was actually amusing and would like to have read i do under that this book was just a short summary of the two plays and yes it would be good for teenagers to act them outhowever i was not impressed and felt it lack

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